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Cool list

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Impressive list.
Posted by WW-Fan

no wonder woman? :O
Posted by RavagingHamster

indeed good list

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wheres the other hotties

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Cool list.

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Where is Mystique????

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Raven totally deserved to be in the list! =)
Even Flash (Wally) was madly in love with her...Zach (Zatanna´s cousin) likes her pretty much. Beast Boy acts like her dog. He acts stupidly while he is around her..There was something between her and Jerico (Deathstroke´son)  
Rogue is amazing! with Emma Frost they are the coolest!
=D Nice list!I 

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@WW-Fan:  Wonder Woman Is number 14...
Posted by termiteone4ever

NO Angela from spawn :(
Posted by arrowfan237

Very nice.
Posted by The Devil Tiger

Dead girl ? LOL ! You have weeeird taste !

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Is this in any particular order, cause X-23 would be higher up, well for me.

Posted by Eclipse-32

quite a list