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Chopped down some trees with my axe and by axe I mean my beard. Make some donations at the local sperm bank, the nurse said the amount of testosterone in my donations would create super solders, I lifted her with one hand and carried her around on my shoulder. Then I saw a wounded bear hit by a train, so I fixed its injured leg by punching it better. Then I put it on my back and fireman carried it into the woods. Then it looked at me funny so I killed it with my karate chops and by karate chops i mean sideburns. Then I ate the bear. Then I burped to the sun and frolicked with the solar dolphins.

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@wolverine08 said:

@sc: Could I post pics under spoilers then? :D

Spoke to some of the users who were uncomfortable and one staff and they are okay with this, but you have to post it in a spoiler and it has to have "NSFW" labeled above the spoiler. Not all moderators or staff have weighed in on this matter though so this could change in the future, but there's hope yet.

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@erik said:

You can't just change the rules on a whim, nor do you get to make up definitions of words, based on your desire to win an argument. I really don't appreciate the menacing threat to do so in order to overcome the backlash you are receiving as well.

You mentioned a slippery slope you think we are on by not taking aggressive action in the case of these pictures. I was merely inferring what you meant by stating we are on said slippery slope. We aren't talking about complete anarchy by simply arguing the legitimacy of what seems to be an emotionally influenced (perhaps not your emotion but certainly someone's) rule. We are talking about a rule that is absolutely unnecessary to the growth and general harmony of this site. This rule doesn't help you do your job, it doesn't make the lives of any user any easier or more secure, and it is a massive inconvenience to many users. I don't even like posting these images in threads, I find you to be a likable and respectable moderator, and I like posting within and ensuring others post within the rules of this site, yet you have me here debating the legitimacy of this rule. That should be setting off some major fire-alarms on the course of your own actions. Simply being a moderator doesn't mean you are always correct and any naysayers can just go kick rocks. That's not even retouching the points I actually made before.

I do like to debate. It is for the most part, why I am on this site. But you can't rag on my debating style as not addressing your points with sincerity when you fail to address mine with your own level of expected sincerity as well. When I say this new rule is absurd or ridiculous, it is because it is and I didn't just assert it, I explained why it is. There are dedicated threads to quite literally every single kind of post that I have ever seen in this thread. If we follow the line of logic you have established for 'phasing out' the posts some find objectionable, this thread would simply have to be locked and everyone would be forced to seek out these other, focused threads. To me, that is not proper justification for banning a subject in this thread and it would be the expected course of action whenever someone finds something offensive.

To my mind, the only person's opinion that should matter on content posted in this thread that is within the established rules is the OP. I highly doubt he would have a problem with it though, as I have known him for years. However, I wouldn't want to speak on his behalf, so I'll just check with his profile's avatar instead… Nothing in my post is an attack on you. To restate, I actually find you to be a decent and likable mod. But I just think you are handling this particular situation poorly. It's... what's on my mind. :p

Of course not a whim, nor thimble, but I and other moderators can change the rules, especially to clarify on the rules, as I have before, as many other moderators have before, usually with staff approval. I get to clarify definitions for when users attempt to assert themselves as right in a situation where there is no right or wrong but what a website wants as rules and want's moderators to enforce. I don't need to try and win anything, its more about explaining why things are the way it is, why things changed, and what you and others can do to try and get it changed back to the way you prefer it, if its not the same way as it is now. My apologies if you feel menaced, there is no intent for me to be menacing. More a statement of fact.

I don't think we are on a slippery slope, I used that term purely in reference to two users I gave warnings to over image content. I don't find any emotion here and I don't think that a situation needs to be on the verge of complete anarchy to need to be addressed. Its a comic website, there is a thread that exists for sexy imagery, the site, the staff and moderators are now enforcing that sexy images be posted there and not other threads like this one. The content is too sexual for this thread and the comfort of other users. What you consider unnecessary, what's easier for a moderator etc unfortunately doesn't carry much weight. I mean it carries some weight based on how well you and others can make a point and you are good at making points but in such a complicated and nuanced discussion just asserting points leads no where. Actually requires a sincere back and forth discussion, which I am willing to have with anyone. Just that it would require moving much more slowly and starting with one point and working slowly through. Is that what you would like?

