Marvel Digital Comics Subscription...

I discovered Marvel's subscription service for their digital comics catalog this weekend and have been sucked right in. Keeping myself solely to the Ultimate universe stories, for now, I've managed to read Ultimates, Ultimate Daredevil & Electra, Ultimate Marvel Team-Ups, and a good portion of Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Spider-Man.
This subscription thing is pretty much the most affordable, easy to use and fucking addictive offering I've found from any comic company yet when it comes to digital comics. From zero Marvel books read to reading three years worth of books in a weeks time. Get on this, DC. Day and date is fine and dandy but giving me everything I want to read without restriction... that's better.

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52 Days of the DCnU: "Batgirl"

Adam Hughes’ cover is just a joyous looking thing, by the way. The man draws such extraordinarily beautiful pictures. The Cover Girls of The DCU line of statues is based off of his art and they’re all sitting on my desk as I type this. I’m not familiar with the artists that will be doing interiors but I am familiar with the writer. Almost all of the Barbara Gordon stories I’ve read have been penned by Gail Simone. She’s written Birds of Prey since 2003 and is one of my favorite comic book writers. I’m definitely psyched to read what she has in store for this book and for the character.

52 Days of the DCnU: "Catwoman"

Did up another Tumblr blog for a new DC book launching in September.
This time: Catwoman.
Of the 52 comics shipping in September, only 12 are listed as T+ and most of those aren’t from the mainstream DCU. (If the solicits are correct.) So when he says violent and sexy and dark fun… I’m very curious to see just how violent, sexy and dark the end product winds up being.

Whatever the tone of the final product winds up being, I’m pretty sure Catwoman will always appear on my pull list somehow.

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52 Days of the DCnU: "Batwoman"

I'm doing a Tumblr blog for each of the new DC comics launching this September.
First up on my list: Batwoman.
When putting together my list of what I want to buy in September, she’s the very first one I wrote down. I’m expecting quality art and a quality story and I don’t anticipate being disappointed.

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What I'm Buying*

* subject to all kinds of change 

  1. Action Comics
  2. Animal Man
  3. Batgirl
  4. Batman
  5. Batman: The Dark Knight
  6. Batman and Robin
  7. Batwing
  8. Batwoman
  9. Birds of Prey
  10. Blackhawks
  11. Blue Beetle
  12. Catwoman
  13. DC Universe Presents
  14. Detective Comics
  15. The Fury of Firestorm
  16. Green Lantern
  17. Justice League
  18. Nightwing
  19. Mister Terrific
  20. Red Hood and the Outlaws
  21. Static Shock
  22. Suicide Squad
  23. Superboy
  24. Supergirl
  25. Superman
  26. Swamp Thing
  27. Teen Titans
  28. Voodoo
  29. Wonder Woman
What My Roommate Who Has Never Bought DC Before Is Getting and Yay That Means I Don't Have To
  • I, Vampire
What My Roommate Who Has Similar Taste to Me is Getting That I've Convinced Myself I Don't Need My Own Copy Of
  • Aquaman
  • Captain Atom
  • Grifter
  • Hawk and Dove
  • Justice League Dark
  • Justice League International
  • Savage Hawkman
What I'm Going to Collect in Trade Form For Sure
  • Demon Knights
  • The Flash
  • Green Lantern
  • Green Lantern Corps
  • Green Lantern: The New Guardians
  • Legion Lost
  • Red Lanterns
  • Stormwatch
What I'm Probably Going to Collect in Trade/Digital Form Cause I'm Curious
  • Deathstroke
  • Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE
  • Legion of Superheroes
  • Resurrection Man
What I'm Barely Curious About and Probably Won't Get
  • All-Star Western
  • Sgt. Rock and the Men of War
What I'm Not At All Curious About and Definitely Not Getting
  • OMAC
There. All Done........
Until October.
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Wrapping my head around the new DCU...

