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Blows everything up.

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Maybe one of the most notable, but I don't think I'd consider myself "one of the people who really got space moving along." I keep meaning to devote myself to Trinity (and that) in a more laser-like way, but I always get distracted...

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@_dark_knight: Okay then! Curiosity satisfied.

[Also thank you. ^_^ For the well wish.]

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@pyrogram: Political (and other) messages are fine by me, even in cases where I didn't agree with them. [A bit of both in this case.] But they have to be done well or it's just gonna put me off.

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@pyrogram: Actually I thought the show itself was better than the trailer.

No spoilers. But I found the acting pretty bad. First, the girl they picked to portray Supergirl wasn't what I was hoping for. But I said I'd give her the benefit of the doubt instead of writing her off, because I wasn't thrilled about Gustin as Barry first and he proved me all kinds of wrong. Unfortunately, this girl did not. But overall, the characters were just...vapid. Nothing much to them at all. Everyone was a trope or something else equally lacking in substance. The special effects were terrible. Every time she flew or someone got smacked or thrown or otherwise sent soaring, I cringed. And...this one almost pains me to say because it may look like I have "internalized misogyny," but the "girl power" theme. The feminist message is so crudely thrown in there - clichés, clichés everywhere (on top of the bad acting and vapid characterization and everything else) - that it comes across almost as a parody. Even as a girl I found it to be pretty grating. Likewise, black Jimmy Olsen feels like tokenism for the sake of saying "hey look how progressive we are! ~_^" But at least they didn't do a bunch of "hey, look, Jimmy is black and hot and successful and black and smart and black and...^_^" All in all, I feel like this show has little appeal outside of the SJW "stick it to the white men/patriarchy" crowd. But that could just be my take. I just didn't find much redeemable value.

However, I will say that I like the outfit on Supergirl. The costume designer gets a gold star. [And I liked the nod to the classic costume, the one where she went "I am not wearing this!"]

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I noticed this.

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@pyrogram: It's not.

[Same thing that happened to Flash. "Leaked."]

I hate to think it, but I thought the pilot was pretty terrible.

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Hrm. Less than enthusiastic about Supergirl. Based on that pilot, a lot needs to be improved.

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@fraga: I'll be comin' for ya...

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Again her lip curled into the faint traces of that familiar scowl. She was, in some measure, offended that someone would question her - worse, that they would speak as if to imply they knew better than she. Trinity scoffed, opened her mouth and began to explain her dissent, before reminding herself that she was "above that." Still, her voice raised, she showed a considerable degree more emotion than before.

"You don't know me, and I don't have to explain myself to you. Do as you please, but the Earth is not..."My concern. She trailed off, however, remembering the hint of a promise made to a goddess: "as long as you're under threat from the Imperium, you can count on some degree of protection."

At the same time her mental scan yielded the answer she sought...and more. The Illian was all but brushed from her mind when she found among the patrons, prominently in their minds, thoughts of Leo. And another, but he was likewise relegated to minor importance for the time.

He's been here. Not only had he visited the planet, but he and his combat partner had left quite an impression. Word of Zedracus's decree sat alongside the reverie, and from there sprung Trinity's idea.

Leo's genetic material. He had given it to her in an exchange. She absorbed only a small sample, but a minuscule amount was more than enough for her to instinctively mimic every detail of his genotype and phenotype to absolute perfection.

"Wait here," she said, before turning and shoving her way through the crowd, in search of a restroom or some facility which would allow her to be alone.

Once inside, she found a corner and sealed herself within a 'box' of telekinetic construction. Light itself could not breach. In total darkness, her facial and bodily features shifted; even the material of her clothes changed to mimick those of an Earthling. Her transformation complete in the span of a few seconds, she released herself from the box and calmly stepped outside, ready to face the crowd.

"I heard somebody was looking for me?"