I am not ragging on your debating style, I apologize if I didn't sound sincere or seemed like I was, let me rectify that. Could you please repeat to me why the rule is ridiculous again. Also my line is not that some users find this objectionable, I know this is something that the staff (some) find objectionable, the idea there is a thread that is supposed to be inviting to all users, being made uncomfortable by some who wish to post sexual imagery that could otherwise be posted in a thread that focus is sexual imagery. Hence I am an agent for the uncomfortable users and also some staff. This thread doesn't have to be locked because users post music, or because you misapply what you perceive as "my logic" if you want to run down a list of other content that may be redundant by other threads and for me to explain the differences between it and sexually overt imagery I can do that.

Awh thanks I appreciate that, the kind things you said, and I agree no moderator is inherently right, we have other moderators to answer to as well as staff, and we here to serve the users as well. I don't want naysayers to kick rocks, why did rocks do? I do prefer sincere conversation though, sincere in the sense of actually just starting off discussing one point, then agreeing on it before going onward. Long conversations like the one we are having now, whilst fun isn't really going to get you closer to where I think you want to be, nor do I think I am convincing you of anything given how your understanding of my application of logic seems to be. Except my advantage is as above. Its not that I would change the rules to enforce them as I see fit, rather I have my own understanding of the rules, and different users and moderators have different ideas on some of them, so if there is disagreement about them, then it needs to be addressed and resolved with a consensus achieved. I would get approval from staff first naturally. I mean addressing only one point at a time would be slower but progress might actually occur that way.

Its okay, I do not consider anything you said an attack, otherwise I would have taken this to PM, or just ignored your post, and thank you again. I would say that moderators and staff generally get more influence over a thread than its creator. Just because this thread has existed for a long time it doesn't mean that it is immune to having rules set within it, or having its nature clarified as far as posters behavior and what content they can post. I can't help too much if people are critical of the way I am handling things, best I can offer is if they feel strongly about something, contact another moderator or a staff member and get them to step in. I probably won't be able to address all your points next time as well as its getting late where I am and I have other things to do, but I will try and address it. Or alternatively if you think you are making little to no headway with me feel free to approach another moderator or staff member. Cheers.

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@erik said:

I can post a picture of BitTorrent and not violate any rules. Heck, posting pictures of porn stars don't break the rules either, so long as they are clothed, regardless of position. Swearing is allowed, so long as it's censored (kind of like pictures of attractive women are allowed as long as their dignity is censored).

I read the rules. They specifically say no nudity or sexually explicit material. Sexually explicit material is unsimulated sexual acts, I.E. pornography. If the pictures that you deleted had such things, you wouldn't be handing out a general ban for future offenders, you would have simply banned the users in question, just like mods normally do when major, firm rules are breached with intent.

I don't know the pictures you deleted. So I cannot agree or disagree with you on that point. However, the pictures that do exist come nowhere near the lines firmly set in the site rules and you are preventing further posts of pictures that do not come close to breaching the rules.

I don't see why a thread that is completely open to whatever is on someone's mind within the rules needs to have it's own set of rules created for it. And this sets a dangerous precedent with wider implications. You talked about a slippery slope before about how allowing it to continue will eventually find us swimming in porno but we both know that isn't true. However, what you are doing now most definitely is a slippery slope. What you are doing now is setting the standard that if you have a personal problem with something and you have a handful of users agree with you, you can make whatever ridiculous rules you want. That is wrong.

Thats why I was specific with my examples. You're an intelligent guy, naturally you could think of many examples that would be okay or excuse otherwise not allowed content.

I read the rules too, I can also change the rules too. Would you like me to change the rules to specifically define sexually explicit as being content go a highly sexual nature as well as actual sexual intercourse and not limited to pornography?

