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@kainboa: Hello. Sorry, had to delete your post, no swearing on the forums sorry, CV has a no swearing policy. The rest of your post is okay but also try and cut back on personal aspects as well please. Thanks.

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@beaconofstrength: I agree with you also. It is also human nature to have some overlap with negativity. I mean even established characters like Superman, Thor, Hulk, Wonder Woman get negativity, they have just been around for so long (and perhaps more importantly pre internet age heh heh) to also have a lot larger fan base as well so it seems to balance out more. Newer characters just seem like they get more when its more of a ratio problem.

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@king1_icon: Indeed. So many fans at CV complain about "PIS" and "WIS" but Kevin Grevioux who isn't just the huge Werewolf guy from Underworld, is a legit comics fan. Way before he became famous, he cites Hulk, Thor, X-Men (maybe Fantastic Four) as favorites? Writer probably knows more comic stuff than a lot of users/posters - they dragged out a few old school Avengers villain and has lots of lil references to past continuity - okay sure he creates a new character and most of us already have favorites, but if we pay attention to how he created the character? He paid a lot of respect to Marvels history and classic characters even whilst trying to introduce a new one. It would be very easy for a writer to introduce a new Mary Sue character just tearing people up but the first run was actually pretty complimentary to older established characters. I know another forum where all the Hulk, Superman and Thor fans went around boasting about Blue Marvel, trying to get people to buy the TPB, support the character because it was great to have another big powerful heavy hitter running around. That was awesome to see. Such characters can be really fun.

Lots of great new characters introduced in last few years/decade as well, people need to give them a chance (not saying they should auto win battles) but we can appreciate characters beyond their supposed Battles worth. Its also okay if they have passionate fans too. Its just comics and comic characters, suppose to be fun for everyone.

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Can see it go either way. Thor has been and will always generally be Marvels premiere powerhouse aside Hulk and Silver Surfer. Every decade has new "challengers" that shine brightly before fading away when that generations fans either move on or grow up and see how cyclical comics are and how they work. Sentry and Blue Marvel are especially potent too.

Kevin Grevioux creator of Blue Marvel - For the US government to be so aware of the Blue Marvel's power level, how powerful is he? Grevioux: "I will say stronger than Superman, weaker than Thor."

Its funny because to fans of comics who like to learn about the creative elements of comics, read and learn about the writers and how they created their characters, their inspirations, how well they know comics history, publishers continuity, Blue Marvel is actually a really well crafted character. I like Sentry too mind you, but his creator isn't that big on Marvel/DC history which is fine. Some of their arguments I agree with (Batman can't sit?) but between Paul Jenkins and Kevin Grevioux? Well one writer wrote their invented character destroy a classic Marvel character (Attuma) because why not, where as one wrote their invented character to pay props to Namor and other classic Marvel characters. That doesn't matter though, take one small section of one comic website and have a few fans start waving their flag for a character and suddenly dozens of users start critiquing and mocking the… character? Almost every character on this website has had fans that are/were overzealous with characters, how about I just be really cool and mock them all? LOL THOR AND BLUE MARVEL, AND SENTRY AND SUPERMAN AND SILVER SURFER AND GALACTUS AND LIVING TRIBUNAL AND SPIDERMAN AND BATMAN (and all the rest of them) LOL KILLZ EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE LOLZ, SARCASM TOTES MOCKING THIS CHARACTER SO COOL. Just tiring sometimes. Can't we separate a characters value away from their battle prowess away from their fans? Mixing those things up just makes all fans look bad when they can't distinguish between those things. Its why we can't have nice things anymore.

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@alakemega123: You should be ignoring posters instead of resorting to petty personal insults. Try remember that for next time please.

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@flameboy298: @joshmightbe: @cattlebattle: @norrinboltagonprime21: @madeinbangladesh:

Hey guys. Don't post images with swearing in them. Don't quote posts with swearing in them. Very simple. Usually its not a big deal but that so many of you who have been around CV a while and with large posts counts don't know this most basic of rules is bizarre. Look, I am lazy, so I don't want to have to go around deleting more posts than I have to, next time I'll just give 24 hour bans or something equally as draconian. Better yet remember the site rules. Thanks.

Oh and that is a pretty cool image so remember its okay to edit the image to censor it if you want to post it in the public forums.

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@aenvus said:

Bruce is God. He makes Lucy bend down while he penetrates thy anus.

Not an appropriate thing to say at all. Use better judgment next time, this is a warning.

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Happy Birthday dccomicsrule2011! Hope you had a great day. Time flies eh, I am glad I have gotten to know you a bit better and am glad CV has you as one of its members. Even recently one of your actions in particular demonstrated a great deal of sympathy and kindness that really affirmed to me your just general awesomeness.

All the best for another year and all the best for the next year too.

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Also I wonder if people will come into this thread wondering ifs its about Thor…

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Great blog, I decided to bump it because Dark Dungeons is going to be made into a movie and its supported by Jack Chick… but the people making it… well its such a surreal situation. Especially the part of Chick giving away the rights for free after being asked for them with a price of a thousand dollar's. The trailer looks hilarious.