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wasssup people im scarlet-spider1990 i collect anything and everything spider man i loved the original clone saga not the newer 1

my fav comic artst is the todd mcfarlane my fav character from spider man is obviously blue hoodie scarlet spider my fav bands are linkin park and breaking Benjamin also 1 direction just kidding about the 1 direction they suck but besides the point you've learned to much about me.......... 4 now anyways be seeing you!!!!!!! no not that way!!!

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4 now anyways be seeing you!!!!!!! no not that way!!!

what way is that exactly XD

Posted by Scarletspider1990

what are u talking abot

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Moving this out of Editing and Tools

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@arnoldoaad: it means the stalker way

Posted by tupiaz

Not to be rude but this topic is rather pointless. This is more like a blog than a topic and should therefore be posted as a blog not as a topic. However if you want to make a blog that has any value it is better to hear why you like scarlet Spider-Man. Many fans (myself include) believes this is blasphemy. There is only one Spider-Man and that is Peter Parker, even though Peter Palmer is alright. Now I haven’t read Spider-Man for many years (I have no plan of doing so thanks to Brand New Day) but has there been a third clone saga? For me the 90’s clone saga is the newest.

Posted by JonSmith

Your grammar and lack of punctuation...