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@sigmure: Scorn smirked at the creature's admission to weakness. "Laboratory made. Not all of us are humans like you say. I'm sure you know Earth is full of all sorts of creatures. Mutants, cyborgs, angels, demons, aliens... compared to some of them, my origin is friggin' simple. I'm not a human or a mutant. Not in the conventional sense. I'm a hybrid of human-mutant DNA and amphibian DNA. 'Born' with a face not even a mother could love." He gave a sharp-toothed grin.

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@sigmure: "Weird......." With vampiric telekinetic siblings, a creepy cobra hybrid stalker, a time-warping father, there really wasn't much that impressed the renegade experiment. His disinterest was evident, but it was also just kind of his normal, sour face. "Bet my Chi is pretty messed up if it's keeping me alive. But I don't need your glorified yoga techniques to survive this world. Doing just fine as a lab-grown freak."

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@sigmure: (Weird...)

"Life force?" His eyes narrowed. "Don't you NEED that?"

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@sigmure: The amphibious mutant wrinkled his nose, treading water. "What are you talking about, crazy person?"

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@sigmure: Scorn glared. "I could say the same thing to you..." his strange eyes moved up and down the stranger with contempt, "creature." He spat the word back at him. "This area happens to be where I lay my head some days. Why don't you go find another ocean to splash in? Or whatever you're doing. What the hell ARE you doing?"

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@sigmure: What the hell? Scorn felt the water cut through. His black eyes looked up through transparent lids to see someone above the surface. The f*ck is this guy doing? With an adept flick of his legs, he darted up through the water until he broke into the air. "I'm swimmin' here!"

@wesley_odepius: I remember that.

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@wesley_odepius: I seriously can't believe people remember this guy. He's one of my favourites, but he doesn't get much use.

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@sigmure The amphibian plunged into the water off the coast of New York state. The water was warmer in the summer making him far more likely to spend time in the waterways of the area. His clothes were designed for allowing oxygen to travel through his clothes like a membrane allowing him to breathe through his unique skin. Being underwater was always peaceful for him. No people. No problems.

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