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I actually didn't get circumcised until I was a teenager and had some choice in the matter. I didn't really feel strongly either way by my grandparents wanted me to be circumcised for cultural/religious reasons. Their are pros and cons, one pro being I could give consent, the con being, as far as I understand it, its way more painful and complicated and the benefits of being circumcised are obviously delayed. Having experienced a bit of both sides so to speak, I personally prefer being circumcised.

Male circumcision also as I understand is quite different to female circumcision, hence why traditionally and culturally it has been viewed in a different light. Not saying that justifies anything, it is what it is, not everything natural is better either, plenty of people groom or desire minor body modifications to improve quality of life. I am not well versed on the negatives involved with circumcision, like possible loss of sensitivity, ability to derive please and all that, so in my current understanding, which may be naive, the only real negative for male circumcision is lack of consent/the irreversibility of the decision.

If I had a son, if the mother had strong opinions on this, as in wanting circumcision, I would probably follow her lead, otherwise I would actually just leave the foreskin intact and let my son decide later on if he wanted to be circumcised or not. I would tell him my own experience and apologize if need be if he is annoyed he has to endure more pain heh heh.

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It might be, but seeing this thread/opinion every six months has made my cynical about how people come to this conclusion that Marvel is rebooting. The reasons never actually weigh up well. That and more importantly Marvels promotional/advertising routine is usually more about reinvention than rebooting, or specifically trying to hype up change, as both a new jumping point for readers and shaking things up for regular fans who are getting a bit bored. So Marvel tries to aim for the best of both worlds and there are a lot of fans and creators that do not want a reboot. Compare how Marvel brought on Marvel Now a few months after the DC New 52. It was a cunning and smart move because Marvel could see how DC would do and learn from their mistakes and success. Numbers wise Marvel was more successful, arguably more successful creatively too, DC basically had to take all the risk, they couldn't have the same advantages, but they sort of had to, to make up for loss ground, Marvel doesn't need to do that, then or now. Too much risk, given their strong standing.

So again, it would seem more likely that Marvel is just hyping "Marvel Now 3.0" or something else, the same way ever years Marvel event is going to change everything, be the be all to end all, going to affect the cosmos, change things for ever, do what you never expected that would, etc etc but who knows, maybe they are going to reboot, I am no fortune teller.

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Its going to be different for each person. Odd to say I actually feel quite detached from my body, so personally the idea of being raped doesn't really have a threat behind it, where as the idea of certain people being scared of me, revolted by me, that would worry me a lot, let alone the lose of freedom. I also volunteer in woman's shelters occasionally so wouldn't be able to do that, or work/volunteer in certain situations anymore. The accusations would also have negative impact on friends and my baby sister. So for me as far as myself its easy. In general though don't think its possible to say one way or another and the way you know this is to ask another rhetorical and remove yourself from the hypothetical and put people you care about in the situation instead. I have no idea in that case. I would refuse and punch the hypothetical in the face for annoying me.

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Previews/Reviews: The Workplace. People who actually read and buy comics, a lot of them rarely appear elsewhere, they are probably too busy reading comics or working proper jobs to actually afford so many comics. Ironically a bit more casual in the sense you learn far more about comics by reading hundreds of threads bout them than the actual comics, because Marvel/DC comics are so repetitive in nature anyway. The same way being homeless and traveling the country barefoot makes you very wise and knowledgable, albeit at the cost of looking homeless and unclean.

General: Detention. Only after long periods of boredom and annoyance can so many unoriginal, weird and pointless questions about comics can be asked. Does Marvel Rip off DC or Does DC Rip off Marvel More? What would Superman and Goku's baby be like? Does Marvel Rip off DC or Does DC Rip off Marvel More? Why is Deadpool so funny? Does Marvel Rip off DC or Does DC Rip off Marvel More? Why I hate _____ character. Why _______ fanboys are the worst. Does Marvel Rip off DC or Does DC Rip off Marvel More?

Off Topic: The ally behind the pub at 4 AM after closing time. Kicked out from everywhere else, confused about life direction and where they actually should be loitering in a dark, grim, dirty shameful venue. Most people are drunk and so either attempting to spout philosophy and wisdom in obnoxious rants about gender, sex, religion, race/ethnicity, politics or random things like describing each forum… alternatively repetitive lame jokes in short form comments. Some users are so intoxicated they can't even type, just post images and memes. Has a generally weird and offsetting odor.

