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@mezame: Hello you have to cut down on the insults. I understand the other user misspelled your username at some point? Unless I am mistaken though they didn't misspell your name to any sort of insult like you have. If the other user has made any insults towards you in their posts they will also be warned, i am in the process of checking their posts as well, I have already noticed how you misspelt their name. Thats not something we will accept, so take this as a warning not to do it again.

Also just generally try and be more civil as well, and this applies to the user you are arguing with hyper_temporal_shift. If you both can't address each other with goodwill and civility, do not address each other. If you have questions for me, PM them to me, past this point off topic posts I will delete and posts contained insults I will also delete. Thank you both.

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@laflux: Actually if I had it my way, such GIF's and images of guys wouldn't be allowed in this thread either, as there is a thread for hot, sexy, cute guys too, and if they start appearing daily I probably will update the rule to include that as well. However moderators do not warn other moderators. If we disagree we have tea and fight with our words like poets and rappers… well rappers who don't shoot up each other with guns!!

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I don't care what anyone says, but the rule where one can't post hot ladies in this thread is absolute garbage. If it's in spoilers, it really shouldn't be a problem, as one would have to choose to veiw the pic.

Since a couple users have their underwear rustled, we ban it? Please. Comics is filled with half naked chicks, I don't see why posting pics in this thread should be any different.

Unfortunately users didn't use spoilers. They posted it in massive images that take up most of the screen alienating a lot of users. It would have been great if they did use spoilers. So underwear rustled? I could say that about any old rule. Has there ever been a time in CV where you were annoyed at a user breaking the rules? Is that you getting your underwear rustled or did you think you had sincere concerns with what happened? So no, its not about users underwear getting rustled, then we ban it, thats an oversimplification if ever.

There is a thread for hot sexy woman, just like there are comics that are erotic, if users complained about the sexy hot girl thread, we could ask them not to enter the thread, just like you can't really take back an erotic comic for having erotic content inside it. However this thread isn't a thread for hot, sexy, or cute woman, its supposed to be accessible to all CV users, who want to post what's going through their mind. Half naked chicks is alienating them, lots of people also buy plenty of comics that don't have half naked woman in them, if someone buys the latest All Ages comic featuring The Powerpuff Girls they would still probably be annoyed to have Buttercup spread eagled in a thong inside. Now do you see? Its a more nuanced matter than you create.

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@dragonborn_ct said:

I didn't post anything man :/

I know, I know, I just included you in so you would be aware because before there was some grey area, I told you that you could post some occasional images of sexy girls as long as they weren't too exposed or too sexual, but now I have to go back on that ruling and introduce more black and white rules, which are unfortunately more strict. Hence what I told you previously doesn't apply anymore, now what I said extends to all general girl images meant to be sexy. Or to put it another way, we have an entire thread dedicated to sexy, hot, cute woman, and I know you and others already post in there, and so from now on you guys will just have to use it a bit more, as its alienating other CV users.

Some of these alienating users by the way actually really like you and Wolverine08, to the point that some of them can't even talk to you about how uncomfortable it makes them feel so they come to moderators instead. So yeah its more of an update for you. Thanks.

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@dragonborn_ct: @monsterstomp: @wolverine08: Sorry guys but girl in thongs and without underwear (bra) on? After I asked some of you to tone things down with sexy girl pictures? Got a few more complaints today and yesterday, so unfortunately from now on no images of girls in this thread at all. Just to be on the safe side, not even girls in shorts or tight tops, no more cosplay. If it looks like a girl is posing sexy? Then don't post it. All banned from this thread now and only to be posted in the thread specifically for sexy, hot, cute, girls etc from now on. Use that thread, its what its there for.

I tagged you guys just because I know you were fond of posting cute girls in here not saying that all of you necessarily posted content that took it to far, just if some of you can't find the right balance for what's okay or not, you all have to pay the penalty unfortunately. This isn't a warning for any of you as far as one that goes on your records, just letting you know how it will be now, and also pass this on to any of the users who post similar in here if you can. This isn't up for discussion but if you have questions feel free to PM me.

If I have to come back to this thread to find half naked girls, girls in thongs etc I will ban whoever posts it for at least a week. So don't take this lightly. This is your heads up and notice.

To other users who occasionally post sexy girl images or were thinking about it, sorry but this applies to you. Regular users if you see another user post a picture of a sexy girl posing etc please kindly let the user know that a thread already exists for such posts and to edit their post to remove the image least they get into trouble. Thank you all.

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@bumpyboo said:

But how else are you supposed to absorb the life force of your enemies and achieve victory in its most ultimate form?

You're all crazy.

Lure them into a sauna and turn the heat up to max, then funnel all that steam/condensation into a airtight suit you can wear, this way its faster, at least potentially, as most people only have one or two mouths but if you can lure about 10 people into the sauna you get their life essences and forces much faster as well as having a cool space suit that gets EXP upgrades levels up with more and more life steam.

If you are really dedicated you can steal their sweaty towels and wring out the life force. I am going to make a prediction this is going to be a new game play mechanic in Dark Souls III. Gain new soul energy by stealing enemies towels and sopping up those precious souls.

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Lots of ways to address such a topic, also if no one minds can I point out that a lot of men stay in relationships with abusive woman as well, not just mentally and emotionally abusive relationships, but physically abusive as well, just generally as well the severity isn't as great as male on female domestic abuse, and its also under reported, as is also generally the case when it comes to abuse, so my reply after this counts for both males and females in relationships that aren't good or healthy for them.

