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@canuck: (Aaaaahh! Missed this. I'm sorry! D:)

"And armoured van you say?" Scorn rubbed his chin, a bit of oil transferring onto it. "Dammit!" The amphibious mutant worked on wiping it from his face while pondering the request. Somewhat artistically minded, the challenge intrigued him. "I bet I could do that. What sort of mats are you thinking? You have any scrap metals to use?"

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@canuck: The amphibious mutant scurried out from the garage, his keen ears picking up on the feeble shout. "Yeah!" He wiped a bit of oil from his hands on a dirty cloth as he approached the counter. His black eyes examined the man. "Here, Canuck. Whatcha need?" He tossed the rag over his shoulder, his clawed hands settling on his hips leisurely.

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@canuck: Scorn tightened his muscles to keep his body gripped close to the ceiling while one hand shot out to catch the bundle of cash. His lips spread into a sharp-toothed grin. "Yeah, I think we'll get along just fine..." He quickly shoved it in his belt before finishing this work in the rafters. The amphibious hybrid flipped from his secured location to land on his feet, the usual sharp sting of pain from such a jump causing him to wince momentarily. He shot a thumb to the side, grabbing his tool kit in hand. "I'mma go check out what else needs fixing in this dump." He muttered something about being glad to have something to do that didn't involve nympho snakes as he wandered off.

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@pyrogram: :3

Yeah. They figure they'll give the turn in to Detective Terry after all she's been through. LOL Give her a note on how to handle the superhuman.

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@canuck: The Amphibious Mutate extended his hand to shake Canuck's with a fanged sneer. "Oh, yeah. I'm not much trouble at all. Got a totally real name and passport, neither of which you bothered to check, coulda put two in your chest right now, but you're so high you probably wouldn't even care." He withdrew his hand. "And quite frankly, I don't care so long as I'm paid. Name's Scorn. If you call me 'fish' I will maim you beyond recognizability." He gave a wry laugh. "I'll fix this place up, but I'm installing a huge ass heater in my part of the shop ASAP." Activating an electromagnet in his left gauntlet, his toolkit snapped up into his palm. He removed a few pieces before grabbing the fallen piece of rafter and climbing up the wall to repair the ceiling. He dropped down a business card on the counter. "I'll try to be in weekdays, standard hours. If I'm not here, people can f*cking reschedule because I'm obviously busy. That's how you can contact me if I'm needed."

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  • Tries to be a badass.
  • Secretly worries that people think he's trying to hard to be a badass.
  • Has a lot of emotional hangups he will not discuss.
  • Is not a fish.
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@canuck: The carefree gaze was not repaid by the dark-haired visitor, his nose twitching. "Yeah, it's the f*cking afternoon by now… bud. I'm not hauling my ass up to the frigid north before the sun's warm." The amphibian shivered. He reached into a belt pocket and pulled out a folded page which he promptly unfolded and pinned to the counter with a black claw. "Hear you need a handy-man mechanic for this dump. Might be able to help you out." His brows arched over his black eyes.

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@canuck: Scorn dropped the butt of his cigarette, grinding it into the ground with his toe before stepping inside the shop. His secondary lids flicked over his black sclera as his eyes took in the assortments of items available. He leaned himself against the counter and rang a service bell, his pale lips pursed together, a bleak expression offering little to hint at his emotional state. His refined nose wrinkled as he was quite certain he detected traces of marijuana in the air. Black claws tapped impatiently.