Again you can disagree with my interpretation of the rules, even to the point of making a complaint about it, I would encourage you to if you felt strongly about it. Where did I say that we would find ourselves swimming in porno? The slippery slope I spoke of was a users own discretion, based on examples I gave of material that was okay and wasn't okay and hopefully using their discretion for imagery that could potentially be somewhere in-between. However upon returning to the thread the examples I gave that weren't okay had continued, which was arguably my fault as some moderators earlier had desired all sexual imagery be removed from this thread and moved to the Hot Sexy Woman thread but I actually thought that if users wanted to post models in short shorts posing a bit sexy that would be okay. So I figured if I gave users that option they would stick to it rather than post the content that was specifically said wasn't okay.

I think that that is your interpretation of what standard I am setting, and that its not accurate, if it were I would agree with you mostly. I already deal with on a daily basis people in groups complaining about others, individuals, smaller groups, that doesn't automatically mean they get their way. Its not about what users have a personal problem with things, its a combination of factors like the site rules, the nature of the problem, the nature of the solutions, which users preferences get priority, why, enforcement of rules, alternatives, compromises. All sorts. With this specific example a thread for posting the content that is being phased out here already exists. Users can post in there freely. Users who have a problem with overly sexual imagery can be comfortable in this thread. I mean sure its easy to call anything ridiculous when you assert it as such. All the rules are ridiculous, if we did away with them people would eventually acclimatize and learn how to cope and be better for it. Rules are therefore wrong, or its wrong for people to make ridiculous rules, like any of them, because the pros outweigh the cons obviously. I mean when we lead our rhetoric that way we can make any argument we make sound great, I know you like debating, I know you are great at employing rhetoric to validate a point or argument you make, it just doesn't work if the other persons arguments at points are not sincerely met or addressed.

So again, if this is something you feel strongly about, you would be best off contacting a moderator or even a staff member if you wish. Ultimately I do not browse this thread and am representing several users who raise points about this thread I find valid. If other moderators or staff agree with you, I would concede my interpretation of the rules is wrong and gladly partake in the art of posting thonged booty babes covered in baby oil. Okay I probably wouldn't start that heh heh but you get what I mean… I hope.

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@wolverine08 said:

@sc: Could I post pics under spoilers then? :D

I can certainly ask other users and moderators but if such a thing were allowed, it would have to be something that you guys stick rigidly to. As in always make sure to do it. So I will ask and get back to you.

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@erik said:

This is a "What's on your mind" thread. Posting pictures of attractive females is about as on topic as any other post in this thread. I highly doubt someone is going to see a picture of a person in an attractive pose and flee the site with utmost haste and if they do, then there is nothing you can do about that particular case without alienating OTHER users in order to keep the hyper-sensitive ones.

I checked a few of the pictures. I didn't see one breaking the nudity rule, so I don't see this arbitrary and seemingly personal mission against pictures of attractive women as a legitimate one that needs addressing.

And a week-long ban for offenders of this new rule that addresses what is basically a non-issue? That's not alienating?

People can think about various ethnic slurs and swearing as well, as well as their favorite link to their favorite torrent site or their favorite porn star in their favorite sexual position, that would be on their mind yet they also can't post it in this thread, at least not in the form of imagery or GIF's or links to torrent sites or expressing say the F or C words. So its not a matter of sincerity, more like site rules, which is a point you raise next.

I have deleted many of the offending pictures, and the sites rules aren't just nudity. Even there technically nudity can be allowed in some situations, like the infamous Cassandra Cain or Hercules panels, because no genitalia were depicted, but overly sexual imagery is also something the rules warn about. So it can depend on the situation. Granted your idea of what's appropriately sexy for a thread and mine may differ as well as our interpretation of the rules themselves, ultimately moderators will get the final word there. However that being said you can always make your arguments to other moderators and staff if you disagree with my interpretation as well.

