Shatterstar: No Homo Bro

Hi. You know what's strange? Slow motion death scenes. Wanted to do a blog after seeing a few threads and comments talking about Shatterstar that seemed to be playing off faulty information and misconceptions. 

Who is Shatterstar?  

A verified badass from the future, Mojoworld specifically, genetically engineered, who swings about the X-Corner of Marvel, with those merry mutants. He is mainly associated with X-Force and X-Factor. He has a fairly convoluted past, probably because he was created in the 90's, but he usually carries around a bladed weapon or two and has a healthy appreciation in the thrill of honourable combat. He's a good guy too. Great fighter.  
 Wait a minute....

So what's the big fuss? 

Well, Shatterstar started to kiss boys, and he liked it (take that Kate Perry) and cue the guy who created him and hundreds possibly billions of people not really liking that at all, since he use to definitely not kiss boys way back in the day.  
Wait, wait, wait what? They made him a Gay? Who? That liberal fool Peter David otherwise known as PAD? This angers me. I don't like this. I don't like the character anymore, and I have lost the will to live. What kind of politically correct, utter BS, propaganda, gay agenda, jibber jabber is this funk? Its my opinion and understanding that Shatterstar is an Asexual Gladiator and not supposed to engage in sort of sexual relationship with any other character, male or female. Well maybe female, see that's normal. Its better for Shatterstar the character, fans, creators, and is true to the creators vision of the character? AmIrite? 
I guess it depends as far fan preferences, I sympathize to a degree. Its can suck when a character you have a certain vision, and view of, turns out being a character that doesn't fit or sustain that image. Its like you lose a favorite character. The reasons you like a character change or are portrayed differently. Its annoying. Especially if its unexpected, especially if you have been a fan of that character for a long time. If tomorrow they made Thor drop his Hammer and move to Canada to pursue becoming a career as a high end hair stylist, I would like the character less, and be very annoyed at his new direction... probably... unless Gillen, JMS, Carey or PAD were writing... anyway, sure I can see legitimate reasons why you could want this undone. That being said you seem a bit paranoid... moving on, your more objective, points, well lets delve in to through out this thread. Oh, like Shatterstar being in a homosexual relationship isn't new, or something brought about by PAD in X-Factor, there are actually a lot of hints, prior references and implications in much older issues, back in the 90's 90's 90's. Pre PAD, pre X-Factor. Shatterstar is probably the most popular he has ever been right now as well, and with a lot of depth, and story focus.  
Hey hold up... that line "Hints, prior references and implications" look buddy, I own all of X-Force, I even got the foil variants, 3D variants, Scratch and Sniff Variants and multiple copies of X-Force #1, some I got wrapped tighter than Kingpin poured into a Black Cat suit, so one day I can sell them all, my variants and be mega rich, like Flynt Flossy... wha... why are you laughing at me? Anyway I got all comics... ever... not just the ones Shatty appeared in, all of them, I don't know how that helps, all I know is there are no "Hints, prior references and implications" of Shatterstars or Rictors sexuality being how it is now, or them seeing each other that way. So what cha talking about man?  
Hmm, well I have most of Shatterstar and Rictors appearances too,  I saw and I see, lots of "Hints, prior references and implications" to those two characters being romantically linked, and you know as well I am not the only one. Since I admit, I am a bit freaky and I see how Psylocke looks Spiral and Shuma Gorath and uhm... anyway. Prior to their kiss in X-Factor #45 there has been tons of discussion around these two being together by heaps of their fans, there's a good reason for that, which I will discuss later, but since critical reasoning died in 2007 and kids today are all about scans and references - many fans cite instances that demonstrate Rictor and Shatterstar are less like Bert and Ernie and more like Ross and Joey... or uh the other way around?  
Things like Shatterstar deciding to learn Spanish to communicate on an extra level with Rictor, because I am sure he learnt German for Nightcrawler and English for Emma. In #49 of the original X-Force series, Shatterstar reminisces outside a bar, thinking of his friend Rictor ""I miss Julio" "Why hasn't Rictor called me" "Rictor brought me to this bar before" and then a woman tries to get freaky with him inside the club, with some rad dance moves, before Star denies her advances goes out side the bar and stops a gang beating up a gay guy. This was the 90's so you know subtlety was huge, like the biceps.    
In X-Force #56 Shatterstar and Siryn are trick or treating, or.. something. After some dramatic moment, we get narrative - ""She has lost Warpath. He has lost Rictor. Both see these missing teammates as ‘friends’. Both too stubborn to admit that they may mean more than that" maybe they mean super friends? Its like friendship only more super?   
What does that mean? More than Friends? Like... Seinfeld? 
The fact that Shatterstar  told Rictor about Windsong in person (Windsong was also genetically engineered and was to be Shatterstar's future bride though arranged marriage). Rictors extreme reaction to Shatterstars "death" during X-Cutioner’s Song. Examples in Cable, when Rictor left, when Rictor returned - so there are a lot of hints, implications, innuendo, analogies and allegories drawn. Me as well, I ain't trying to look or stuff that ain't there, it kind of seemed obvious to me reading it (I am too young to have read the issues as they were released, I read a lot of them one after the other but still prior to "hearing" about in on the internet. Still its one thing to recognize and realize and acknowledge that there are hints and etc with these two characters, and still disagree that the relationship they have now, is what it should be. True. Is there any one out there that thinks that all the above references are just coincidences though? 
Blah blah blah, fooey, fooey, jibber jabba, jibber jabba, Well fans can draw that sort of stuff from anywhere, just because fans say that some of those things above equates to more than just friendship, I mean hell, I have been to some sites on the internet... let me tell you, I don't see Marvel releasing a comic with Wolverine, Galactus and Spiral doing the things to Kitty, Ego and Eye Scream I have seen on various fan sites, let me tell you. L.O.L.... *awkward silence* So yeah, fans don't dictate a characters sexuality or relationships with other characters, the writers and creators do. 
Oh okay. Well for the record Rob Liefeld is against this. Quite heavily in fact.  

