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Come on people, CYBORG!!!!!!

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Marvel dominating the annual top 10 is not news. In 2013, DC only had 2 titles in the annual top 10, both of which were Superman Unchained (the best selling writer and a super star artist working together is going to be big) and in 2012, DC had zero titles in the annual top 10. Outside of Blackest Night/Brightest Day and the launch of the New 52, DC has not really had any comics in the annual top 10.

However, DC is very good at winning the top spot month to month and putting on-going titles in to the monthly top 10 (most of Marvel's top 10 placements are new #1's and events).

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Hells yes!

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This episode was a hundred times better than the Pilot. Zed is such a cool character. The actress is really expressive and quite good at her job.

This episode really felt like the first "real" episode. The pilot was more a proof of concept than anything else.

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3 stars for this stellar episode? Really? It was funny, quick and enjoyable! Vastly superior to the last episode, which really fell flat (especially considering its cool concept). This episode was light-hearted and definitely written (and acted) in the vein of the classic Doctor (who was not embroiled in doom and gloom (the way he often is in the newer series)).

I have to really disagree with your idea that this episode did not contribute to the meta-plot. These robots were looking for the Promised Land, just like the ones from the first episode. Additionally, they chose to disguise themselves and hide in plain sight. There has to be a reason for this. Just because we did not see the Mistress, does not mean she did not welcome these Knight-bots into her Promised Land. It is just a superfluous scene that would have played out in much the same way as the last two encounters.

Also, did anyone else get a clear Men in Tights vibe from this Robin? Maybe it was just the mustache but he really felt like a solid stand in for Cary Elwes.

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I love the way Slott writes. I am excited to read ASM/SSM every week it comes out. The biggest problem is that people who like Spidey but not Slott do not have a good alternative book to read in the 616 universe. Hopefully with 2099 out now, every Spidey fan can at least find a book/writer they mostly like and we don't have to suffer though the endless "Slott sucks" and "Nuhuh, Slott is amazing!" comment wars.

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i wonder what costume Wolvie gonna wear when he resurrects b/c im not feeling the one Spock gave him. hopefully he donning that Brown/Gold again

From the preview images of Axis, Sabervine/Wolvertooth will be donning the brown and gold.

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Here's what I want:

Dump this atrocity, restart from scratch and do it right. .

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@br_havoc said:

I feel they are telling people about act two because the announcement of this event was met with little hype so they have to drum up more sales. Just because this is Remender this will either take place in a different dimension or he will screw up all the characters he can but then quickly revert them to their old status quo when finished. At this point and time it looks like it will be the latter.

Except we already know Tony will be... Changed for both his Superior Iron Man run and in the Avengers 8 months in the future. Luke Cage being altered, could give him a solid reason to bow out of the Might Avengers.

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People who accuse this of being anime-like obviously do not watch anime.