Is Marvel ok with fan films?

I was wondering if Marvel is ok with fans making fan films based on the Marvel characters. I see alot of them on You Tube like Spider-Man, X-Men etc. but it brings a question mark when Disney/Marvel stopped The Punisher fan film from showing called "The Dead Can’t Be Distracted" with a cease & decist letter and someone claimed they did the same with a Deadpool fan film.

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Would it make sense for me to modify characters in my spectacular spider-man fan fiction?

I'm thinking about modifying the characters like Dr. Octopus giving him the look from the ultimate universe and Rand Robertson that Randy Robertson look from the 616 universe look for my spectacular spider-man crossover fan fic and I want Peter to look something like this fan made pic below but don't worry not going with the hairstyle i'm going with the ultimate peter hairstyle lol


Can Marvel come out with their own Spider-Man movie?

We know Sony owns theatre rights to Spider-Man (Spider-Man 1,2,3, & Amazing Spider-Man Franchises). Is it possible for Marvel to come out with a Spider-Man movie and call it Spectacular Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man, or Web of Spider-Man for example to create a movie crossover with Spider-Man and Avengers like they are planning and cast a new Peter Parker/Spider-Man?


Is Marvel bringing back Peter Parker in the Ultimate Marvel Universe?

I heard about Marvel is rebooting Ultimate Marvel and heard rumors of Marvel reviving Peter Parker in the Ultimate Marvel Universe as Ultimate Spider-Man I hope its true. Nothing against Miles Morales and I think he's cool but there's no Spider-Man without Peter Parker but he would make a good futuristic Spider-Man like Miguel O'Hara in my opinion.

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