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Name: Trinity Blue (formerly "Malicia the Destructor")

Alias(es): The Destructor; The Ancient's Daughter; Princess; Miltiades (short: Miltia)

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 139 lbs

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Age: ~1 year

Birthplace: Aboard The Demon’s Fist


(To be added upon later)

Details of her birth and early life remain a mystery to this day, including where and when she was born. The only details known of her past are that from an early age, it was known that she possessed incredible ability, and people feared the power she had and sought to destroy her. Her parents were killed while defending her from a large mob formed for that purpose. Her powers had not fully developed, and she would have suffered the same fate, had not Nordok stepped in and rescued her, taking her before the mob could reach her.

At least, that's the story she was fed. In truth, she was created aboard Nordok’s personal flagship for what seems to be the purpose of aiding in his subjugation or eradication of all other things in the universe. Though she has not existed long, the length of time she has been alive, she considers completely miserable. Her entire existence thus far has been painful procedures meant to increase her abilities, tests and trials to make sure they work, and more physical and verbal abuse from her dark master. On a few occasions, she has tried in anger to fight against him, but his powerful mind and her lack of any defense whatsoever always left her helpless in his wake.

To Be Born Anew

Having once again secured loyalty, Malicia was sent to Earth to have her mind fortified to better defend against these. Midway through the procedure, however, the man-made goddess Lady Liberty spied trouble within the facility and proceeded to smash up the place. Ignoring her own pains, Malicia went forth to engage the woman in combat. Though she fared well, she was ultimately defeated when lured into the trap that was outer space, where the Earth goddess hadn't needed to hold back. Converting herself to negative mass and utilizing a faster than light attack, Liberty was able to successfully render her unconscious, leaving some residual damages on her head.

Upset that his precious creation had been defeated, Nordok himself stepped forward, but was ultimately destroyed by the goddess as well, though the aftermath threw open a portal which sucked in and spat both Liberty and Malicia out on the other side of somewhere else in space. Lost. After being dragged back to the Earth, Malicia was placed under the authority of the United States government, where she was to be questioned on motives and happenings, and possibly registered to work for the government as one of their super powered enforcers.


Malicia's work for the government was not to be. Shortly after her capture, she was able to break free, soon coming face to face with "the Goddess." Rather than a direct confrontation, however, she was deterred with words. Told that the origin which she had been told by the Ancient was a lie, answers were promised, though only at a later date. Upon her return search, however, Lady Liberty was not to be found. Dissatisfied, the Destructor set out with her own resources and manpower aboard the Demon's Fist to figure it out for herself, though all potential leads came to naught.

It wasn't until months later that she would actually come face to face with the goddess once more. Soon after returning from undisclosed activity outside the galaxy and receiving report of an Imperium vessel hijacked from a location on Earth, the Destructor went to investigate. To her sinister delight, she found the woman she had sought for so long, along with another (deemed unimportant at that time), were the culprits. Confronting Liberty head-on, demanding answers, though they were soon interrupted by the unorthodox defenses once entering Illian airspace. Plagued by vivid hallucinations, she was quickly disabled for the remainder of the journey to Illea, fitted with a device resembling a tiara, made to keep her powers (those previously witnessed by the goddess) under control until another solution could be reached.

Once on the planet, Malicia was held captive, strapped to an apparatus meant to hold her firmly in place until something could be worked out, though there were no real breakthroughs (or attempts, really), until Vel'aaru (an Illian friend of Liberty) freed her momentarily upon promise of good behaviour. Malicia had but one request, as always: to see the goddess and receive her promised answers. Finally, after a bit of speaking, Liberty was convinced to reveal the truth as promised.

