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I've never liked Diana and Steve Trevor is that wrong or weird for a ww fan?

Nope, I hated Steve for the longest time. He was a useless douche. He's much more interesting in the New 52 as a Nick Fury knock-off. It's not original, but at least I don't hate him any more.

I voted for Batman. They have nothing in common and I actually like Wonder Woman with Superman. It seems like destiny fulfilled.

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I knew from Gail's interview this was going to suck, but I didn't know it would be this bad. Wonder-rangs? Really? Wow.

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I liked the hairnets and turbans Byrne used to draw her wearing.

They gave her straight hair an afro silhouette that was popular at the time. I also liked when she wore her headdress with regular clothes.

This was my favorite of Storm's punk rock outfits. It takes a lot of class to make a miniskirt with fishnet stockings and a garter belt look presentable, but she did it with ease. I think J.R.jr. had recently seen Purple Rain because it had an Apollonia vibe to it.

This pink Arthur Adams and the subsequent Goddess of Thunder costume were both dope. While I'm at it, so was Loki's sash that looks like it's made out of metal playing cards.

Most of all I like how Storm's striking appearance lends itself to so many various looks that all seem within her character. For instance, this hip-hop inspired fan art that's everything to me. Dig the dreads and how smaller versions of her headdress are used to hold her ponytails.

Also I gotta say how much I love the gold ring swimsuit costume. That's CLASSIC Storm and I'm always happy to see it.

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Avenger's Mansion for Jarvis and the juxtaposition of old world luxury masking advanced technology

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For Morrison's Multiversity #3

What do you think?

Other than the color scheme, I'm not really getting Batgirl from it. Mostly because the Batgirl costume is so much cooler, functional, superheroey and you can tell they put some thought into it.

My problem with Donna's outfit (besides it being boring and uninspired) is the lack of bracelets, or a lasso. Also Donna wore red a lot more than she wore blue.

I can see Meagan Fox and an Asian lady though. lol

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The Justice League Watchtower? Avenger's Mansion? Titan's Tower? the Hall of Justice? the Baxter Building? Four Freedoms Plaza? Avenger's Tower, the X-Mansion? Secret Sanctuary? the Justice League Satellite? etc.? Which is your favorite?

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For Morrison's Multiversity #3

What do you think?

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@bsaa said:

@csg_cl: trolling? I'm trolling because I don't want Diana's myth is to become a watered down SM/GL mythos, I.e. Scifi with mythology frosting.

WW fans, man......

Don't ask us any questions if you don't want the answers.

@csg_cl said:

@scorpio_cassadine: people can't prefer the Amazons as mythologically based without being sexist? How do you figure? I again ask you why Atlantean, and now Wakandan, cultures play any role here. Why do people constantly cry "it's sexism" whenever someone disagrees about WW or the Amazons? It's not sexist to have a preference in how they are depicted... Or are you a sexist because you believe that without MANs technology the Amazons couldn't possibly win a fight?

What the hell is a sword or shield going to do against a fighter jet dropping bombs? Not a damn thing. It would be different if the Amazons had mythological beasts to fight for them like in Amazons Attack, but they don't even have that. They could use some (corny as they were) Stygian Killer Hornets right about now against First Born, but they're none to be found.

It's just odd to me that the Amazons are seemingly the only fictional culture in comics that people don't want to see progress. The only difference they have from other isolationist groups is their sex. Like I said before, it's as if women can't build or make anything on their own without the help of a man. They don't even ask Heph for good weapons, because they're apparently too stupid. Hell he has invisible chariots at his disposal that shoot laser beams.