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@cosmosis: Sure. It'll be in the same section with all the annexed creatures.

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So in love with Nyssa right now.<3

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Looks like a wimpy dolt. Sounds like one too.

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I can show you what limitless potential is like.

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  • Following their commandeering of the station, Trinity managed to place each of the creatures on-board in a stasis and sectioned of a portion of the station to contain all of them. She is currently in the process of renovating, first restructuring and cleaning up the inside, then she plans to work on fixing its functionality so it doesn't have to be teke-hurled everywhere.
  • Plans to seek Champion Jr's help with the latter.
  • Right now the station is stored just outside the solar system.
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@cosmosis: Satisfied, Trinity nodded at the report thus far. She'd spend a lot of time mulling it over on the trip back, at least until they could get more. Somehow, she'd already began formulating her own theories based on the vague extant details they'd gotten so far. An inexplicable intuition from the experience at the station and....something within herself - the rest of herself, experiences since her conception. That same intuition suggested, perhaps, that she wouldn't want to find out. In spite of that...

"Get to work decoding the rest of that, or whatever, when you can. I'll handle the station." She reached out with her mind and prepared to tote it with them to their next destination. "Let's get outta here."

[Hehee, I think we can call that about the end.]

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@cosmosis: "Maybe I'm still mulling it over," Trinity retorted in her own humorous way, taking her previous spot beside him in the cockpit. "I'm fine." As far as she was aware, conventional medical practices would be all but useless for her anyway, and she had recovered well. Well enough to remember most of what happened before her impaired state. That included the smuggler's admission that he had found "the best kind of something" aboard the station. "I want to know what you found."

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  • Although she no longer goes by Malicia, Trinity still likes to refer to herself as The Destructor, claiming "Destructing is what I'm best at."
  • Appears to be developing socially in ways similar to a human person, even if slowly, thanks to Antonia. Still prone toward anger and aggression, she has shown the capacity for more. Heightened self-monitoring even without prompting from an authority figure (seen with Vel), and a degree of understanding of maintenance in more complex relationships, like her relationship with Liberty (not totally friendly, but no longer totally antagonistic either) display development compatible with human relationships.
  • Her speech, I've noticed, is a kind of blend between formal and informal, and I'm still not entirely sure how that works. Not really something I think about, but I just do it and just now started to notice a slight sporadic pattern.
  • Since her return to Earth, Trinity developed something of a fascination with the Superior Sapien upon learning of the events surrounding his fall from grace. Not the intricacies of his personal plight, but the fact that he, like she, may be prone to anger and reckless outbursts. And following the Justice League-MVP conflict, the anger or otherwise fear with which people regarded him. In her mind, she and Garrison Grail are alike.
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@cosmosis: She awoke with a start and bolted upright with a short panicked scream. "What the...?" A cursory scan of her surroundings told her where she was. The smuggler, she inferred. Ignoring headache it aggravated, the first move she made was to scan outside the ship to ensure they were still in acceptable range of the station. With that ensured, she arose fully, cautiously finding stable footing.

She remained not entirely sure of the situation, but remembered only bits of her previous state - those bits indicating danger. Her body had adapted to and shaken off the effects of the neurotoxin while she lay unconscious. In spite of that she couldn't be certain just yet what from that time was real and what wasn't. It was an Imperium station - or used to be - after all.

"Hey!" She called out for a response, beginning to venture from the bunk to the cockpit where she assumed Daltar would be waiting, if he were present.