The revelation itself was that, rather than being born on Earth and nearly killed, then rescued by Nordok, Malicia was genetically manufactured specifically for the purpose of playing to the Ancient's plans. Though swearing disassociation with the Imperium, trust had yet to be built, and so she was left without powers, hidden in various safehouses until being set at Redwood Manor to stay. Powerless and unused to any conventional activities, days were dull in Lady Liberty's mansion. At times, she would leave for long periods and return with guests, but none held any interest, and the relationship between the two remained tenuous at best. Only recently did things see any notable change when, after meeting with an associate, Liberty was approached by a seemingly different, more solemn Malicia. Appearing more softspoken than usual, when asked on the matter, she revealed that, in a show of change, she no longer wished to be Malicia the Destructor. Instead considering a new name, she asked to be called Trinity Blue.


[* indicates those which had been affected/nullified by the Illian technology, and later, her biology; effects may or may not still apply.]

*Enhanced Strength: Since her conception and various subsequent modifications and tests, Malicia was gifted with incredible strength, something upwards of the two million ton range. Her strength extends all over, and her lungs are powerful enough to blow air at speeds up to 10,000 knots, many times more powerful than the most powerful tornado ever recorded. Additionally, she could heat or cool her own breath so it could be used to freeze or heat. She does not do a sonic scream because it hurts her ears.

Enhanced Durability: Her skin can repel high caliber bullets, and she is highly resistant to most forms of damage, able to withstand most forms of physical damage from most things less than the force of a nuclear strike and resist cutting or piercing from anything short of true adamantium. She is capable of surviving perfectly unharmed in the void of space.

*Superhuman Speed: While generally she could fully exert herself in combat for over an hour, and her travel speed has been seen steadily increasing, she is not completely invulnerable, and at extremely higher speeds, she becomes susceptible to harmful environmental effects in atmosphere. So she tries to keep a lid on it, though she finds regulating speed and coordination in open movement difficult.

*Heightened senses: Her sense of smell is good enough to track scents halfway across the planet, and hear sounds just as far. Sense of touch is acute enough to feel the slightest shift in the wind currents around her, or the slightest movement in a landscape.

*Vision: Her eyes are capable of seeing telescopically, microscopically, through x-ray, and thermal vision. In addition, she can see perfectly well at night.

*She can emit two kinds of energy beams from her body, most notably her eyes. One is an intensely hot beam, capable of heating even upwards of 10,000 degrees Celsius. The other is a concussive blast, said powerful enough to punch a hole right through a planet. Truthfully, her eyes are in fact more powerful than her fists.

Biological manipulation: She can manipulate her entire biological structure to achieve a variety of different effects, and absorb and take on the properties of other things she comes into contact with. Using this on beings with some kind of ability or special properties would allow her to take on the same properties of that being for a time (e.g., a fish to develop gills, or special powers/abilities from others).

Nexus of Evolution

Only after the loss of her other original abilities did Trinity begin to explore her adaptive biology, initially only accidentally, and without realizing. Her abilities, she came to realize, extend far beyond what she or anyone else realized.

While it was initially believed that absorbing the properties and abilities of objects and organisms was only temporary, this is not true. Trinity recently discovered that, upon absorbing the properties and abilities from another source, a copy, of sorts, of the material is cataloged and stored within her, able to be called upon at a later time. Additionally, her body incorporates many inanimate properties perfectly into a biological manifestation for potential application elsewhere. Synthesized within herself, she holds "genes" for such things as steel, plasma, energy types, and other non-organic substances.

Reactive Adaptation: Given enough exposure to an environment or circumstance, Trinity's body is able to actively adapt to that circumstance, suiting itself to survive in such an environment, giving her potential for infinite survivability. This form of adaptation is completely natural and naturally passive; Trinity is not required to know how to adapt for her body to do so. It may, in fact, adapt in ways she would otherwise find aversive or not expect, as evidenced when her brain was rewired to allow her to function well when Lady Liberty physically assaulted her brain to attack her powers. However, an adaptation can be overridden, provided Trinity knows how, and often, when an adaptation is no longer needed, it may be phased out. For this, Antonia Dain and Lady Liberty have given Trinity resources and aid in studying biology and herself. She has been trained to recognize certain symptoms and signs of a number of occurrences within her body in case of foreign tampering or issues brought on by her own physiology.

