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i'm sorry but the title of this article gets me mad..."leader to jerk" it s a loaded question...come on sara. if ur trying to pose a question to create conversation thats one thing but when reading this article i just felt that i was getting what ur personal opinion of the character yes u had facts to support what u are saying but i think what u are really to do here is look at the reason of why he went from "boyscout to general" which is what u should have called it.
as for sending x force to the future and sacrificing cable...cable is a grown man who has fought in wars his whole life. he is a soldier, he knows that with victory come sacrifce as does everyone else in the x force. there are wave after wave of killer robots coming to kill not just u but everyone and thing u care about. wouldnt u do anything to stop them even if it meant losing ur life? if i'm cable and i know that by going on this mission it means saving the lives of my family and friends then i'm going!!! people look at that scene of scott sending x force to the future all's not about one mans decision to risk the lives of a few men and's about the decision of a few men and women to do the impossible, to do what it takes, to be heroes! oh and sara the resault of all this is not that "hope is left fatherless" it's cables daughter is still alive.
as for x23, yes cyclops did use her and there's no getting around it however did wolverine pull her off the team? wolverine brought her to the x men so she could learn to be a real person and start a new life? that is bullsh*t! knowing the history of a group u belong to like wolverine does, why would u bring her there to get away from violence? hmmm as a would-be father let me say i wanna take my clone/daughter away from the hard life of murder and mayhem and let me put her into a group with black op hit squads.mutants, monsters and robots trying to kill us on a weekly basis and into a well known public group that the general public fears and some who hate... and the father of the year award goes you may say that cyclops used x23 but he was up front about it unlike wolverine who if he really wanted to give x23 a chance at a "real life" would tell her to leave and never come back.
so now that i got that all off my chest let me say im hungry and mcdonalds breakfast is call my

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it can't be ben reiley cuz in this universe he is some middle aged scientist who was in the first carange arc. unless they pull an ultimate sabretooth and completely change him cuz the writers dont decide to do their homework on the character.(i.e he had 4  claws b4 and then leob gives him metal fingernails.)

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i will admit that spider man was always my fav utlimate book,and i'm glad to hear it's still doing well. but when u had 4 titles that i loved and in some cases more then their 616 counterparts distroyed and then replace with trash, cant do it. so 1 out of 4 readable titles now. i dont think so.
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@Jake Fury:  and here is a gold star for u.  lol

i just can't do it anymore. i used to luv it but then here come leob and kills it good.... it's like watching indiana jone
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i'm sorry but does anyone even read ultimate universe anymore?

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Canada is a great place to live and i luv it here (free healthcare) the only thing i like about the U.S is your grocery stores. ur 10 for 10 deals are crazy.

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@joshmightbe said:
" what about alpha flight isn't canada mostly woods "
@Bandito said:
" @joshmightbe: I thought Canada was a town in upstate New York. "
@joshmightbe said:
" @Bandito: no apparently its a country, they even have their own government and everything "
OMG plz be kidding...plz be kidding...
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i don't mind roster changes but thats when there are clear rosters for each team.
what is it luke cage are u a new avenger? avenger? or leadrer of the thunderbolts?
i hate team hopping and marvel is just over doing it right now. marvel doesn't have the balls to say this is the list of characters on this team and thats how we're keeping it, so wolverine end up on every team.

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i would love to see talia come into the picture. it would be great to see her seek revenge against the man that killed her father. plus u know the daughter of raz al ghul is not gonna just want u dead,she'll want u beeging for death.
why not attack batman on all kinds of different fronts.
hire bane to physically dominate batman
riddler to attack his mind
catwoman to attack his heart
just put batman through a gauntlet of villians somewhat like knightfall.

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is nixon juggernaut?lol