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One punch from Quick Silver and his hand will be broken, and Thor will tag him sooner or later in a 12 round fight and he just has to graze him and he kills him.

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I stole candy from a baby, I def showed that baby, but after he cried the mom came and whipped my butt, so it's kind of the high end low end all at the same time right???

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I Leave just for a few and this is what I walk back too... shake my head...

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And it has been fun so far.... love when Spidey and Bats are in the same thread....

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Jiraiya can counter Susano'o by waiting it out, guys. Itachi's chakra pool is fairly small and the cost to maintain it is massive, not to mention it quickly destroys his vision as he's using it. Jiraiya in Sage Mode is incredibly fast. I don't see why he couldn't keep out of Susano'o's range until Itachi cripples himself.

Granted Itachi should be smart enough to use that as a last resort and not an opening move. I'm just pointing out that without being an Edo, Itachi doesn't have the stamina to maintain Susano'o for very long.

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Stalemate. Both have infinite "plot" strength.

I'd mark this as best answer if I mad this thread, both of their strengths are just endless as part of the "plot" of the character,with Supes with the Sun, Hulk his anger issues.

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and in 3-2... oh wait a minute what's this here????

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@bullpr: I was thinking that I would want a matchup with at least 2 of the scenarios real close and possibly 2 going in different ways and I def like the answer as you pointed out why each scenario would be different, as far as "classic Strange"@asmodeus12345 I'm not well versed with early Strange and I agree a lot of people tend to put him above because of a few feats, that's why I instead of just labeling it "classic" strange or 616 Surfer, just most the most feats/consistent feats....

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@pingclang: I always liked Brock the best, so hoping they go that route and a bigger character to play Brock, which how it was in the comics...

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I'm inclined to say Thanos would win. Make it current Adam Warlock and I might change my mind.

I want to keep it as close as possible, if I was to even put it at Current Surfer I think team would win most, I think that if its close and it can be swayed by one side or the other for reasons (each scenario possibly being different) and could possibly change the outcome, but so far it just seems that every thinks team or Thanos takes all 3 scenarios, or they didn't read the 3 scenarios....