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Trin for the win.

Yc vs the ninja turtles. Not the Teenage Mutant ones, though. Just some normal ninja turtles.

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I wanna start drawing and stuff again.

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I should campaign for moderator...NOW!

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I feel the need to change my av, but I'm having a hard time.

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OH! HAHA! I get it!

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Not sure if it's the people in my suite or some kind of subconscious nudging craving, but I've been smelling donuts at regular intervals for the past few days.

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I feel...ambivalence as the lightning that was supposed to be an outlet flows from my fingertips. Somehow, the more I use it, the angrier I become...and yet, his anguish soothes me. His cries bring me to a chaotic peace, but frustrate me more as he should've been crushed dead by now. Hmph. So he's more durable than the others. Fine. I'll just apply mo...mor.....

Starting to feel...Lightheaded again. Worse than before. Goddamned son of a bitch.

Forsaking the lightning in my left hand, it slams to the ground. Biology becomes moot as the cold hard floor becomes my body, inside and out. I feel no more pain. No more disorientation. Nothing. I am able to continue. But I faintly hear...Antonia, calling my name and can't help but let out a grumble. Sending out yet another quick jolt, I go to hoist the boy with my mind by my grip, high into the air, and fling him out out across the entire city.

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I knew it wasn't a match for my saber, but I had no idea his sword was so weak that it couldn't even finish him. Makes me wonder why he even brought it here. Oh. I remember. He's stupid.

Stupid, but not -completely- incapable. Once again my senses start to fail me and I have to take a knee, for all the good it does the nausea and dizziness. Which is none. And just when I think I've taken the worst of it, a searing pain shoots through my eyes. It's worst in the initial moment it hits, and not as bad afterwards, and now I realize...I can't see.

I can't see him. Can't hear him. But the Cosmos reads me his position and movements. I can sense him, but with whatever it is he's doing to me, I'm not really in a position to move. So it's a good thing I don't have to.

I am sick of this boy. Sick of his face. Sick of his of this thing he keeps doing to me. And I'm SICK of his goddamn voice with those lame-ass jokes. As he's rushing in, I don't just give him another push. In spite of the sickening and painful feelings nagging at me, I manage to divert my focus. My saber dips in between us and Destructor's Might ignites to intercept his path. If he can't stop in time, he'll impale himself on it. If he can...I'll force the blade toward him anyway.

Then I try to focus on him exactly, my goal to seize control of his neck and hold on right there. I aim to crush it. But I can't stop there. By now, we've gone too far. All my pent up anger needs an outlet, and although I can't move so well and am really struggling to focus, it finds its way out by a power all its own, seizing control of -my- body. Casting out both my hands, a torrent of lightning blazes forth through the air between us, seeking to turn his body into a boy bitch barbecue.

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@zain_: [Just realized? "Seems like?"]

Through the connection with my saber, I can feel the bodies in its path as they're cleaved into parts. This is a satisfaction I haven't known since I first learned what satisfaction is. But it doesn't show in my face, because there's still this asshole who needs to be shut up. He managed to get off with a scar while keeping his eye.

Fine. I want his tongue.

He's back on the move, just like before, and just like before, I can ke—

"Aangh..." Something...My head...He's doing that. He can't be telepathic; those attacks haven't worked on me since the time when I met the goddess. But this one, it actually hurts, and I can barely stand. But my eyes keep focussed and my legs push forward. As we meet, I try to evade his attack, but this time I'm not fast enough and his leg smashes into my skull in a way that would've probably dismantled even some of the tougher Imperium defenders.

But they're not me. I've taken shots from the goddess when she was at full power and not subsided, and she way outclasses anything else on this rock. But it's enough to move me, and this I use to my advantage. The power of the Cosmos keeps me stable. Moving with the momentum of his kick, shifting my feet and hips to keep from falling over, I'm able to maintain my balance and transition directly into an amplified turning side kick aimed at his ribs, taking advantage of the opening left by the heightened recovery time from his technique. Power-enhanced by the Cosmos, a successful connection should also send him back across the room, where I mentally seize control of his broken blade once more, hurling it into his path.

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