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@boogiesteven007: Even though users should be apprehensive about reading a thread about movies they do not wish to be spoiled, this isn't a spoiler thread (no indication) just for initial reviews, so in that light please be careful with what you reveal and remember you can use spoiler functions.

Like this?

Or like this?

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@chibi_cute: No worries. It seems like an innocent mistake, just something to remember for the future. ^_^.

Comics aren't cheap, I would recommend as an alternative saving up to purchase some sort of digital service. Comixology etc Is a nice cheap way of getting to read a lot of comics the legal and cheap way. Take care!

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@vaeternus said:

Avoid comments like this please. Focus on the arguments and characters not the supposed state of a user. No recommending users read additional books in a snarky way to undermine them. Basically avoid passive aggressive behavior if you can. Nothing warning worthy but still.

@van_cere said:

are you an idiot? are you retarded or something? when the hell have I ever said the presence is not omnipotent? your reading skills are terrible. either go find where I said that, or shut up.

This level of rhetoric however is not acceptable. Refrain from behaving this way in the future thanks. This is a warning. If you can't be civil with a user then best to avoid or not address them.

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@outside_85 said:

This is something that's going to end in a stalemate because both entities are essentially God. One is the biblical idea of God, the other is Morrisons adaptation of God into the settings of the DC Multiverse, the same way Mandrakk is essentially Lucifer.But yes, this is a banned fight between two omnipotents.

Essentially this.

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@chibi_cute said:

I usually download it on - deleted - or - deleted -

Hello. Talking about piracy in a general sense is okay. Anything remotely sounding like promotion, endorsement or recommendation of a illegal pirating or torrenting website specifically is one of the fastest ways to get banned from this website. Please remember that therefore for the future.

CV is staunchly anti piracy as it can have negative implications for the site. Being banned is generally also a negative for a user so basically lets be positive and don't mention illegal websites alright. Thanks.

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@jagernutt: Are you making threads with Flash against other fictional characters generally considered more powerful because of other users opinions and ideas about the Flash? The idea that Flash can beat them and so by putting them up against Flash they can either be ridiculed or validated? If either case, please don't do that. Users should be creating threads they think are fair and balanced not based on other users opinions or ideas.

I believe this is the second thread you have created in recent times and what happens is that you will get flagged. You are very close to being auto banned because of threads like this one, so my recommendation is to stop making them. I am sure their are threads in the Flash forum talking about fans perceptions and ideas about the characters fictional power in relation to other fictional characters which may serve you better. Thank you.

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@saint_michael: @entropy_aegis: @i_like_swords: Hello.

No need to make it personal. Even if either of you think a user is guilty of breaking rules, then flag or alert a moderator and move on. Or if you want to address the users on topic points, then just do that and ignore hostile or antagonizing remarks. When you tell a user you are flagging them or accusing them of certain wrong doings its antagonizing another user and chances are situation will still escalate into further insults. Then it makes it harder for moderators to spot which users are being hostile.

From here I am asking you to all move on, and try and be more civil and patient with each other next time. Most users aren't looking for a fight so a bit of patience and friendliness can go a long way to defusing a situation. Thank you. Can PM me questions or concerns.

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@maninthemountain: @reaverlation: Also the above applies to you guys as well (as in please focus on addressing users reasons and arguments, not the actual user) No remarks about getting a clue, and definitely know petty insults like calling users stupid or lazy fat&&&.

Everyone basically talk about main topic and not each other. Past this point I'll be extra strict as far as passive aggression towards each other goes. Thank you.

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@kingant27 said:

Either you are a hypercrit, or a fanboy.

This kind of comment is entirely unnecessary. Please focus on addressing users reasons and arguments, not the actual user. Thanks.

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@thanatic: Hello.

When you create threads like this as well as some of your other Battles threads. You'll find yourself no longer able to post. This will be despite any moderator banning you, but simply because the CV users and community don't have time for such threads and will flag you, as they should when they come across objectionable material, threads that seem like spite or deliberate mismatches and other unbalanced or unfair match ups.

Short version, be more careful with the threads you create please for your own benefit.