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The Sinestro Corps Wars was much more interesting, IMO.

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I'd take Frigga from the Thor movies. They treat her like a prop anyway, and she'd make great company.

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It's interesting how much praise they receive for the variation in alien races when the male to female ratio is still about 10:1.

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As usual, I'm not surprised. I'd like to see a team-up with Sif or Balder.

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Sif or Balder would be perfect, IMO.

Sif because these two already have some MCU canon feelings for each other. What they are is unclear, and I personally think it was kind of sloppy for the studio to leave a subplot like that unresolved. Since Sif is already established in the MCU, this would be relatively easy to make happen.

Balder because he should've been here already! I understand that many fans think of Loki as a poor abused baby who needs a shot at redemption and all, but let's be real, people. Loki's evil as can be, and he likes being that way. The fact that so many people have been seduced by his charm just goes to show how dangerous his charisma can be. Loki didn't go crazy after finding out he was adopted. He didn't just suddenly develop all of his manipulative tendencies overnight. He's always been this way, and I think showing people how he murdered Balder (which was before all of the adoption nonsense) would definitely help with that. Also, with Loki a convicted criminal and Thor currently unwilling to take the throne, Balder stepping in would be a perfect fit. This would all be easy enough to accomplish if Marvel goes ahead with the Ragnarok/Surtur idea that Chris Hemsworth suggested.

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A pretty good week.

Forever Evil #5

Forever Evil: Arkham War #5

Green Lantern #28

Ms. Marvel #1

Black Widow #3

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Pietro looks ghastly!

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@lordofthenorth said:

@yourneighborhoodcomicgeek: Becuase at the begaining of the arc Talon falls off a 50 story building and walks away but Batman can knock him out with his punches just becuase its the same writer dosnt mean their cant be inconsistances

Because it is the same writer, Snyder obviously had his reasons to why Talon would be able to get knocked out. I'm pretty sure Talon was still knocked out from falling from that great height.

Snyder needed Talon knocked out at that moment. If the plot calls for it, they'll make it happen. Writers aren't infallible and are fully capable of inconsistencies, even among their own characters.

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Lena Headey was a great choice.