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oh hell.. I'm just going to go with total arbitrary fondness for the source and vote for Xenogears. I don't know enough about the other two to put on any type of credible debate, but dammit, Xenogears killed God. That's gotta count for something.

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I'm inclined to think that Ben and Remy would win this fight. I can be swayed though as I will admit I don't completely understand Shaman's powers and everything I've read with him he seems to be used more as a deus ex machina rather than having a very clearly defined power set.

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Yeah I'm one of those that is in the camp that believes Bane was a better fighter and more dangerous after he kicked his addiction to Venom, so while I believe with these conditions this is one of the rare times he'd be a superior fighter to Wolverine, I Just don't think that he has any way around Logan's healing factor, And since he can hurt this version of Red Tornado, I'd say that tips this in Team 2's favor.

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Oh dear god I'm looking forward to this game!
I really like that the plot/storyline feels very much like a 'one off miniseries' like a Kingdom Come or a Dark Knight Returns!

Does anyone have any characters that didn't make the cut that they are hoping to show up as DLC?

I'm still holding out a vain hope for Gorilla Grodd at somepoint.

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I'm pretty certain that a Bloodlusted Sue takes this.

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also I think if we're talking raw feats, I feel pretty comfortable you can find ones for each member of the team that are at least roughly equitable to Legolas' (and possible surpassing, as Comics are much quicker to go over the top, than the novels do, Though the movies are pretty close to being 'comic book' in the level of action.)

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Ok... I've been trying to check my enthusiasm for new Star Wars projects, because.. I feel like I'll only be hurt again.. but... I dunno, a Jedi story inspired by Seven Samurai could be pretty awesome, and is also not completely an in appropriate for us to see what new Film Makers can do with the series. Especially considering the influence that another Kurosawa movie, The HIdden Fortress, had on the original Star Wars.

Also it's a good way to have a 'Star Wars Story' that is a little gritter and resonates with it's older audience that grew up with it better.

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I'll be more excited for this when we find out Batman:TAS, Superman and Justice League and Justice League Unlimited make it to streaming.

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No.. just... no.

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@80sBaby said:

Phoenix 5 wins easily. Each one that is taken out merely empowers the rest until only one will have the Full PF. The Heralds can't beat a full powered Phoenix.

You know.. I was actually going to vote for the Heralds if they could divide and conquer, but I totally lost track of this point. So I think you are right about the Phoenix 5.