Poor Batman

I have been a huge fan of Batman since I was a small child. As far back as I can remember I've had Batman pajamas, toys, comics, movies, cartoons, bedsheets, etc. Two pop culture icons that have been constants in my life, things I don't remember not knowing of, are The Beatles and Batman. So when I started reading Batman by Scott Snyder (became an instant fanboy once I read his Detective Comics run) I couldn't help but feel bad for Bats. Sure, Bruce Wayne has taken multiple beatings throughout his life, it's no secret that Bane damn near snapped him in two. He has endured tremendous heartache even before becoming the hardened vigilante that we have all come to know and love and things didn't exactly get better once he started sporting the Cowl.

But issue after issue Scott Snyder beats the hell out of my childhood hero. I'm talking no holds barred, no rules, hitting below the belt is fine BEAT DOWNS! Understandably, watching Batman dispose of his rogues and their goons each month without breaking a sweat wouldn't be very entertaining but can Bruce get a chance to enjoy some much need personal time? Maybe a bubble bath? Hell, just let the guy catch his damn breath. The Court of Owls, as we have all witnessed, are relentless and with their arc wrapping up in the next few issues I thought Batman would get a chance to recuperate, even if just slightly.

The recent announcement of The Joker's return could not have come at a worse time for Batman. Right after his year long battle with the Talons concludes he'll be forced to come head to head with the most dangerous members of his rogues gallery. After reading numerous tweets by Snyder and Batman artist, Greg Capullo, it is quite clear that they're only getting started. They have no intentions on going soft when it comes to Batman and Joker's showdown. What does this mean for Batman? Can he even survive? Obviously....I mean, he's Batman! But The Joker has always been best on preying on Batman's emotional weak spots. We've witnessed the worst The Joker can throw at Batman and it's never physical. Robin, Barbara....who's next? I have a feeling things are going to get A LOT worse for poor ol' Bats and those around him in October.

Posted by jsphsmth


I assumed, judging by the title, that this was a completely warranted complaint about Morrison still being allowed to write Batman, Inc.

Regardless, you are correct. Snyder could only follow up an arc as majestic as Court of Owls with something containing the Joker. Anything less would be anti-climactic.

Posted by nszerdy

Yeah, I agree---Anti-climactic is never a good thing!