Should DC experiment a romance between Batman & Harley Quinn?

I've read this fan fiction of a Batman & Harley Quinn romance and it was a great story put together but wasnt fully completed whoever did the story and to think about it they would look cute together. I would like to see that romance either in a comic or a animated movie on dvd in its Batman TAS/The New Batman Adventures form.

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Posted by longbowhunter

I don't approve of Batman being in a relationship period. Let alone with Harley.

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Nope. Being love sick with Joker is apart of her character. I wouldn't mind a little meaningless one sided flirting but that's it.

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Posted by Cloakx14

depends, if they make it interesting. i might approve.

Posted by Immortal777

Sure why not.

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@yourneighborhoodcomicgeek said:

This times a thousand.

A Batman/Harley Quinn relationship wouldn't even make sense. Harley and Jason might work. Maybe even Harley and Dick, who would probably be going through some phase or something. To Batman, Harley's the hyperactive little girl who keeps getting into trouble.

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Just no.

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I don't see it working at all. Especially given the extremely contradicting personalities.

Posted by Binski

Yes...only because everyone else said no but seriously I wouldn't mind anything as long as the story was good

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I think it can work too long as they come up with a good story

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Nah, I'm Good.

Posted by kyrees