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PM me and I will send you gas money.

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PowerWoman: I understand that English is not your language but rape is one of the most horrific things that can happen to a woman -- to use it to describe a super hero battle in a comic, even when you know it is the wrong word, is very vulgar and I wish you would stop.

That issue happened over a year ago. Supergirl had been using her super powers for about three days as near as I can tell in terms of continuity (no matter how long she was floating in space). That means she was a normal sixteen year old girl one moment and able to fly and punch people through mountains a week later.

Please, can't you find another topic to talk about? And stop using such an inappropriate term?

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Wow! Here goes...!

Fodigg: No, Jon Lane Kent has nothing to do with Superboy Prime.

drgnx: Mr. Majestic and Icon are not "off-limits" but I have no plans for them.

No, Eradicator on Krypton's past is not related to robot that showed up in Supergirl.

No plans for Alien Sun God from JL -- you'll have to ask Geoff.

I don't believe Superboy Prime exists in the the New 52.

I LOVE Steel, but no plans yet!

Squalleon: Yes, the Psi War ends... but the impact of that ending will ripple through Metropolis for some time to come.

You don't HAVE to read Superboy -- but Justin Jordan is doing such a great job, why would you want to miss it?!

SOG7DC : (you might have my favorite screenname! LOL!)

Thank you, it has been a blast. Re your questions: I think he's been doing some awe-inspiring things right along and been using his intelligence to do things like stop that Kryptonian dragon in issue 13 and the Sunturians in 19 (He timed the dropping of thousands of gallons of water on him knowing he's have no powers upon walking into his the lion's den - -that strikes me as purty darn intelligent.) But let me know!

Johnny-Anonymous: Toyman! But, of course, a New 52 version of Toyman. (Though the way my luck has been going lately, they'll say "We love this character -- but he's not Toyman!" and I'll have to rename him Dude-Hickey or something!)

MAN OF STEEL? Loved its boldness and its slaughtering of sacred cows! How bold! How refreshing!

A Jor El spin-off?! Woot woot! If I didn't get to write it, I'd be first in line to read it! (And give it up for Frank Hannah -- who has been doing an excellent job with the ACTION back-ups featuring Jor El and Lara!)

Black Claw: Interesting choice of words there... and yes! We have certainly not heard the last of Zod!

RideASpaceCowboy: I think about Superman when I'm writing about Superman, and about Jesus Christ when I'm writing about Jesus Christ. (Hmm... Ever notice we never see the two of them together?!) Clark has enough weight on his shoulders just trying to be the best Superman he can be... I think having to be a stand-in for Christ is asking too much of the man. (For the record, I like to thing there is a little of both of these icons in all of us.)

UltimateSMFan: Alas, as much as I love Krypto (I have three white dogs myself!)...I don't have any plans for him in the future. (And thanks for the anticipation! I too am excited!)

DeathSumauri: That question is vague. But, if I understand it, yes -- there are a butt load of things happening in SUPERMAN that are going to have profound effects on other books. That is the nature of a flagship!

TopTom: I will continue to keep trying to use Superman and his amazing powers and intell to their utmost!

2- You are half right. Heehee. (Why did you post a picture of my mom, you sicko?!?)

Superboy2177: Good idea... LINK!

Lilben42: What a waste of a perfectly good question! LOL! (And yes!)

Sage1000: Aw, thank you for liking it!

Re: H'El's plans. I don't know -- lets say he destroyed Earth's Solar system to get back in time... but couldn't stop Krypton from being destroyed. Is that a risk you think Superman and the Justice League should take? Hmmm.

Also, suppose H'El was successful and Krypton was never destroyed -- it is unlikely Jor El would have dispatched Kal El to Earth and how many times would Earth have been destroyed over the years without Superman? Hmm.

Re: Krypton science vs savagery? We're about to find out!

Durraken: You are about to get what you want in the most unexpected way possible. Can you wait for Christmas and we'll talk about this again?

Majesticsupercalifragilistic: I didn't see a question in there but it seems like you are happy with the general direction -- so thanks for that

And, yeah, I kind of agree with you about the Sci Fi elements: this guy comes from outer space! I don't think we need to hide our heads in the sand and we should embrace those elements about SUPERMAN... Yes, Clark was raised on a farm, but he's from "out there". His stories should be a little out there as well!

PowerWoman: English is very overrated! =)

I can't really speak to the relative strength of the other characters to Superman unless I were actually writing those other characters. Sorry if that's not helpful. =(

That said, don't let any of those other heroes hear you calling them weak and feeble!

Regarding Superman and planet lifting, etc... Imagine a weightlifter who can lift an SUV. Very impressive. Now imagine dropping that SUV out of the Earth's orbit onto the weightlifter. Without having a weightlifter and an SUV and the access to Earth's orbit, I'm going to assume that there would be very different skill sets needed.

Regarding Superman and Supergirl... I don't know, I think the average 28 year old male is likely to be stronger than a 16 year old female, no? That seems like a reasonable assumption to me. Also, when you consider Clark has been using his super powers for about 15 years now, and Kara has been using her super powers for about 15 days... it seems likely he would be better at using his super powers at this point in time.

Powerman and Stephens: I know nothing I say is going to stop this debate (nor should it) but think of Kevlar body armor: It is amazing at stopping bullets... less so at stopping speediing trains. S'all I'm sayin'...

Turok: You took the words right out of my mouth...!

Well THAT was fun! Don't know how many more I'll be able to answer -- but I'll try!

Peace out!


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Outside: And lets be clear about one thing, I am only ripping you because you came to a book that I was reading and pissed on everything I used to like about it. So please, you have have all the well-whishes for success, happiness, sunshine and flowers from me; as long as you keep far away from stuff I like.

