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I'd say no generally, they were inspired by Erich von Däniken's theories, so they are mostly meant to be a bit abstract to us, neutral, occasionally benevolent, occasionally cruel. Nothing personal. Jack Kirby didn't just work with good and evil, rather facets, order, neutral, chaos, so on. So The Eternals were maybe sort of good? Except more instead of good, orderly and disciplined might be better. Stable. Deviants on the other hand, were a bit more chaotic, wild, unfettered, usually played the antagonists a bit more. Humans were the balance between the two. We don't live forever but we are more genetically stable than the Deviants so we have room to grow and evolve. Neutral. Celestials were the ones whose experiments resulted in the Eternals and Deviants offshoots, but not just them, they seeded lots of worlds… and also ended many. So they create, they foster, they rehabilitate, they control, they cull, they destroy… a bit like cosmic scientists… so a bit more complicated than just notions of good and evil.

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Don't worry, with Jean brazenly and intrusively entering his mind like that, to suddenly out him, instead of wait until he was ready to reveal it, its obvious he isn't actually gay, she is just being ethically challenged possibly bankrupt, potentially the End Boss, and her using her telepathy to make him think he is gay. Probably because she wants some hot Yaoi action between him and Anole.

Probably the first thing she thought when she saw Anole's tongue feats. Hmm wonder if I can fool Iceman into thinking he is gay for a few hours… Jeans pretty awful in that regard. She'd probably record it on her iPhone and sell it to Mystique. Just look at her arguments for why Iceman is gay? Kitty Pryde isn't on the Earth anymore? So spouses of astronauts turn homosexual when they shoot into space to do space stuff? Wait didn't teen Cyclops leave Earth for a while too? So that makes young Jean lesbian now? Talk about astral projection… thats a double layered joke by the way… astral sort of sounds like a$$ and projection in psychology is when people deny aspects of themselves by accusing others… but then its also a psychic/telepathy thing… yeah I had to explain my joke, cause that guy in the back would only get the a$$ one.

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Congratulations TheNaughtyTitan!! **Shows you the money**

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Chris Pratt's Belly hair is scarier

Lurking in the deep darkness behind the Mosasaurus is actually a bigger, scarier, creature, Chris Pratt's hairy belly. After the Mosasaurus eats the Great White the uh… other Great White appears and Mosasaurus is sucked into the hairy void that is Pratt's bellybutton.

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Should walk up to her and say, "You don't know me foo', check yourself before you wreck yourself, GURL" then slap her lunch down on the ground and kick it, and if she doesn't have a lunch on her at the time, you should make her a lovely nice fresh homemade lunch, and then give it to her, so you can slap it out of her grip. Prep. Not just for Batman.

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@sheenlantern: @sundeep: @uare: Hello. All three of you need to be more mindful of what you say to other users. I'd also recommend discontinuing the conversation, as I'll be deleting any comments that include any sort of personal insult/off topic insulting remark.

UAre, telling another user to commit suicide, especially isn't tolerated. You are now banned for three days. When you can post again, demonstrate more patience and consideration please. Actually after reviewing your posts, consider it a permanent ban sorry. Sundeep, your situation is more complicated so I will send you a PM. You should know not to resort to personal attacks even if another user is being hostile/using personal attacks.


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@bluejay4: Oh cool cool, how a person self identifies and feels comfortable as far as views is always important factor. I have some friends that do similar, they prefer the idea of a more intimate spiritual connection and are a bit jaded and weary about the size and implications of larger religious groups. Who you interact with also is a factor, like it helps when people don't label or view you as a bigot based on the actions of other people. Taking any stance or holding any position can be tricky when people are prone to doing that.

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Well far be it from me to judge as I am not a Christian, but I don't think thats a particularly strong reason to not consider yourself a Christian. The Ku Klux Klan and Westboro Baptist Church have quite extreme interpretations of Christianity and the Bible as well as just extremist ideologies, and even some variation in ideology with their own subgroups. That would be like not wanting to consider yourself a comic book fan based on a few angry and hostile comic forum users.

