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I'd wish for Peter David with hopes that he'd have Siyrn hook up with Deadpool.

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I'll throw my two cents into this although there seems to be an arguement that I'd best avoid. The difference between Dc and Marvel is there dependence and use of characters. About 20% of DC's currently released comics are about Batman or batman related and movie wise all focus is on Bats while Marvel seems to do a better job at paying attetion to everyone both comic and movie wise. Marvel also seems to care for more for continuity, which I personally approve of because of touching character moments, while DC clearly doesn't give a damn.

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The two key reasons the Flash has some difficulty fighting his rogues are he can't use his upper power limits because that might kill them and because his rogues are armed specifically to deal with him. When the Flash is given an oponent who can take it you get this...

The Flash beats Lex Luthor who had gained enough power to take out the rest of the justice league (superman, batman, green lantern, hawk girl, wonder woman, and martian manhunter).

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Anyone have a guess about what the dark world part of the Thor movie could be referring to?

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Ah, but hulk vs. wasn't bad. But I do agree he should apear more often in Marvel animation; although truthfully there aren't a lot of animated marvel movies. As for what comics to read, definitely Kelly's run and all of Cable and Deadpool while avoiding Ways run since it fails to recognize the continuity set up by the end of Cable and Deadpool.