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There's gotta be some nutball in Gotham  who ended up finding a batarang one day and then the most unlikely thing happened: he found another. Suddenly, "Brian Colesonson: Bean Counter" realized his true purpose in life and became "Brian Colsonson: Batarang Collector". He bought his own police band radio and converted his vintage 70's VW Beetle into the "Batcatcher" and searches for "suspicious bat activity" . When he finds it, he counts to seven and then fulfills his calling by searching these crime scenes obsessively for batarangs. He has a few of the Robin R's but uses those mostly as coasters.

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@sora_thekey: It's obvious this 6th and last ep. (being episode 26)  of their "new" (already aired in other parts of the world) batch of episodes is their season 1 finale (it has that big season ending cliffhanger). That's when they say "ok now we're on a hiatus, come back in the fall for season 2" and then subsequently release the first half of the next 26.
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Michael Cera

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@Emerald Dragonfly: you're retcon goes too far. Two wrong's aren't making rights. I'm sheepishly for bringing Ben back, and for ending omd/bnd, but doing both at once (and bringing back that terrible "real Peter" question to do it) is bad form.
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I hated the clone saga, but I liked Ben and the Scarlet-Spider persona. I think one of the most uncreative things they did was kill him off, unfortunately bringing him back may also fall into that cliche of resurrecting dead heroes.

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@sora_thekey:  Then tell them to air it sooner. They ordered 52 episodes to be produced and 6 (Which rank amongst the low 20s of the 52)  are ready to go? Why hold it back?

That Wonder Woman cartoon wasn't sequel worthy.
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@G-Man said:
" @sladewilson30: But watching on youtube doesn't give the show ratings. That's part of the problem with Wolverine and the X-Men. People watched it before it aired in the U.S. Plus I'd much rather watch it on my HDTV than my computer screen.  "
I'd argue most people would have seen these if they showed them in America the same time they showed it in Australia. Now that they went away for a few months, most people would be disconnected and avoid the channel not wanting to see the reruns for the 5th time. The problem with Wolverine and the X-Men is created not by the people uploading episodes on youtube or various other sites, but with the people who are deciding they're not going to air the episodes when these episodes are obviously ready to air.

Also,  My HDTV is my computer screen.
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@Wattup: he's really not. His Daredevil run was good and so was his Green Arrow stuff, but that was it. Clerks the comic book was just more clerks, which was good, but not really in the comic booky sense. The only thing I remember from it is the "loose comics" joke and the Clerks "Deleted Scene"
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This entire debate is stupid. Some one took words out of context and some one else just as dumb made the mistake of trying to get them to see reason. There's two different fires and each one is stoking the others flames.

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You guys are nuts. I saw this yesterday and it was awesome. Because of the release of the live action movie comparisons are inevitable, but absurd. Yes both are basically about the humbling of Thor, but this felt fresh and fun for an animated movie and it was a lot better than Hulk vs. Thor. Seeing Loki being good on his own accord, yet also seeing some dark slowly slip out now and then was a plus.