If you believe in a god/God you are a theist, possibly a deist, if you do not adhere to any religion then you are not religious, however if you do adhere to a religion, then you are religious. So its a question that only you can really answer. Is there a religion that you adhere to? It might get a bit tricky if you have a certain interpretation of a religion that you adhere to, like I have many Christian friends who ideas about what it means to be a Christian differs to other peoples ideas. I also know some people who believe in God who prefer to distance themselves from organized religions. If you still primarily believe the same things now as you did as when you were a Christian, I would tend to think you are still a Christian and still religious. That you shouldn't let extremist interpretations put you off being a Christian, but again, ultimately thats up to yourself and a personal decision.

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Bwhaha way to almost kill your own thread. ^_^.

Marry - Kristen Stewart.

Boff - Taylor Lautner.

Kill - Robert Pattinson.


Aubrey Plaza, Jordana Brewster, Leighton Meester.

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Looks like this thread has a lot of confused people. Let me assist and correct the confusion and misunderstandings. With the official rules on language and human interaction.

First off all, there are only white and black people and only gay and straight people. If a black person wishes to use the word y'all discussing, its obviously positive and always only endearing and re-appropriation, if its a white person questioning whether anyone could say it, then check their bag, they probably definitely have a white pointy hood and mayonnaise in there. This is because all black people have the same exact life experiences, motivations, ideologies, reactions and ideas, and all white people have the same have the same exact life experiences, motivations, ideologies, reactions and ideas.

Now some of you might be like, what about biracial people? Or people that exist in that blurry grey area where their ethnicity gives them darker skin shades, their family is predominantly black, their friends are predominantly black, they consider and think of themselves as black, but they are also a little bit white… like Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Can Carlton Banks say the N word? Well Carlton is a fictional character, in real life… well they don't exist and never have. Hypothetically though… Well that depends on the percentage go black and white you are. If you are half black and half white, you are not allowed to say either the N word or the C word, but you can say half of both those words. This is called the percentage rule. If you are only 90 percent black then you can actually only say 90 percent of the N word. See I am 14.285 percent black, so I am allowed to say the N word (as in literally the letter N followed by the word word). However if your percentage of black is lower than that you can't even use the letter N in any circumstance. Why would you even want to use the letter N anyways? Same rule applies to the C word. I am only 14.285 percent white so I can't say that whole word either, because my people have never suffered, and by my people, I mean hypothetical people, since no one is of mixed ethnicity, culture, background, identity. Otherwise that might imply that context is a thing instead of just a literal black and white approach to everything.

Secondly similar rules applies to gay people, redheads, tall people, short people, straight people, Marvel fans, and DC fans. There are just certain words that those different groups of people aren't allowed to say because of historic and cultural reasons and because sharing some qualities means having the same exact life experiences, motivations, ideologies, reactions and ideas. Like when a Marvel uses the term fun and humor its a positive thing, DC fans can't use those terms though because all DC fans only use those terms negatively. Its okay though because Marvel fans aren't allowed to use words like deep and serious. Those words are for DC fans only to use. Forgive my language. Again I am not a redhead so I can't use the G word. I am not gay so I can't use the F word. I am not ^&%$^% so I can't use the ^%&%& word. I am a ^&%^$ so I can use the *%&$&* without people wanting to &$&%* my ^$&%*(% but I can't say *%&$&* most of the time on websites or in public, because rules and laws. Remember no in-betweens either. Can't be a fan of both Marvel or DC, and if you are tall, no one is taller than you, all tall people are the same height, or short people are the same height.

Now I am just going to go ahead and assume everyone in this thread is 4 years old, which makes me the oldest and wisest person here, it suits my argument better that way, because by assuming that you are all 4 I can just chalk up any disagreements you might have with me as being because of your age. You just don't get it, you don't make sense. Gonna get complicated if some of you are actually older than 4 years old, and my assumption is just wrong. Peace! Also I can say that word because I am a pacifist and some of my best friends are hippies.

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