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Not bad...

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I've mastered her.

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"You will share everything you learn with me." She didn't ask. She commanded. Her plans necessitated that just as much as dealing with the on-board abominations. "See if we can get the power back up and running." With a nod, she stepped over the threshold separating the rooms. "Try not to die," she said, then her mind closed the door behind her.

The lighting was dim throughout the station as a result of its extended state of disrepair, but the core chamber was almost entirely dark without the light of the corridor to shine through. The greatest concentration of luminescence existed in a small green sphere in the center of a wide, round room at the end of the corridor, and even that didn't spread far beyond its source.

For all her prior purpose, Trinity practically crept through the corridor. Violet sparks danced between the fingers of her left hand as she approached, wondering whether or not she could restore the power herself. She did not act, however, pausing instead in front of the core. Silence crept between them for almost a minute, then she acknowledged it with a whisper.

"There you are..."

The crimson blade of Destructor's Might flickered in the dark as the saber floated straight up, leaving her in darkness a moment longer. A metallic thud sounded from the floor. A second later, there was another. The burning saber sailed back to ground level, highlighting the elongated dome-like, now severed head and body of one of the native denizens.

Almost as if on cue, a low, purr-like growl crept down from above. From that alone she discerned the size, a considerable degree larger than any they'd encountered thus far, if she had to guess. Again her hand surged and she loosed its sparks into the core, not fully powering the station, or even the room, but she had managed to produce a dim flicker within in the core chamber for slightly better visibility.

"No," she corrected herself as she looked up.

"There you are."

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Why the d'Aubigny was left to The Destructor was anyone's guess. She couldn't fly it, and she wasn't a friend. A peace offering, perhaps. Pretty useless peace offering. Most of the time she didn't even remember she'd had it, and most recently she had decided she didn't need it at all and sought to return it. "The right thing," her Earthly handlers might say.

Trinity didn't so much fly Vel's ship as she telekinetically hurled it through space toward the planet. Her landing, though crude and improvised, landed her within one of the sprawling cities without much damage to the vessel. The ship did the rest.

From the d'Aubigny's appearance to the redhead stepping out of it, her arrival screamed out of place. No one questioned it for long, however. The first collective mistake the wretched of the slums made was to stare as Trinity disembarked. All at once, she reached into their mental centers, forcing understanding and compliance both into their minds. "Guard this with your lives," she commanded as she moved along, met with complete obedience.

As she sauntered (more or less aimlessly) through the streets hoping to catch word of the Illian, it came to her attention that Eristes presented her first view of the Imperium's ruling style over a living population outside the Demon's fist. A glimpse of what was promised to be hers at some point. "If this is what he was offering, I'm not interested anyway." The desolation didn't come off as strikingly wrong; Trinity had seen places in similar states, and her early-life conditioning left her still mostly unable to distinguish proper from wrong in such matters. Two conditions existed, and they simply were, not necessarily in contrast to one another with one being better. More than the desolation, she realized....I don't know what I'd do as a ruler. That was Nordok's desire, not hers. Aside from revenge, she didn't know what she wanted in life. Or much of anything at all about herself. Wonder if he knows I defected. If all the Imperium knows. She made a mental note to pay the Ancient a visit once her affairs were in order.

She wandered a good while longer before deciding it better to find someplace to settle and gather information.

That didn't take long. She happened by chance upon a small cantina, and inside almost all attention fell upon the events on the moon, broadcasted on screens throughout the establishment. Because she had arrived much later, relative to everyone else, Trinity took it upon herself to mind-read her way through the crowd until she was up to date.

"So, the Illian wants to meet the king of here..." For what purpose?

"This should be interesting." Falling to the side of the room, she dropped herself into a solitary booth and contented herself to watch the unfolding events for a time.

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@cosmosis: The way he spoke made it sound like they were close. Spurred by this, Trinity's aggressive impatience began to show itself again alongside her relative lack of experience. "Click on what?" Doesn't matter. "Take me there. Now, hurry up! Unless you wanna get eaten! I'll watch your back," she offered as something of an incentive compromise.

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Every single time.

Trinity is still useful!!!!

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@cosmosis: Though it was intricate work, Trinity made quick work of the door, her microscopic operation producing what appeared to be a melting away effect as she peeled away the blast doors. The hole was just large enough to accommodate the smuggler in his suit—based on what they'd seen, he in that suit was the bulkiest living thing aboard the station and the...whatever they were called, would have no problem getting through, should they attempt one at a time.

Given what they had just gone through with the door, his concerns were wholly valid. But Trinity didn't see that. An impatient, single-minded desire drove her, and working doors had no part in her goals. Besides, they'd all have to be eliminated anyway. "I don't have time for that. Map. How far til the core?"