Battles: The gym. Some guys are there to exercise and get fit, but a lot of them are there just to grunt, flex, pose, slap each other on the butt, make angry faces, snarl etc prove themselves the alpha and perv on females. Except the heavy stench of testosterone, protein powder, Red Bull, and the fact that the loudest and angriest are probably the ones that should be quieter mean that there aren't actually that many females to perv on around and outnumbered by alts of guys pretending to be guys. Also smells like baby oil, nachos, and raw meat.

Fan Fiction: Cardboard box. Poor people with rich souls, after years of complaining and criticizing the comics and entertainment industry they actually listened to the trolls who scoffed about whether they could do better. So they quit comics and their jobs to write their own fan fictions that would change the world… except turns out no one will pay for it, so they huddle around each other at night for the heat and write lots of fan fiction just waiting for their big break that will eventually land them a paying job writing their favorite fictional character… ri-right? Right guys?

RPG: Furry Convention. People dressing up as other things, sometimes multiple things. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours deal. Technically speaking the RPG forum is just the line to the entrance of the Furry Convention. The actual… uh action goes on in the PM's, group PM's that get sent after introductions are made in the forums.

Quests: A secret arena that certain CV posters assemble, at secret times on secret dates to engage in secret occult activities, usually involving partial or full nudity, animal sacrifices, blood spilling, wearing Grant Morrison and Alan Moore masks and dueling in meta-jousts, getting tattoos, listening to witch house and posing for Greg Land's tracing arts.

Moderator Hangout: Aokigahara Forest. **Rest of Text Has Been redacted**

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Sorry to interrupt, but I am locking the thread now. Ongoing conversations can continue in PM and questions can be direct at moi or other moderators or users. Merry Christmas everyone.

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@wenjunchewlove said:

@sc better

No not better unfortunately. Given your username and ideas, I am going to encourage you to not make any Battles threads at all, it will just get your account banned eventually and I lack the patience to give your warnings each time to get to that point. So take this into consideration from now on and make sure your Battle threads are very fair or do not bother. Thank you.

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@wenjunchewlove said:

@sc: no longer am I the user you once knew, I have embraced the chew and have been reborn

Sure thing, just remember your actions on alts also carry over to your other accounts, so make sure you behave on this one too okay. Being reborn should always be a positive to allow for opportunity to improve yourself, make the most of it rather than wasting it on a gag/joke.

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@theblondegod: No worries. If you have any other questions later if the thread is locked, feel free to PM me.

Some users are more innocent and good matured about their jokes, but the user was still a real person, still seems like people are laughing at him, rather than laughing with him, especially since he isn't here. Its one thing for people to have fun with friends, but Wenjun seemed quite sincere, just really enthusiastic. Then again, I didn't know him well either, for all I know he might actually love all the attention. Either way a lot of other users are also just tired of the same jokes/gags around user.

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@transformers1024: Good idea.

Help please unlock it, I'll change op

PM me or another moderator the details. Don't make threads asking why please.

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@theblondegod said:

I've been meaning to ask this for a long time but I feel like people would be so mean to me. :( But either ways, I'm gonna ask... but who is Wenjunchew? He seems to be popular in this site, not to mention has a great impact among the users. I've read some threads that includes him. Soo yeah. ^^

If anyone is mean to you just send them to me, heh heh.

Wenjunchew was a Comic Vine user who had what seemed like a sincere affection for the Batman character, and also advocating that Batman could beat many other characters in the Battles forums. He started to develop a reputation among other users who would respond to him in different ways. Some users would be annoyed by his actions and ideas, some would be amused, some would mock him, some would imitate, some decided to glorify him. Either way the user also broke several Battles rules on various occasions, and after several warnings, temporary bans, to multiple accounts, he was eventually banned permanently. Users who made fun of him also got a few warnings. I myself have locked a few threads where people mocked him. He wasn't really that popular unfortunately, more notorious. CV being CV though, likes to repeat jokes over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over.

In a way I am not really fond of the way some users talk about him, he was just a user who was passionate about a fictional character, "glorifying" him and turning him into a "meme" is kind of sad and inconsiderate. Except people like to be in on the joke and repeat it, without care for the idea this individual really was. Like the creator of this thread is an alt of a regular user, probably just trying to jump on the fad/joke. No users though should be made fun of for their appreciation of fictional characters. One user who started the idea of praising Wenjunchew did tell me they asked him and he was okay, but either way, unless that user can control other users, which they can't, things like this can spiral out of control.

Thats about it really. I may lock this thread later as well depending on how it goes, even though user is banned, they still deserve some rights, like not having users speculate about them, mock them, so on. Until then I can take some questions.