  1. Swamp Thing - Scott Snyder; Yanick Paquette
  2. Justice League Dark - Peter Milligan; Mikel Janin
  3. Animal Man - Jeff Lemire; Travel Foreman, Dan Green
  4. Demon Knights - Paul Cornell; Diogenes Neves, Oclair Albert
  5. Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE - Jeff Lemire; Alberto Ponticelli
  6. Resurrection Man - Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning; Fernando Dagnino
  7. I, Vampire - Josh Fialkov; Andrea Sorrentino
  8. Voodoo - Ron Marz; Sami Basri
  9. Batwing - Judd Winick; Ben Oliver
  10. Red Hood and the Outlaws - Scott Lobdell; Kenneth Rocafort
  11. Nightwing - Kyle Higgins; Eddy Barrows
  12. Batwoman - J.H. Williams III, Haden Blackman; Amy Reeder
  13. Batgirl - Gail Simone; Ardian Syaf, Vincente Cifuentes
  14. Catwoman - Judd Winick; Guillem March
  15. Birds of Prey - Duane Swierczynski; Jesus Saiz
  16. Batman and Robin - Peter Tomasi; Pat Gleason
  17. Batman: The Dark Knight - David Finch; Jay Fabok
  18. Batman - Scott Snyder; Greg Capullo
  19. Detective Comics - Tony Daniel
  20. Green Lantern - Geoff Johns; Doug Mahnke, Christian Alamy
  21. Green Lantern Corps - Peter J. Tomasi; Fernando Pasarin, Scott Hanna
  22. Green Lantern: The New Guardians - Tony Bedard; Tyler Kirkham, Batt
  23. Red Lanterns - Peter Milligan; Ed Benes, Rob Hunter
  24. Justice League - Geoff Johns; Jim Lee
  25. Wonder Woman - Brian Azzarello; Cliff Chiang
  26. Aquaman - Geoff Johns; Ivan Reis
  27. The Flash - Francis Manapul; Brian Buccellato
  28. The Fury of Firestorm - Gail Simone, Ethan Van Sciver; Yildiray Cinar
  29. The Savage Hawkman - Tony Daniel; Philip Tan
  30. Green Arrow - JT Krul; Dan Jurgens
  31. Justice League International - Dan Jurgens; Aaron Lopresti
  32. Mister Terrific - Eric Wallace; Roger Robinson
  33. Captain Atom - JT Krul; Freddie Williams II
  34. DC Universe Presents - Paul Jenkins; Bernard Chang
  35. Legion Lost - Fabian Nicieza; Pete Woods
  36. Legion of Superheroes - Paul Levitz; Francis Portela
  37. Teen Titans - Scott Lobdell; Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund
  38. Static Shock - John Rozum, Scott McDaniel; Jonathan Glapion
  39. Hawk and Dove - Sterling Gates; Rob Liefeld
  40. OMAC - Dan DiDio; Keith Giffen, Scott Koblish
  41. Grifter - Nathan Edmondson; CAFU, BIT
  42. Deathstroke - Kyle Higgins; Joe Bennett, Art Thibert
  43. All-Star Western - Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti; Moritat
  44. Sgt. Rock and the Men of War - Ivan Brandon; Tom Derenick
  45. Blackhawks - Mike Costa; Ken Lashley
  46. Stormwatch - Paul Cornell; Miguel Sepulveda
  47. Suicide Squad - Adam Glass; Marco Rudy
  48. Blue Beetle - Tony Bedard; Ig Guara, Ruy Jose
  49. Superboy - Scott Lobdell; R.B. Silva, Rob Lean
  50. Supergirl - Michael Green, Mike Johnson; Mahmud Asrar
  51. Superman - George Perez; Jesus Merino
  52. Action Comics - Grant Morrison; Rags Morales
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Wonder Woman - The TV Show Costume...

 I'd had no real hope of getting the traditional costume in a live-action series so that thought hadn't even crossed my mind.

I know there are a lot of flaws in this new costume. The heels, the shininess of the material, the boobs being all squished & about to pop out come to mind.

But I don’t hate it. I like it, in fact. Mostly because I was prepared to get no real costume at all. I was reluctantly readying myself for her to maybe have on a pair of jeans and a tank top and be a ~vigilante~ instead of what Wonder Woman is. A Superhero.

So yes. All the suggestions for what would make this better are true. Lose the heels. Use a different material for the pants. Add some straps.

But I’m mostly really okay with this. It’s a bright costume that doesn’t downplay the fact that she’s a superhero. She’s not sporting some too-cool-for-super-school “dark and gritty” look. I think the bracelets look perfect and are the best part of the costume. I don’t mind the upper half of the outfit although straps and a bit more breast-coverage would improve it immensely. I like the idea of blue pants and carrying the star motif down the sides the way they have (even if the shade and material need revisiting). I’m good with the tiara. And she’s carrying her lasso which just makes me have a fangirl-grin on my face.

I know that this show isn’t going to be my dream show and isn’t going to be everything I would want from a Wonder Woman show. (She’s running a company for some random, WTF-reason, after all.) But I’m not fully prepared to write it off just yet. It’s a female superhero getting her own live-action vehicle that will go out on network television and I’m not ready to be fully jaded on that just yet.

Until I see it and it fails to deliver at all… I’m just going to be hopeful that it’ll be a fun show. And maybe they’ll tweak and refine things during filming. It’s a pilot. Things change from a pilot once they put things in motion.

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I'd read it...


Aquafamily? Sure the end of this issue isn’t exactly the most encouraging set up to a future ongoing story with this group BUT… we can’t let a little thing like being disintegrated at the bottom of the ocean stop us from speculating away.

This issue (Brightest Day #20) showcased an incredibly badass display of heroics from Mera, a first meeting for Aquagirl (Lorena Marquez) and Aqualad (Jackson Hyde), and a nice little happily-ever-after moment for Aquaman and Mera (pre-disintegration of course). It made me, for the first time, interested in following an ongoing Aquaman story. Not for Aquaman alone, mind you, but for the entire group featured here.


The Current Justice League Team...

I love it.
I seriously love it.
It's a wonderful combination of the next generation stepping up to the big leagues and some of the lesser-known heroes getting to shine. I think the team is interesting. I think they've got really interesting interpersonal dynamics to play with. I'm really intrigued with seeing how they work and fight together. It's fun to learn more about these characters as we learn how they relate to one another.