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been a bit since I have been here, but I was thinking about this and wanted to post it somewhere for opinions

mayday parker vs ultimate peter parker and miles morales

can mays experience, training, speed, impact webbing, enhanced spider-sense, attraction and repelling powers overcome the likes of the ultimate boys?

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@kuartus4 said:

Is it just me or is the new Captain atom basically Dr. Manhattan now?

Dr M in the original Watchmen series was never shown to have anywhere near the power of Atom (in pre nor post 52 incarnations). As well, Dr M was originally partially based on Captain Atom (Dr M has nowhere near the amount of feats and actual showings to pull from to really put him anywhere near the level of Atom). As for Dr M's power level in the prequel series, no clue, have not read it as of yet.

As for the battle, I'll say Atom all around. I am not sure Flash can actually really do anything to him with that powerset of his.

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@Cable_Extreme: I know that was three weeks ago, but to put this into perspective -- while good (and arguably PIS/CIS feats), that is still Pre-52 DS. In the new continuity (unless it has happened in the past 3 weeks), DS has no showings against a character with superspeed like Flash or Supes. Since we are discussing the most recent versions here, none of those feats apply.

My money is on Backlash for all the reasons previously stated. If he can hang with people who can go toe to toe with Midnighter, then he has this one in the bag.

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@BigCimmerian said:

@Floopay said:

I actually hate the Hulk. With a passion. However, in the WWH story arc more than just one person had a host of devices and abilities designed for the sole purpose of defeating, incapacitating, or KO'ing the Hulk. And none of them prevailed. Honestly, I doubt Batman would do much better.

Thanks for reading,


But what about Batman in Insider suit and Boomtube? I've just read all of Insider issues and he demonstrated superspeed, flight, green lantern ring, invisibility, wonder woman's lasso, super strength and durability, he has taken grenade launcher's shots like they were nothing and he appears like blurr when he is running, also he took down Geo-Force who smacked Superman around.

From what I have been told, while pretty cool, the insider suit uses lesser versions of those powers, and can be drained pretty quickly. As well, seeing as how we use the most current versions, has the insider suit even made an appearance in the new 52?

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@laflux said:

@Strider92 said:

Round 1: Colossus.

Round 2: Spider-man.

Round 3: Spider-man.

Round 4: Colossus.

Round 1- Spider-Man hasn't got the strength to hurt Colossus sufficiently. While he can dance around Colossus for a bit, a thunderclap would daze him for long enough to be one-shotted.

Round 2- Spider-Man is an up and coming Prep Lord, who in 24 hours created a machine to drain a herald level character (Alpha) of all his powers. I sure he rustle some of Colossus' jimmies.

Round 3- Same as round 2

Round 4- Same as round 1

This sounds about right.

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@DarkKnightDetective said:

@laflux: How would Deathstroke stabbing Flash be PIS considering that he has shown the ability to predict the attack.

This is my devil's advocate response, bear in mind that I am not trying to turn this into a debate with you:

Considering that Flash has faced DS before -- ie knowing how dangerous he is, and it was well within Flash's power to take down DS before the explosives even had a chance to detonate, that Flash can move at speeds making DS look like a statue, and that we have seen Flash tear DS up where he didn't even have a chance to react...we can consider it CIS or it can be looked as PIS -- Flash who should be perfectly capable of taking down DS went down for the sake of plot. As well, from what I gather from a reliable source, Flash can sense changes in the air -- like a blade moving through it, so he should have been able to sense that before he ran into it....of course the Spidey instance can be seen as PIS or even CIS -- a herald that forgot he should be far more powerful and durable than the guy who took him down.

Really, I am biased in this discussion, so I won't get into it on whether or not Spidey can beat DS. I will say that I can see where everyone is coming from in regards to this point.

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@CitizenBane said:

@Scarlet_Spyder said:

I have one I'd like to see discussed, but I don't have the scans and I am sure someone does. The whole, pre-52 Deathstroke tags speedsters bit.

I have seen a scan where Kid Flash seemed to be running around toying with Slade, and Slade to me looks to be using that calculating talent of his to calculate where KF would travel to and then blasted some ground in front of KF, not actually tagging him directly.

The other scan is where he blasts I think it was Wally who for some reason was on the ground and looking the other direction talking to a cop, then DS runs around a corner, and sets up his staff, which Wally then runs around the corner and trips over.

Both instances that I have seen show some amount of setup/prep/calculation against speedsters not going all out, and are less about him actually pulling out some amazing amount of speed and reflex to actually tag a speedster.

So, can someone prove or disprove this? I am curious to learn the truth of these "feats".

He does tag speedsters, but that's a result of CIS on their part more than anything else. For example, when he tagged Wally in Identity Crisis, you can see that Wally wasn't moving any faster than the speed of sound, because several explosions go off in the time it takes him to reach Slade:

His enhanced reflexes allow him to tag speedsters moving at low mach speeds, but if Flash decides to vibrate his skull out of his head, Slade's screwed. There are several other instances of Slade tagging speedsters, but you can apply this general principle to all of them and it'll still fit.

Basically, by this assessment, it is really not too much different than many others who have been shown to be able tag a speedster (many, not all).

Although, and maybe it is a point of debate, but still to me that scene seems to be more of a planned thing for Slade, and of course some heavy CIS (from a discussion I've had with a bit of a Flash expert in the past, speedforce users are supposed to be able to detect changes in the air, like a bullet or a blade moving through the Wally should have detected that blade before he got there). Sure, his speed/reflexes helped against low mach speedsters, but I still see it as being more his planning/calculating (and of course the aforementioned CIS). I just don't think his enhanced reflexes alone could get the job done, like I have seen some claim (not directed at anyone on this board in particular, just a general observation I have made).

Ah well, again thanks for the further intel and food for thought. It is appreciated=)

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@SlimJ87D: That was pretty much my thought on things, but I just wanted to see if there was some bit of insight that I was missing. Thanks for the response=)