People always generally be alienated, given how different we all are and our priorities and preferences, but in this instance I am siding with the users who would prefer the thread be kept clear of overly sexual imagery, and I don't feel that other users who want to post such imagery should feel alienated as there already exists a thread specifically for overly sexual imagery. There is no PG version of the What's Going Through Your Mind thread and that site's default is towards such users first and foremost. I also don't consider those other users sensitive either, I could be wrong, but I actually think if some of the users who have a problem against this rule knew who they actually were and why they felt uncomfortable, they would actually be more understanding.

A week long ban for ignoring two warnings. If by some chance a new user or a user unaware of such rules posts a picture of a girl in a thong next week in here they won't be banned for a week, they will get a warning. Those users who I know I have warned more than once? They will get the ban, my apologies if I wasn't clear enough on that.

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@mezame: Hello you have to cut down on the insults. I understand the other user misspelled your username at some point? Unless I am mistaken though they didn't misspell your name to any sort of insult like you have. If the other user has made any insults towards you in their posts they will also be warned, i am in the process of checking their posts as well, I have already noticed how you misspelt their name. Thats not something we will accept, so take this as a warning not to do it again.

Also just generally try and be more civil as well, and this applies to the user you are arguing with hyper_temporal_shift. If you both can't address each other with goodwill and civility, do not address each other. If you have questions for me, PM them to me, past this point off topic posts I will delete and posts contained insults I will also delete. Thank you both.

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@laflux: Actually if I had it my way, such GIF's and images of guys wouldn't be allowed in this thread either, as there is a thread for hot, sexy, cute guys too, and if they start appearing daily I probably will update the rule to include that as well. However moderators do not warn other moderators. If we disagree we have tea and fight with our words like poets and rappers… well rappers who don't shoot up each other with guns!!

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I don't care what anyone says, but the rule where one can't post hot ladies in this thread is absolute garbage. If it's in spoilers, it really shouldn't be a problem, as one would have to choose to veiw the pic.

Since a couple users have their underwear rustled, we ban it? Please. Comics is filled with half naked chicks, I don't see why posting pics in this thread should be any different.

Unfortunately users didn't use spoilers. They posted it in massive images that take up most of the screen alienating a lot of users. It would have been great if they did use spoilers. So underwear rustled? I could say that about any old rule. Has there ever been a time in CV where you were annoyed at a user breaking the rules? Is that you getting your underwear rustled or did you think you had sincere concerns with what happened? So no, its not about users underwear getting rustled, then we ban it, thats an oversimplification if ever.

There is a thread for hot sexy woman, just like there are comics that are erotic, if users complained about the sexy hot girl thread, we could ask them not to enter the thread, just like you can't really take back an erotic comic for having erotic content inside it. However this thread isn't a thread for hot, sexy, or cute woman, its supposed to be accessible to all CV users, who want to post what's going through their mind. Half naked chicks is alienating them, lots of people also buy plenty of comics that don't have half naked woman in them, if someone buys the latest All Ages comic featuring The Powerpuff Girls they would still probably be annoyed to have Buttercup spread eagled in a thong inside. Now do you see? Its a more nuanced matter than you create.

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@dragonborn_ct said:

I didn't post anything man :/

I know, I know, I just included you in so you would be aware because before there was some grey area, I told you that you could post some occasional images of sexy girls as long as they weren't too exposed or too sexual, but now I have to go back on that ruling and introduce more black and white rules, which are unfortunately more strict. Hence what I told you previously doesn't apply anymore, now what I said extends to all general girl images meant to be sexy. Or to put it another way, we have an entire thread dedicated to sexy, hot, cute woman, and I know you and others already post in there, and so from now on you guys will just have to use it a bit more, as its alienating other CV users.

Some of these alienating users by the way actually really like you and Wolverine08, to the point that some of them can't even talk to you about how uncomfortable it makes them feel so they come to moderators instead. So yeah its more of an update for you. Thanks.