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I've known for a while Nordok never died. The Imperium couldn't function without him. Everyone's out for themselves; without him to keep them in check, without the threat of destruction from something greater over their heads, they'd all tear each other apart in no time trying to take control for themselves. Since I learned to harness the cosmos, I could...feel...something. Familiar. Distant, but close, like invisible eyes just over my shoulder. I can mask my presence so he can't sense me psionically, but I wouldn't be surprised if he had other ways. Technopathy. Possession of nearby bodies. Snitches. Whatever.

Just as I know he lives, I am sure he knows I've defected. Unlike the others I can't live in the palm of another and content myself with the thought that "at least I'm alive." Soon enough, they'll get their chance. I am the greatest of all. I am a force of nature. Beyond Ancients and Goddesses. How they react to a greater force looming overhead...

We'll see.

She approached in the most direct way possible. Flew herself across the cosmos alone on her own power to meet her maker. Visually minuscule, she nevertheless doubted she would not be located and recognized by at least one means of detection. She was counting on it. To ensure that Nordok himself would be aware of her arrival, she opened her mind to the telepathic detection for which he'd been well-known as she descended upon the desolate world.

Pausing in atmosphere, she waited to be acknowledged in some way. To be met with a hostile or non-violent welcome. Either or, it didn't make much of a difference to her. Not like barely feigned diplomacy and threats behind a totally transparent veil would make much of a difference from an open attack to break through. A few minutes of her time, maybe.

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Funny thing is new school Trinity has more training with her stuff and could probably get more creative.

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@ren_: I kinda wanna fight her a little bit.

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@aphasic: It's like people forgot and they get their hopes up again. But it's okay, I got your back.

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@shadowswordmaster: Then you don't get the point!

But basically what Surkit said. You've got support. But your biggest issue, and this is with regards to the vine as a whole, not just this thread, is that no matter what you seem to find something negative in everything. Just...well, you don't have to pep up if you don't want to, but a bit of positivity could go a long way, and you won't know for sure unless you try. And if you see other people with ideas too, maybe open up communication, see if they might wanna work with you, combine and integrate and stuff, ya know?

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Haha! It's nice to know my predictive abilities are still intact.

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I guess I better not do it then since people here have their own ideas now.

If anything, this is why this idea would fall through.

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I swear this guy's so dense space actually warps around him.

@anthony_stark: It's not the thread, it's you. You have this quality where, no matter how many times you see or hear something, you can't seem to let go of the notions of Pyronic self-righteous. I'm not tripping about TT. What annoys me is the fact that she said "take that somewhere else" and you basically ignored it. Then she said it again and you went "okay I'm going, but I just wanna say..." And you keep doing it. It's this terrible quality that you have as a person.