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@nevermore_: Oh my God, she's like the perfect opposite of Trinity!

Wonders if she'll continue on an inverse path....


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Since learning and exploring more of her own biological abilities, Trinity has developed something of an obsession with collecting as many genetic samples as possible within her "biological catalogue," especially so with rarer forms (endangered species, special cases, etc),

Primarily however, his XNA-based genetic structure causes him to be more inclined to evolve (without inheriting genetic errors such as retrovirus carrying genes) than both humans and mutants due to the foundation of evolution's potential being how much genetic information is replicated and the error in the process. The more error-prone a genetic system, the less likely it is to evolve. As a result, Andres does not refer to himself as neither a mutant nor human, instead he has christened himself an XNA-Hominid.

and something like this would shoot him to the top of her list.

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Feels in part like I need to consolidate some concepts and/or characters and things.

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With her telepathy, Trinity saw no real reason for electronic communication, but out of a sense for the slightest bit of courtesy, she accepted the device without question. Still, she had no intention of really needing it once they got inside.

Prior to continuing her excavation, her mind cast a telekinetic "bubble" around the entryway of the hole which she'd already started on, maintaining more or less stable conditions, for the time being. Following this, she reared back and, mustering a portion of the cosmic mental might inadvertently imparted upon her by Nordok and his cronies, cast it forth, the force of the telekinetic blast enough to send all in front of her crumbling, caving inward in the direction she pushed.

"Let's go," she commanded, starting forward into the station, maintaining her bubble for as long as he stood. "See if you can get a map, schematics. Find whatever powers this thing. And try not to die...Or don't." At that point, she'd been hoping for him to at least bleed a little, his life not extremely high on her priorities list.

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Shiho's most commonly used adjectives (as in used to describe her):

  1. Adorable
  2. Deadly
  3. Diminutive
  4. Tiny
  5. Puppet
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Something about this makes me beating her up some more.

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@angela_lee: I had no idea you were informed of my poofage. I'm still a little lost, but that's not really much of a bother right now.

Arranges a date.

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@catriona_knightfall: I'm not sure we understand.

Yeah, that's true, maybe, I think. And I don't think she'd be the type to leave herself open to that; I'd said on occasion how, even when she (rarely) comes to see people as friends, and even trust them to some extent, her mind for analysis, preparation, and contingency extends even to her friends, just in case. But another part of me wanted to overlook that and see how it went, that same part almost hoping someone tried it so I could have a reason to come after somebody. But in the end, I stayed ambiguous.

You're off the hook. ^_^

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@cosmosis said:

@schlampe: aside from getting paid, it was simply bad business to allow a customer to die.

If she was telepathizing, she'd be kinda mad he thought that, and not the other way around. And call him stupid, internally.