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Actually, I think Hulk clears this. I generally stand by the bad-assery of 40K characters, but I think it'll take a Primarch, Daemon Prince or Eldar Avatar before we get into entities in the 40K universe that can put Hulk down hard enough that he can't just shake it off.

Round 10 will be damned close though I think.

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@wardishy said:

Marvel's Big Three?

That's funny, I thought they had a big two - Spider-Man and Wolverine.

I believe this is related to Marvel still having the movie rights to Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, so they've built their brand around them more and more in recent years to try and keep their profits strong. I could be mistaken on that though.

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Admittedly I am a little biased in Bane's favor, so I am going to say he stops there. But as he's bested Kingpin before, I could see a good argument that he's got what it takes to get past Bane. He's defiantly not getting past Shiva though.

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They're completely different types of genius - Wayne is admittedly very intelligent scientifically as well (easily graduate level in most areas), but not close to Banner's level in pure science (expect maybe things like forensics...). But Wayne is way 'smarter' in terms of strategy, understanding how people think (after all he is the world's greatest detective). If you want someone to work out a plan or to work out how another person thinks, you ask Batman. If you want some super science gizmo gamma bomb you get Banner :P

I think this nails it.

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Oh man... this is a cool battle that not many would think of. That said, while I think KGBeast is the better fighter... I think USAgent's strength is going to be more than KGBeast can handle.

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I hate discounting Vandal because I think he's a great character and a great villian. But I think objectively people are right that Vandal just doesn't have the feats you can point to they way T'Challa does. So much of Vandal's ability is 'implied' but very rarely actually shown. So I think I'd have to give my vote for the win to Black Panther.

That said, if there was an encounter between Vandal and T'Challa, where Vandal beat him down, I probably wouldn't be too quick to call PIS as long as it was well written.

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If we were talking old Norse and Germanic legends, then I would say Tyr should be able to stalemate Thor and possible even beat him. But since we are talking the Marvel Comics versions of the characters, and quite frankly /that/ Tyr is a bit of a loser, I agree that Thor can just pretty much one shot everyone on the other team.

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Round 2, I think the Rogue's can definitely take this with one full day worth of prep vs. the other teams 4 hours. It'll be brutal and there's probably gonna be some dead rogues along the way, but I think they can do it.

Round 1, I actually think could be pretty close. I think Grodd's got the mental powers to keep Sinister out of the fight, but that's robbing the rogues of their strongest physical fighter, plus, I think both Shaw and Genocide will be hard for team Rogues to hurt. I think the X-Men villians might win round 1.

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Of the 3, I think Conan is far and away the best fighter, but with 'Standard Gear' Drizzt has not just his two magic scimitars but quite a few other magical knick-knacks he brings to the table. That might actually tip things in Drizzt's favor. I think Conan's still got this, but I could see how Drizzt could still a win here and there (maybe Xena too if any of her hit kits 'magical' but I really don't remember).

I think this is ultimately Conan's fight to lose though.

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@god_of_batman: TOAA would destroy any omnipresent.

Dude Alpha-152 just reads all of TOAA's button inputs and perfectly counter hits everything!