Me: I realize this is pointless... but whether you loved every previous issue of Teen Titans before the relaunch (and there were many excellent issues) doesn't change the fact that I was charged with launching a book that began with first introduction of the team: taking into account the fact that the previous incarnations of Superboy and Kid Flash (alone) could no longer exist.

That meant I had to make some very difficult choices, some of which (maybe many of which) you did not agree with. The idea that I am "pissing" on things you like makes as much sense of saying J.J. Abrams is "pissing" on STAR TREK because he didn't cast William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy in the roles of young Kirk and Spock -- or that he didn't use the same scripts for the movies.

Twenty four issues in and you're still railing against me because I didn't make the same choices you would have made if you had gotten the job instead of me?

Here, your welcome to the last word.

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Hey everyone - -Happy 4th Weekend!

I really do love you ComicViners -- and so I'm going to settle in over the next few days and talk about the Superverse with you.

I can tell you this... Kenneth Rocafort sent me the covers to ACTION ANNUAL 2, SUPERBOY 25, SUPERGIRL 25 and SUPERMAN 23... and damn if it doesn't make the most amazing poster I've ever seen for a comic story!

Not only is it powerful, it is gorgeous! I had to run out and blow it up into a huge poster and put it on the wall over my computer for inspiration! (And it is only the penciled version!)

It didn't help any that Bob texted me and said "You better make this story an epic worthy of this art!"

Not too much pressure, eh?!

So lets talk! (Haters and baiters, don't bother because you'll get no response!)

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Wow, Lvenger. You are scaring me now with how out of touch you are.

To be clear.

The "Mr. Mature" line was yours, I referenced that in my reply

The Outside comments were directed at Outside85.

Sorry that I didn't cut and paste your names so you knew specifically who I was talking to... but, you know, I am happy that I brought you to fits of giggling through you total misunderstanding of what I said.

That said, your hysterical "get me to a fainting couch" nonsense has bored me into submission. I won't be addressing you again.

But I did like drgnx's advice: I'll just talk about the comics!

In fact, I think I'm going to start my own topic!

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"Mr. Mature" is not name-calling, "Lardvenger" is.

Got it!

And Outside, for the first six months you swore that when your subscription was over you were moving on from Titans and you would end your constant crusading against me. Clearly you are still reading the book and clearly you just can't resist slamming me or the book no matter the occasion. Seriously, you have to have something more going on in your life, no? Real life friends? Family that might encourage you to step away from the keyboard once and a while and understand that you don't have to constantly rip on a total stranger so that you can feel better about yourself?

It is going on two years now that I've been writing the book. Don't you think is enough time spent sliming me?

Let's say, between Twitter, Comicvine and CBR you average say, three posts a month with your slams against me. At 24 months that is about 76 posts you've dedicated to disparaging me. I dare say you've made your point.

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Lardvenger, I am always surprised how thin-skinned the most vocal haters are.

You posted your thoughts, I posted mine. (Isn't that the difference between a message board and a direct message or an email?)

You can dislike my writing until the cows come home and then spend the night out in the barn insisting to the cows how horribly untalented I am until they fall asleep standing up and topple over. You are welcome to your opinion.

Similarly (this is going to sound crazy to you... wait for it...) I am entitled to my own opinion. About comics, about fandom, even about you and your postings.

If you want to scream into your pillow every night about how terrible I am, who am I to comment on it? But if you are going to publicly then why should I not be allowed to join in the discussion?

Today is July 4th, Independence Day here in the States, where we celebrate (in part) the freedom of open dialogue -- even with (maybe especially with) people we disagree with.

So God Bless America. And God Bless you, Lvenger.

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Wow! I'm kind of honored that I can be someone's "least favourite writer". I admit, it doesn't have the same glow as "Writer of the Year" (Thank you, WIZARD magazine, wherever you are!) -- but just to be able to excel at something is nice!

I will admit though that it is odd reading a lot of the abuse being hurled at this story before it has been written... even though what we're doing has never been done before in the 75 year history of the title, it is being dismissed as hackneyed, derivative, etc... which (as someone who is writing it and had to spend months battling for all the major turning points in the story) I can tell you that there really hasn't been a story like this, ever. And the ramifications of this story are going to be rippling through the Superverse for months to come.

Here's the thing: I loved the first half hour of MAN OF STEEL (I loved it all, but I'm talking about the first half hour now) because it offered us a Krypton we've never seen before! I can't be the only one who has ground tired of Kryptonians in tunics and hover cars in their Fortress of Solitude-looking cities. Snyder's Krypton felt so new and vital and quirky as heck with its blend of dragons and flying and laser cannons! I loved watching Jor El suit up and fight on behalf of his wife and newborn child (Go Russel Crowe) -- the man deserves way more than the short shrift he's gotten as the "Sky is falling" cameos over the years.

Imagine if someone came to Earth and filmed a documentary about Manhattan and took it back to their planet and people studied it for 75 years and said "Ah, so this is what Earth is like!". It wouldn't be very accurate.

I propose that everything we've seen about Krypton over the last 75 years represents about 3% of the glory and majesty and tragedy and sheer awesomeness of the planet that gave birth to everyone's favorite Superman. And I'm eager and excited to explore the other 97% of Krypton in the New 52!

Sure, there is the PooPoo Squad who wake every day, eager to poo on any story based on little or no information at all... but for the rest of us?

I can't wait!

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Wow! That's almost 4K in one day!

I knew Comicviners are the absolute best fans ever!

Thanks for everything!