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When I was updating the Andrea Strucker page, I tried to add a link from the link creator, but when I preveiwed the page any text before the first link under the heading, would dissapear.

Thanks in advance, and hope you had a happy holiday!

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Fenris was techically at team, but it's listed as a character page. Could you fix than when you have a chance (I know it'll probably be a while with the holidays and all, feel free to take you time)?

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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I love his writing. I just like how the dialog reads, and Bendis wrote the only comic that has ever made me cry (House of M #7). What I do hate is how he seems to have trouble with continuity. Grr.

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It still isn't working for me, but thanks for trying. I would change my resolution, but the only computer with internet access in my house is the family computer and my mom hates it when the icons are little, and I'd have to wear my glasses to read anything.

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I've discovered an issue when I try to add a blog to my hero page. When that little box that you can type text in comes up, the bottom part of it isn't visible, so I can't submit or close the box. Also there seems to be a similar problem with the box that comes up for adding new friends/family to a character's page (too big, can't see the bottom, so I can't close out). If it's any help I'm using Modzila Firefox Version

I'm not sure if it's a problem with my browser or really a bug, so I'm sorry if it is my problem.

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I've found some more duplicates :p

Duplicates of BARON STUCKER:

Barron Strucker

Baron Von Strucker

Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker

Duplicates of Elisbeth Von Strucker:

Elsbeth Von Strucker

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The Flash is defenantly faster. Quicksilver is actually probably one of the slower speedsters in comics. Even when he got exposed to Isotope E (or whatever it was I can't rember off the top of my head)and got a boost in his powers he topped out at about the speed of sound.

Yep, Pietro's pretty slow, but that doesn't mean I love him any less :P.

Of course, if you're talking about Ultimate Quicksilver he can go much faster, above Mach 10, not sure how much above Mach 10, but definatly above it. Though, I think Flash would still be faster than Ultimate Quicksilver.