My first blog, WOO-HOO! I hope everyone had a happy holiday, should, you choose the celebrate one, I'm certain it was better than mine. While I got most of what I wanted for Christmas, and bought what I didn't get with the money I recived, my health could have been much better. Christmas morning I woke up with a stomache flu, but still had to go to my grandmother's to recive a few dollars, a scented nightlight thingy I'll never use and a make-up kit, to help me look like a whore (which I am capable of doing all on my own without the aid of cosmetics). To top the day off, I lost my damned glasses and still have not found them (On a related note; please excuse any spelling errors/repeated words/etc. in this and future blogs, for to post this I must change my screen resolution, making everything look smaller, and as a result I cannot read a Goddamned thing I type here). Well anyway, Happy New Year, and Best of luck to eveyone in 2007, should you choose to use the Christan calender and celebrate New Year. And thus comes the end this blog, while the world keep spinning, not yet under my control.

Posted by Captain Cascader

Happy holidays scarlet! I got a shirt from my parents that makes me look like I could be a member of Jefferson Airplane :)