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@scorpio_cassadine: wow. And I thought the silver age was laughable.

I don't care what you thought, if you have a counterargument state it. If not, stfu. What's laughable are your attempts at distraction and minimization..

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Scifi amazons is ridiculous and redundant. Also, the Silver age isn't a great backupper for your argument, since it was terrible and the WW stories laughable at best.

Redundant to what? It's what Marston intended, he always included sci-fi elements. The lasso itself was an extension of the polygraph machine that he invented. The Invisible Jet was created by the Amazons. They got their knowledge of the outside world from the Magic Sphere and kept pace with, and often improved upon modern technology. Why is that such a bitter pill for some to swallow? It makes perfect sense.

What doesn't make sense is that the Amazons have lived on Paradise Island for thousands of years and still live in mud huts. What were they doing with all their time? They obviously were aware of modern technology from their sex pirating raids, yet still didn't have enough intelligence, foresight or gumption to try to adopt some of it for their own uses. They know about guns, yet they're still bartering babies for swords and shields, when Hephaestus could make them anything. That's nuts. If you're a martial society that fears the outside world of men, one would think you'd want to be prepared when they eventually invaded your island, but all they have is bow and arrows. What type of half-assed, bullshit warriors are they?

Why is it perfectly okay for the Atlanteans to have magic, myth and sci-fi elements, but not okay for Amazons? It's like they're not allowed to invent anything or be mechanically inclined, because they're women. It's overt sexism plain and simple.

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Can we get some context here?

I think he's asking about what types of stories about Wonder Woman you prefer.

I thought it was more specific to the origin. If it's just in general then I'd be fine with about half of her villains being more scifi based, and the Amazons coming up with more advanced tech, or maybe specialize in mixing magic and tech.

I don't want Amazons to be tech based, I don't even want them to use magic, I don't want to see them with swords that shoot lasers or glow like lightsabers that can cut anything in half, I want them to be more like Spartans from the 300 movie, very skilled warriors with just above peak human strength that can take on more powerful foes than themselves using just steel swords and shields. And I want to see Wonder Woman fight Mythical monsters like Dragons, Minotaurs, Hydra etc.

Where have you been? That's ALL we've gotten for years. I love mythology but I'm sick of it. How many hydra, chimeras, minotaurs, centaurs or different versions of Medusa is she going to have to fight? They seem endless. They're are literally dozens of scenes I could post of Wonder Woman fighting monsters, it's tired.

This is the woman of science that invented the Purple Ray.

She regularly fought alien space invaders, men from mars, women from Saturn and genuine super-villains like the Royal Flush Gang.

There was a time when Paradise Island had space ships, we need some of that left in the title. It's as much a part of Wonder Woman's heritage as mythology. Without it we get stuck in a rut.

A few years ago WW fought a centaur in one writer's run and less than a year later, fought two more in another. There are a wealth of threats out there, and a variety of stories to be told that fit within Wonder Woman's realm. Future writer's need to be open to more possibilities, I get that we all love gods and monsters, but that's not the sum total of who Wonder Woman is.

Stop trapping her in the Bronze Age and forcing her to be Xena or Red Sonja.

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Superheroics/Scifi is going to lose, but I picked it because it's also part of Wonder Woman and a facet we don't see enough.

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No disrespect but I don't see why a warrior connect to Greek mythology would not have more of a warrior presence I just think the battle skirt adds more of a iconic feel to her original appearance which had a skirt also the battle skirt is just more of a modified look.

The Battle skirt also serves as a representation to her origin it makes her look more like a warrior in my opinion the bikini bottoms doesn't do that in my opinion.

I have to problem with the Top my beef is her bottoms, which I think most characters shouldn't use especially Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman lost their briefs why give Wonder Woman a pair.

You're not giving her anything, that's what she wears. It's what she's worn for 50 years. Her swimsuit is iconic. How many other super-heroines wear one?

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@scorpio_cassadine: Is this because I set a picture of Wonder Woman wearing Chiang's armor as my avatar lol I think she looks stupendous and I'm a natural proponent of Mies Van der Rohe's less is more design aesthetic so It doesn't look busy to me. Those wings on the other hand are not very elegant and the eagle's head they put between her boobs always has and always will drive me nuts, I wish everyone sticked to the double W. I can't make out why these men with no flair for fashion feel like they can just change Grandmaster Chiang's designs

LOL @ "Grandmaster Chiang" Jesus save me from hyperbole.

If you think the star on her belt that matches her tiara isn't redundant and looks good you need to get tested for glaucoma. And that skirt belongs on a 1930's Coney Island shake dancer.

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The wings provide extra shielding, as well as complete the eagle motif. The helmet wouldn't make sense without them.

Chiang's design is overly busy, it has too many colors and too many textures. It's just endlessly tacky for no reason.

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@dianaxkal said:

Everyone is afraid of sexuality. I hate the pants, skirt, and whatever other designs that aren't her swimsuit. She's perfection, and she should definitely be able to show it off.

Sure since "showing off her perfect physique" takes precedence over protecting it. For me Wonder Woman should wear the gorgeous armor that Chiang designed, with the helmet she wore in New Frontier, or something else along those lines

Gorgeous? Do you have cataracts? That armor is ugly as hell. Any armor she's ever worn would look better than that.

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definitely, this article must be a joke

That's crazy, Wonder Woman's costume has actually changed the most, out of the three. She doesn't need a new costume, because she already has one.

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