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@catriona_knightfall: To what the business?

I had a plan that would go in such a way that it would give no one person absolute power, and when I was ready to come back, Antonia could do so as she pleased. I also considered implementing it, but leaving it open just to see if one of you would get a sinister streak and try and hold on to it even when she said "okay I'm back."

So....See ya 'round Christmas?

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@cosmosis: [Malcia? That you even intended to say "Malicia" is offensive to my newfound good nature. Also, something about the smell alien strikes me as cool to mention.]

In lieu of his plaintive explanation, Trinity turned and made way for the exit all her own. He'd pegged her correctly, and within reason. Without understanding much on the way space travel and craft such as his worked, she knew she could survive in the void, and that was all she figured she needed when it was time to work.

That he got with the program was just a bonus, mostly for him, she figured. As Daltar had the manners to comply, Trinity returned the courtesy of allowing him at least some time to get outfitted before releasing the bay doors.

Telekinesis guided her self-propelled flight through the emptiness. She found footing first on the exterior of Daltar's ship, then onto the lost (and found) station. Placing her hands against the meteoric surface, application of steady telekinetic force began to crumble the rock inward, commencing burrowing Trinity's path to the inside. "Come on if you're coming," she called back, forgetting momentarily that her voice would not travel through the void.

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I am so going to Hell.

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I'm gonna give it a moment. See if it comes.

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Behind the pilot, Trinity sat with her arms folded in gruff reclusion for almost the entirety of the ride. She'd never been the best company for anyone, her answers often cold and plain, which, oddly enough, didn't seem to affect the pilot. Sometimes he seemed downright charmed. By contrast, his wisecracking had done little to ease her feelings around him. Not that they mattered anyway. He was a means to an end, and so long as he fulfilled his purpose, he was fine.

Daltar needn't even have entered the station with her. So long as he could get her there and back, she required nothing of him. But, concerned with pay, and settling on "half of anything you find," the Delosian seemed content to take the experience to the fullest. Fine. Perfect.

Long-since departing the company of the Imperium, Trinity still had no real grasp of patience, standing to her feet as soon as the smaller craft made contact with the station. "Just open the doors. I can do it myself," she ordered tersely. Her natural abilities would allow her to survive in space, and her abilities would certainly prove enough to quickly breach the station's exterior and allow her to get straight to work.

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@naamah: No ma'am. I'm...I'm fine. >_>

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And for some reason, she always makes me wanna step back into Arturia more.

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Naamah makes me chuckle sometimes.

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