Evolutionary Nexus - Conduit: Trinity is not only capable of taking on traits of organisms and objects. She can pass those traits on to others or otherwise rewrite the genetic traits of others through contact. This can be selective or comprehensive, including shifting select facets and variations or complete alteration. By acquiring the genes of a subject, those genes are preserved within Trinity's biological catalog. All evolutionary adaptations within that subject's genetic makeup, including active and passive genotypic traits, are likewise stored within her, and her phenotype can be altered accordingly. It is possible for Trinity to alter her own phenotype with no template for basis, though this would be essentially random, more difficult, and potentially dangerous, unless she knew exactly what she was seeking and how to achieve the change; it is preferable to have stored beforehand the traits she wishes to mimic. Absorption of certain portions of a subject's biomass would allow her to obtain understanding of that within, allowing her to take things such as memories and knowledge from those she comes into contact with.

Consumption/Mass Absorption -

A Force to be Reckoned With

After catching wind of a slew of rumors regarding something largely referred to as "the force," thinking it similar to what Nordok called "the Will of the Cosmos," Trinity took it upon herself to study this phenomena and its perceived relation to herself. Although possessing no intricate knowledge to begin with, her studies have built upon a somehow strong foundation, revealing something of a natural affinity for these "force arts," even allowing her to channel her power through a previous connection given by the Ancient. Nascent potential emerging out of what seemed like nowhere, Trinity has realized a power over the fundamental forces of the universe. The "force" of the resources she has studied, she refers to as "the Cosmos."


Since commencing her studies, Trinity has managed to construct a plasma saber of her own. Its "hilt" is a device which projects ionized streams of plasma which forms the "blades." The edges are extremely volatile and superheated so that it can cut through nearly anything with merely a touch. A saberstaff, the hilt contains two crystals and is capable of splitting into multiple singular sabers, each end containing an individual saber crystal. These gems, specially tuned to the Cosmos by Trinity herself, power the saber. Learning that different effects can be applied to different crystals, Trinity has begun experimenting, attempting to create various kinds of crystals for her saber. Each is specifically attuned so that none but she can wield them, save for with her blessing.

Constructed Crystals

Ancient's Folly - This compressed crystal emits a focussed, pulsating crimson blade. When locked in combat, its pulsating blade acts as a disruptor and adds an element of dissonance, offsetting opponents' strikes and, when locking up, making it nigh impossible to keep a competing weapon steady. It is possible to enhance this effect by channeling more power into the weapon. Enhancing her connection to the Cosmos, her powers become stronger when wielding this, but aversely, it also makes her more susceptible to rage, bringing her closer to "the Dark Side" as well as often overriding her already frail grasp on self-control.

Destructor's Might - This unstable crystal emits a crimson blade. It has the added effect of igniting a blade more potent than typical sabers. The unstable crystal means less focussed energy, resulting in something of an energy outpour, allowing more of its power to be felt by those around proximity when ignited. This effect may also be enhanced.

Her body being superbly durable, Trinity wears armor serving almost purely tactical purposes. Although built to withstand amounts of damage to prolong the duration of these tactical functions, it does not hold up as well in comparison to much other Avalon technology. Stealth technology in the suit allows her to mask her presence from vision, detection through temperature or scent, and detection by way of most scanning systems; however, while it silences sounds below a certain number of decibels (subtle movements, shifting, quiet whispers), sufficiently loud noise would breach the "silencing point." Sounds beyond this remain muffled, but will produce potentially noticeable effects and possibly allow her to be detected.


Excessive radiation in larger doses is able to harm her rather easily, and also causes problems with her molecular manipulation, interfering with her molecular stability and sometimes causing unintended effects when using her powers. These effects are unpredictable and may range from shutting her abilities off or greatly enhancing them for a time.

Drugs, potentially.