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@anikiandy: @metalunahuman: @vold0: @nemesis43: @claymore1998: @superiorstarlord: @williamcliffston:

Welcome to Comicvine, fellow fans and enthusiasts of comics, graphic novels, fiction and stories.

Its great to see so many of you coming across the site, I hope you are all enjoying what the website has to offer, especially great to see artists, metal heads, Doctor Strange fans, and Canadians! I too am a fan of all those things, heh heh. Though yeah nice to have you all here.

To the user inquiring about Dark Reign reading order, I do not think that thats necessary a chronological reading order, however the nature of the Dark Reign arc is that… well it was more of an era that influence multiple comics plots rather than an event per say, thats probably why you have so many reading lists for it. That and so you can actually be pretty safe in reading any simple reading order without having anything ruined.

To Kenny, sorry to hear you had some tough times before coming back to comics, I went through something similar a few years back, some family problems, and ended up getting back into comics with some of the new free time I had.

Let me or the others know if any of you have any questions, otherwise take care and all the best. Hope to see you around the site!

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@oldnightcrawler: Hello. I tend to think its an age, generation, nationality, cultural thing. The power and effect of words differs across those different categories, they overlap naturally, the actual process of communication alternatively tends to be much more straight forward as far as intent and reception.

As in the intent individuals have behind a word and the way others receive a word. Many individuals will have a damning, negative, intent/attitude behind words, and thats usually what I think should be addressed rather than the word itself (as far as personal approach), with the word slut specifically, there is actually a pretty strong movement in favor of the word in recent times, most notably Slutwalks, protest/parade marches undertaken by individuals and groups who oppose and criticize the notion and idea that woman have to dress a certain way for their own good. It was sparked when a police officer who was extremely ignorant about rape, rape statistics and circumstance that leads to rape made the unsound but common point that if females dressed a certain way they would avoid rape. Which is just categorically wrong, rapists rape for primarily power reasons, not sexual reasons, sex just happens to be the weapon behind the intent and secondary aspect (from the rapists point of view) - anyway the main point being that for many large groups of individuals, the term slut has been successfully defanged. That and even used as a gender neutral compliment, or term of endearment. As in there is nothing wrong with being a slut, as in there is nothing wrong with males and females of consenting age, choosing to engage in healthy sexual activity or wearing whatever they wish to within the law, and if that means they are a slut then raise our glasses to sluts. That sort of attitude.

So the word has a bit more general ambiguity than a few others words which remain generally more offensive, especially as far as region locked. So its about context. Swear words are a general no no, primarily I presume to mirror how swearing is in society/school, but in times past there have been situations where the use of the word slut was warned against. As far as rules and application, the outright negative use of the word will be reprimanded, used against another user as an insult would get a fairly heavy punishment, a ban at least. More neutral applications against fictional characters will depend.

Its an interesting conversation for sure, I would participate if someone made an Off Topic thread for such discussion.

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@bgsmaspoderoso said:

This is the third time in barely 12 months you're bothering me with an unjustified warning, I'm beginning to think you've got too much time on your hands. May I suggest you go find yourself another punching bag instead before I REALLY start "unnecessary jabs"? Everyone in this section has his own opinion and I'm no different friend, trolling however is something I cannot tolerate and if you don't like me putting trolls in their place then I suggest you either grow a set and let it go or continue being a coward behind your admin desktop and ban me from your fancy Comic Vine. Your call, in any case I don't want to hear from you again do we understand eachother lowlife? I dare you to ban me, so everyone can see how little you can take. Who made you the admin anyway? You probably think you're all that but let me tell you something smartass: just because you ban people from Comic Vine doesn't make them less of a comic book fan. You should feel ashamed pretending to be a puppet master while you're clearly just a puppet. Dance, puppet!!! DANCE!!! Go ahead, make my day wuss.

I thank you for your compliments, I especially like how you call me the coward hiding behind my desk after you called a different user an insignificant fanboy, delusional and told them to lay off the pudding heh heh. Thats my laugh of the day taken care of. Thank you for calling me fancy, ever since that Iggy Azalea/Charlie XCX song I have been waiting for the day that someone would. Thank you for also complimenting my dancing prowess, I am pretty good on the dance floor, you are right.

That all being said complimenting me won't absolve you of your attitude to other users, so unfortunately you will be getting a temporary ban from the website. Three days. When you can post again, please remember to keep calm, civil and hold a sense of good will to your fellow CV user. Otherwise myself or some other wussy moderator may have to ban you the next time you have an incident restraining yourself with other users. Thank you friend.

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Well, something like this is complicated, so I will leave helpful instructions.

A. Sky writing, make sure you pay the sky writer enough money so they don't leave out any letters, that could be embarrassing also might be tricky if your girlfriend has a really common name. Many fights might occur that day.

B. Leave passive aggressive notes in her food, sandwiches, burgers, meat loaf, they say the way to a woman's heart is her stomach, so logically the way out will also be through her stomach, plus if she notices a piece of paper or card in her sandwich and happens to read it, finding out that you are calling her "stupid and dumb" will definitely help realize things aren't going well.

E. Top rope flying Hurricanrana, then transition into an atomic elbow and then Boston crab. Not against her obviously, but the new person you are cheating on her with. When she sees you wrestling another person her heart will break knowing you that you are being so intimate with another to perform such over moves. Her heart will literally break, blood will be everywhere so make sure to cover your professional wrestling mat with plenty of plastic wrap.

Don't do any of above though if you are going out with Jean Grey, Elektra or Wolverine undercover as a girl. They will come back one day and get you.

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@alakemega123: No threads like this please, it will just get you flag banned or banned in the long run.

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@bgsmaspoderoso said:

Lay off the pudding kid, it makes you delusional.

Lay off the inappropriate and unnecessary jabs and passive aggressive remarks fellow user of comic vine and presumed comics fan and enthusiast, it will earn you warnings. Also known as please remember to treat your fellow users with politeness and a certain degree of respect. Thanks.

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@mrunsmiley: @godzilla44: Hello no insults please. This is more towards you mrunsmiley, but also godzilla44 passive aggressive remarks implying users are in denial aren't helpful either. Basically users should be talking about the characters in thread, not each other, especially not in a negative way.

Questions or concerns can be sent via PM. Thanks all.

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@_raptor_ said:

You might want to ignore Erkan, he's a well known troll. Just a heads up.


This quite is inappropriate and unnecessary. Users are to talk about and focus on the characters in the thread subject, not other users, especially not in a passive aggressive or negative way. If you really think a user is a troll, contact a moderator or flag the user. If a user has opinions about fiction that makes you feel annoyed or frustrated beyond your ability to cope to the extent you need to warn other users about this potential to be perturbed, or anything similar, do so in PM not in forums. Questions or concerns about this can be sent to me or another moderator in PM. Posts not about thread topic or containing insults will be deleted.

Thank you and hope you have a nice day.

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