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@killerwasp: Heh heh, and the streets will run red with blood. 0_0.

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For everyone else, shouldn't be speculating about other users supposed alts, shouldn't be derailing thread either, also please avoid bringing up users pasts, if they are guilty of poor behavior, please instead PM a moderator with references to their posts, quotes, so on. That is if they haven't been addressed, if they have been addressed move on. Sometimes there are a lot of flags as well (CV had a spam attack the other day, hundreds of spam threads makes it harder to get to other flags) so please be patient or call out moderator (as was done, thanks) or PM a moderator if situation warrants it.

This thread has a cool idea, learn to disagree with each other with a modicum of respect, politeness, avoid drama, making it too personal, being passive aggressive. Derailing thread. If I have to come back to thread, more than warnings will be given out, mini temp bans will be. So again, play nice. Thank you! Oh questions, worries, and concerns, send in PM.

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@academic said:

Lmao Lmao Why lie? derp Lmao deep derp Use common sense derp derp derp derp Lmao You are LITERALLY one of the most biased fanboys Mcu + fanboys( you) = HYPERBOLE. Keep prattling on, its amusing

Hello. First, if possible, could you try and use paragraphs? If thats not possible, thats fine, but repeating certain words over and over, per word per line "Lmao" "Dafuq" "Derp"etc it can be a bit grating. Also all that other antagonizing, personal references, personal insults. Don't do that. Avoid that. This is a warning. If other users are antagonizing you the same way, please send me a PM with reference numbers. Or flag them. They will get warnings too. Thanks.

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I am going to lock this thread for a while. Come back, quote behavior from certain users that shouldn't exist, then reopen the thread with the expectation everyone see what behavior isn't tolerated and then post accordingly. Sorry for those that were posting within the rules. Shouldn't be too long.

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@the_red_viper: @realitywarper: Hello. You both need to drop the passive aggressive personal context from your posts. If you need clarification on what I mean, PM me, otherwise try and be nicer to each other, and if not that, then avoid each other. Thanks.

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@imperfect_cell: @username12345: Come on guys, look what happened to Biggie and 2Pac? Lets say no to hostilities and tension and say yes to respecting each other and kindness. That goes for not trying to get the last word in, and showing patience and tact too! If there are any other issues or questions, feel free to PM and we can see what we can do. Cheers!

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@mandarinestro: Nah I have been here for four hours, ^_^ just been too preoccupied to post, WV has been around a while too, probably too busy to post as well. She is racking up quite the impressive string of decapitated Spammer Heads.

Its a bit slower now than it was before. A bit.

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Man of Steel was just released in Korea… hence…

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We already have one of these. (as in exactly the same, this is a dupe)

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Let me see… not counting blogs, four Birthday threads, two celebratory threads, one misc thread. So seven. Counting blogs, then a few more.