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@xenon_: You just jealous the sister boned your friend instead of you. xP Wait… *plots Santi's demise*

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*pisses on the fence*

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@inner_demon: Scorn heard Jean shouting in his sleep from down the hall. It wasn't too unusual for a psionic to have nightmares. The amphibian was tired and paid it no attention as he fell back into slumber... until another commotion woke him some time later. His black eyes flitted around in the darkness. He was quite certain Jean used his psionic abilities even less than Xandra. Maybe it was just a normal nightmare. Still, with Alexandra gone, he was a bit worried about the white knight. Sometimes he forgot how close they were. He threw the sheets off his slick, muscular body and stood, shaking his senses awake. The amphibious mutate stepped with silent tread to the doctor's bedroom. As he stretched out a clawed hand to the doorknob, he sniffed. Was that...? He flung open the door. Stepping a foot inside, his feet crunched on broken glass. "F*CK!" The unexpected pain radiated up his body and settled in his stomach with a sickening pang. His specialized eyes peered into the darkness. "John? Hey! John. What the hell happ..."

The groggy PsyKnight sat up in bed. "Scorn wha...?"

"JESUS." Scorn leapt across the room as he saw and smelled Jean covered in blood. "What'd you do, John?!"

The blonde man shook his head. "What are you..." The scent caught his attention. He looked down to see blood covering his bare chest. His blue eyes widened in horror as his hands began to tremble. "How..."

Scorn threw his hands up in the air. "You don't know what happened?! It's not like you can get drunk, John. How the hell do you not know what happened?"

"I don't..." He looked at Xandra's brother frantically. "I just don't remember. There was this voice, this creature in my room, and then..." He gripped his temples. "Scorn, ever since I collected these shards, I haven't been right. God! What did I do?" He grabbed his blonde locks in his hands.

Scorn just stood there, hovering over the broken man, not sure what he was supposed to do. Nothing was ever simple in the Q family.

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@_creed_: (BAHAHA!!!!!)

Scorn sighed but was thoroughly impressed by Creed's expression of... principle? "Well, I'm game if you are, Scarface. If his call went anywhere, the cops will be here soon. Any plans?"

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D'awwww. Cute kitten.

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