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Am I completely over thinking this movie buy being really bothered, Ben Grimm's eyes are apparantly made of rock? The fact that for all his monstrous appearance he is missing is all too human blue eyes? That this Ben Grimm will not be the 'Everlovin' Blue Eyed Thing.'

I mean I know we can't expect the characters to be the same on a movie as they are on the printed page, but does it feel to anyone else we're missing one of the big defining aspects of Ben?

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@capshield: One of my biggest dreams is to some day see Hulk vs. Thing on the big screen. I feel like there's just a lot more emotion and tension when those too fight, that not even Hulk vs. Thor can top. Sadly I don't think I'll ever get my wish on that one.

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Because some people can't stand the idea of Wonder Woman being depicted as an actual equal to Superman and is actually capable of beating him.

See I have always been confused why people feel that way, because I feel like Wonder Woman has pretty consistently over the years been portrayed as a vastly superior warrior and more than capable of using that to over come Clark's slight strength/speed advantage over her. Add in her access to magic weapons if she needs them and I think you've got one of the few people that can take Supes down. Not easily sure, but totally within her capacity to do so.

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Also, I'm calling it now. Deadshot's totally not actually dead. This is how H.I.V.E. gets him back.

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I feel like Double Dragon should be swapped out and give it's spot to the Galaxy Rangers.

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@k4tzm4n You more or less nailed my feelings perfectly. As someone that has a deep adbiding love of the Green Arrow, as someone who's favorite version was the Pre52 version, who I felt had so many great stories in him... I came to terms that on Arrow, he wasn't neccessarily going to be /my/ Ollie.. but I enjoyed how over the past 3 seasons, he started off as something of a Batman Knock-off (much as the Green Arrow simple was when he was first created in Comics) and watching him evolve into a character that while markedly different from the Ollie I know and love, but still true to his spirit in many ways.

Hell I was even willing to forgive is stupidly quick recovery, because I have some crazy tinfoil hat theories on what was really going on there. But then the last episode happened, and I feel like all of that got snatched away from me. Like the creators got scared and decided, "Ok lets play it safe.. lets tell a Batman story because we know people love that shit!"

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Man I've been agonizing over this all week, and I realized I am putting my .02 too late to change anyone's mind, but after a lot of agonizing I have to go with Daredevil for this fight. Plenty of people have made the point that DD can take out his Venom supply and use that against him. I've tried to think a way around this for the big guy, but honestly, I think DD's Radar sense will make it too easy for him to figure out what that is and what effect it is having on him.

Honestly, I think if this match had been with Bane /after/ he's kicked his Venom addiction, I think he pulls ahead and out of ever 100 fights would take a slight majority. I firmly believe that Pre52 Bane has better showings in all areas save raw strength after he stops using Venom. Even then I think he has feats to put him on a level where he is clearly stronger than DD, and far more nimble than other bruisers like Kingpin that Matt mixes it up with. It'd never be an easy fight, but very winnable.

But since we are talking the version of Bane that is using Venom, I think he ultimately looses this fight more than he wins it.

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Not a big fan of the wrist spikes. I feel like that's used way to much as a potential weapon and i liked her better with the lasso or the sword and shield. That gripe asside though I really like the outfit!

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This was a really good match and I think perhaps much much closer than the percentages seem to indicate. I'd be willing to bet the vast majority of us that voted for x23 felt like I did that she'd basical be beaten pillar to post but just outlast Shiva due to endurance and healing factor.

I'm still holding out hope for a Bane vs Kingpin match one week, but Katz made a great point about Shiva/Elektra. So Bane/Kingpin might be two characters that are just little /too/ similar to be an interesting debate, much to my sadness. Still that's a fight I'd love to see.

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Man.... I feel a little dirty admitting this, but I think a Random Encounter favors X-23.

I think Lady Shiva is by a pretty significant margin the more skilled fighter of the two. But I think X-23 is just good enough, that with her claws and healing factor she'll eventually outlast Lady Shiva. I'm almost tempted to vote too close to call, but I think the randomness gives X-23 the victory by a very narrow margin.