One important factor to remember is that nothing actually exists in a self contained bubble. Its not that often that a person with a healthy mindset, confidence and financial, emotional and mental independence will find themselves in a relationship with a person will who physically beat them and tolerate that. A lot of people however happen to have a lot of hang up's, emotional and mental baggage, insecurities, low self esteem and self perception, anxieties and worries, and or may require assistance from others to survive. This in turn can make them more vulnerable to over such people with similar qualities who have the potential to either be exploited or to exploit another, as far as using bullying tactics, physical, emotional or mental to victimize another as a way to cope or deal with their own issues. So in a sense reasons why partners stay with partners who abuse them isn't that far off from why abusers abuse their partners. Its not that simple to just call them stupid. Please people, if you think such people are stupid, volunteer at a woman's shelter, get to know the victims for a few days or weeks and then try telling them they are stupid to their face. Don't fall back on "opinions" try to actually know and understand how people operate and behave. You know who is stupid? People with low IQ's and its not like they wanted a low IQ, the people that are generally okay to cynically mock for using "excuses" are ignorant people. Willfully ignorant people and yes often people who stay in relationships that aren't healthy for them are ignorant of the possibility things can be better - either that or they are in a very dark and hopeless place.

There are also lots of cycles here, one of the biggest is how normalized domestic violence is, so those that are either a victim of it or perpetuator will likely have been raised in a household where domestic violence occurred. So unfortunately a part of them may not actually understand that such abuse shouldn't be tolerated. Some stats assert that one of every three abused children becomes an adult abuser or victim.

I volunteered at a woman's shelter for a number of months, from my first hand experience with victims, that was a big factor, being exposed to domestic violence before, that and emotional and mental issues, low self esteem, lack of independence, to escape a situation, sincere believing that they were loved but that their abusive lover just had some flaws they could overlook because it was worth it. Children were another big factor and yes to many with a clear and logical mind, the factoring of children should actually be a greater reason for a partner to ditch the abusive partner however people generally aren't that reasonable, let alone in a high pressure, unstable relationship. Still, its a factor for why some victims will stay in such unhealthy relationships. My own mother was a victim of domestic abuse, it was mainly family pressure, and that she grew up in a traditional family environment - to our location, culture and ethnicity, where men had all the power and control and where children being beat with a belt for talking back wasn't uncommon. My biological father just happened to exploit this idea a bit which coupled with his own insecurities and failings lead to physical domestic abuse.

Anyway long post I don't want to make longer, but in general I always hope that people put more effort into understanding and helping victims rather than trying to blame or judge victims. A former partner of mine was a victim of partner abuse, from a prior relationship, I and some of her friends helped her get out of the dark place she was in and now all her relationships since then have been healthy and much more successful. Now when she weds and has children one day her children also won't be victims and the cycle can slowly be broken.

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@rkt: Thank you. Assumptions are fine, I made assumptions that I wouldn't like Fraction's Thor replacement story and I didn't, I made assumptions I wouldn't like Aaron's Gorr arc, I ended up liking it heh heh. I am making the assumption that Aaron's upcoming runs will be pretty good. I could be wrong.

If he insists that this is the story he wants to tell, I am not going to cynically second guess him, merely to support my own reaction. I respect his work and his integrity. Thats where I am at. I am a fan of Thor, I have read around 95 percent of his material as well as interviews and blogs from most of his writers and artists. Fans can still see outside the box, I think its more a matter of critical thinking and intellectual honesty. It is okay for people to not be a fan of something without trying to spend all their energy convincing the world that their dislike is supporting by absolute objective proof they are "right" - so to me you are valid with your points. As far as the mantle, well Thor is thousands of year old, if Steve Rogers lived for three thousand years and and in the future Steve Rogers was seen as a gender neutral name and had long outlasted the "Captain America" moniker, it wouldn't be that hard to envision great warriors and heroes eating to adopt the name Steve Rogers like a mantle. So the examples you give don't match. To me its actually a great honor that Thor is such a powerful and respected figure that his name has become like a mantle - not his position, not his god roll as thunderer, but his actual name. Thats power, thats prestige, as a Thor fan I am proud. Don't know the circumstance of why new characters calls herself that though, so might have to what a while as far as what they do and how everything is ultimately resolved.

Ultimately Marvel own Thor, at least their version. They could have him turn into a box of chocolates and it would be valid. Also Beta Ray Bill was referred to as Beta Ray Thor many times and is listed as such in various canon sources as an alias. Dargo Ktor was also Thor. Marvel owning the character and making it a mantle makes it mantle. Fans can disagree or view that as silly but doesn't change the canon or what the people who publish view and think about such things. As a fictional character its all in flux anyway, or at least potentially so.

I agree, criticizing an idea is fine, I do it all the time myself, but execution might be a different matter. Am curious to see what Aaron does. Thank you again.

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I think people are more mad at their assumptions. Assumptions that they are entitled to have, but maybe wrong or inaccurate about. Though if you say that to some of them they may get offended as many prefer the idea that they are annoyed and mad at the facts they have about these changes, because facts to many people sound more valid and impressive than assumptions and we wouldn't want people to think such criticisms were just the results of fickle reactions and anxious assumptions or ignorance about changes, that might imply some sort of shortcoming.

Assumptions that could also be validated or proven accurate mind you, we will just have to wait and see for Jason Aaron to have some sort of nervous break down and spill the details about how those feminists kidnapped him and threatened to cut off his beard unless he demanded that Thor turn into a girl… those damn feminists and the PC brigade disrespecting men and woman and Thor for their agenda's **shakes fist** don't they know that they should chose Sif and called her Sif instead of a man's name and that the book wouldn't sell as much or make mainstream news and we would rather have the book fail with honor and be cancelled than have Jason Aaron continue to impress with his Thor writing! Marvel those noobs… what do they even know about comics!