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Wait, shouldn't the board read "Dr. Spider-Man"? What was the point of Otto going through all that trouble of finishing Peter's doctorate not to call himself Doctor? Superior Spider-Man wouldn't have made this error. Damn inferior spider-man

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so am I the only one pissed that they're bringing back the old DC yet the Dick Grayson storyline is featuring Nightwing? Last I checked, prior to new 52, Dick and Damien were Gotham City's dynamic duo (and in my opinion a fantastic team w/ an engaging dynamic) while Bruce was playing the world Batman, taking on worldly crime with Batman Inc. If you're going to bring this back then do it right, with the original teams at the time the old DCU ended.

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Really excited for this being such a Ben Reilly fan. I also think he should be rocking his Scarlet Spider outfit. Same goes for Jessica.

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I refuse to buy motion comic crap. Start making adult oriented animated movies based on great story lines you cheap bastards!

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Jason Todd needs to be in the next game!

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Goblin would put up a good fight but Venom is just too tactical and powerful. Also Norman's madness is more of a hindrance than an advantage.

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Am I the only one who thinks Peter should really reevaluate his reltionships with his personal friends, family and fellow super heroes? How absolutely no one (aside from Carly) helped him get his body back or figured out that someone was parading around in his flesh? How much time he spent fighting side by side and going undercover with Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Jessica Drew, Clint Barton, Logan, etc. and they all basically said "f%!k Peter, he's a jerk". I'd be livid and sad that I have such crappy allies.

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Liking the young justice look!

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Scarlet Spider needs his own series back. Pushing him with New Warriors is forced (and the only reason I picked up the book). I see what Marvel did here. Unfortunately most of these characters have a strong but smaller following each, not allowing a solo comic to last too long due to low sales. Put all these obscure cult classic characters in one book and you combine each following, hopefully equaling a large enough audience to bring in sales and keep the book running. Sad but well played Marvel.

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I'm not sure how they can follow up after the Fraction/Aja run a some years back. They made me love the character (just like they're doing with Hawkeye). If this team can come even 60% close to that quality, it'll be pretty awesome. Looking forward to giving this a shot!

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