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Same with shocker. Really wished he stayed with Parker's t-bolts longer. Also I hope this fills the hole dark avengers is going to leave when it's cancelled as the REAL thunderbolts style book

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@Crash_Recovery: word........just look at 616 Spideys interaction with ultimate fury,AWESOMESAUCE

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remember when marvel was called the house of ideas?

Lately all marvel seem to do is rely on gimmicks and no longer ideas. i mean im starting to miss the times where a super hero would just go have an adventure.

Spider-man would go out and fight a new or old villain or overcome a new problem and this would be advertised and marketed as the selling point, THE STORY IS WHY READERS READ, not a point one initiative or an endless conveyer belt of events (which now all seem to be made on a gimmick). No one gives a crap about a number change, as if the comic has spider-man on the cover chances are someone who likes spider-man will pick it up whether its numbered 1 or 389. Big promotional campaigns seem to now just be the fact something has a number changed than the story inside. Take Captain America for example, the last time his book renumbered all the emphasis was on the number change, I dont seem to remember the new villain or cool plot being advertised that much at all.

Soon marvel will only produce books the mark millar way using soundbytes like "Oceans 11...............but super villains" or "Batman.............but an evil dick"

i now have a nosebleed caused by this rant

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@venomoushatred1001: its not that i dont like the new flash venom cos hes been one of the better new superheroes to get his own book. And ive always got love 4 eddie but c'mon seeing gargavenom (yeah im using that from now on) eat a bunch of villans in the sinister spiderman arc with his ass is golden

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Am i the only guy who actually liked the mac gargan venom, i mean he was great in the thunderbolts by warren ellis

plus is'nt he the first venom to follow through with the whole cannabilism threats?

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@longbowhunter: dude with one of the most goblin like faces around and they hide it behind a crappy voice changer toy

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@ChaosAgentLoki: Bendis and Maleev's run is epic, as is Brubakers but the best is arguably frank millers as a lot of the forementioned writers story arcs use a lot of his characters and themes.

Just stay away from Andy Diggles shadowland story, nearly undid all of these writers fantastic work on DD

Yes its that bad

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the amount of times wolverine has allowed one of the youngest girls in the x-men tag along with him, even though he has one of the most viscious rouges gallery just boggles my mind. When certain writers just forget this fact and try to portray Logan as someone who is super noble and caring for the kids they forget that this is the man who slices people up when he can just as easily walk up to (lets just say random henchman) and knock the guy out. I mean the guys indestructible and nearly immortal yet the man has no mercy in him.

Guys a douche

Just sayin

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@FadeToBlackBolt said:
" Depends on the characters really.   If Arcade was to beat the Silver Surfer, then something's amiss. "
arcade gets his own planet, christens it murderworld  
Galactus' number one herald pimp surfs over to it to get the big G a midnight snack and awesomeness ensues 
kinda wanna see this
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@ReverseNegative: shadowland looked like ghost rider could hack it in an event until they decided to 
a)turn up in the second issue and basically do nothing 
b)get his ass kicked by the creative abomination that is stretchy, demon daredevil 
so yeah i agrees wit your point
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