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I still think we're in something of an apples to oranges discussion, but you do make a fair point so I'll provide a feat.

I am going to go with Gandalf's most famous. Fighting the Balrog. He fought that thing while falling several miles. Survived the impact at the bottom. Continued to fight with the thing for several days (I don't remember how long exactly. The movie doesn't state exactly and I'd have to look it up in the book). Finally managed to killed. Died of exhaustion. Hung out in heaven for a bit and realized, "Crap I those dumb-asses are lost without me" stuffed his soul back in his dead body. Healed and rejuvenated it stronger than before.

The Balrog is (well was) an immortal. It was so old that it was actually a servant of Morgoth (the Dark Lord that ruled, before Sauron ever came to power) was capable of wielding power magic if needed, and wielded weapons of living flame which Gandalf was able to survive being struck by repeatedly.

Now I only read the books and saw the movies each one a piece so I'll concede if I am wrong, but I don't recall Voldemort or any of the Deatheaters having any feats comparable to that.

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The issue with Harry Potter vs. Tolkien wizardry is the fact that in both settings the very nature of magic works is completely different. It's almost an apples to oranges kind of comparrison. In Tolkiens world, Magic suffuses every thing but very very rarely do we see it manipulated directly. Even by the Istari. To them Magic is all about the 'long game' if you will and is often used indirectly. Where Voldemort would throw a fireball in dudes face... Gandalf would channel the blinding light of Anor, to cause a foe shrink back so he can wallop it with his magic sword.

You can't just go 'oh well Voldemorte wins then!' because if he was go to middle earth, he'd find he couldn't directly manipulate magic in the same way he is used to either. So where the fight takes place is more importantly.

My personal belief is that the Istari win easily in Middle Earth, but if Voldemort has 'home court' advantage it's a much closer fight, but I think the Istari still will because they are potential more power, especially as they figure out their magic is less restricted.

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Yeah, I'm of the opinion team A has this. And while I generally hate to play the 'solo' I feel that it bears mention in in this case.

Stormbringer solos.

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As much as I'd love to say that Ollie could stop him at number 2.... I think in this situation, Logan could clear up through 6 and get stopped at 7, though some of the fights along the way should be brutally awesome.

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Am I a bad person if I just want Circe and Sersi to settle who's the better representation of the Oydssey's favorite enchantress with a pudding wrestling match?

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I'm very confused... Isn't there a Super Man Prime /and/ a Super Man One-Million? Is Superman Prime One Million some kind of crazy gestalt of the the Original Supers and Kal Kent?

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I think this is Bumi's fight to loose. Toph may have more potential than Bumi one day, and she did invent Metal bending, but she's just nowhere near his level at any point we see her during the series.

I mean, I might be letting my bias speak for me here, but I might even be willing to say Bumi could beat Iroh.

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Well just to play a bit of devils advocate here.... in Middle Earth magic is a very indirect thing. Out side of dragons and balrogs breathing so fire, I don't think you will find an example of Gandalf or anyone slinging magic that directly puts a hurtin' on somebody. So even though Gandalf is vastly more powerful than the two combined, the kind of magic he works is not as precise as throwing a lighting bolt or a fire ball straight through an enemies chest, which is an advantage I think the team has over him.

That said... this is still Gandalf's fight to loose and I think he's got it in him to take these two down, just maybe not as easily as we all want to think.

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oh hell.. I'm just going to go with total arbitrary fondness for the source and vote for Xenogears. I don't know enough about the other two to put on any type of credible debate, but dammit, Xenogears killed God. That's gotta count for something.

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I'm inclined to think that Ben and Remy would win this fight. I can be swayed though as I will admit I don't completely understand Shaman's powers and everything I've read with him he seems to be used more as a deus ex machina rather than having a very clearly defined power set.