"As the guy that created, designed and wrote his first dozen appearances, Shatterstar is not gay. Sorry. Can't wait to someday undo this... Shatterstar is akin to Maximus in Gladiator. He's a warrior, a Spartan, and not a gay one"

Thats cool, I can see why he would be upset. He left the book and the title. If he was still working on the title and the character, chances are, he would and could have the character as he originally intended. Like all characters owned by Marvel, and written by other writers, characters change, and develop new directions, and so on. This can be a natural evolution and progression, or it can't. The hows and whys are going to be subjective. Its going to differ a lot on a individual basis. Therefore, I won't try and talk about it too much. I won't mention that Chris Claremont created Warpath, a fairly big guy a bit over 6 foot originally and well well under 7 foot until a certain writer with plenty of homosexual friends and family decided to physically increase his height to 7 foot 2, even though Warpath's original writer, clearly intended Warpath to be like 6 foot 5 something, because you know, in real life people grow over an extra foot all the time, and no one's conscious sexual orientation does. 

Fabian Nicieza? He is the other creator of Shatterstar. His intent with the character? Not to be homosexual either. Nicieza has spoke about the issue and controversy though and given depth to the matter. His stance.  

Shatterstar was, for all intents and purposes, raised asexual. There were no notions of sexuality in Shatterstar's upbringing, so Shatterstar was going to have to learn as he went along on Earth. Nicieza's position was that Shatterstar did not, as of yet, have feelings, heterosexual OR homosexual

Certain words spring out at me, and this is remembering this was for the characters intent/introduction. Not the character full stop, end/] period. These words "Learn" "as of yet" and "have feelings" particularly. A piece by CBR's great Comic Book Urban Legends reveals more. "Nicieza was planning on exploring that more if he stayed on X-Force, and it might very well have resulted in Shatterstar being gay, but it was not necessarily Nicieza’s intent (you know, like he had not already determined, “He is unsure, but when he figures it out, it’ll definitely be that he’s gay), and it was not why he left the title"
What I get from this, is that was Nicieza planning on making Shatterstar homosexual? No, not necessarily, Nicieza was planning on developing and changing the character from the one introduced in his first issue, meaning he was going to be different, he was never going to be the warrior with no emotions or feelings for the rest of his publication history, he was going to pick up new traits and learning experiences and develop new aspects. As intended. Shock horror, almost like the character was going to grow and develop. Further more, Liefeld was only on X-Force for 12 or so issues. So he only wrote Shatterstar for 12 or so issues. Nicieza was on the title for 40 plus issues. Beyond that? It was actually planned that Rictor and Shatterstar were going to be made into a relationship. This is confirmed by the X-Force editor Mark Powers of that time, it just got post phoned and became a dangling plot. Loeb the writer at the time, wanted to explore Shatterstars origin more, eventually the characters were put in limbo... until guess who started writing them? PAD, one of the best writers when it comes to continuity and knowledge of Marvel characters.  
Its interesting to point out that this was all talked about in 1997 too. The 90's. Looks like the GAAAAY aren't to blame, this one, small time, (Gay Agenda Army And Associates Y-Axis) damn those social terrorists the GAAAAY and their impeccably cliched stylish grooming and their glossy fatwas.  

Uh.. but Shatterstar is ASEXUAL! Dammit. He can't kiss or have a relationship!

Well first, whether or not Shatterstar is asexual or not, people who are asexual as he was intended to be originally, can still have relationships, and still have sex. They are simply not sexually attracted to either gender, but they can be attracted to other aspects of either gender. You don't have to engage in sex because you are physically attracted to someone. Lots of people have lots of reasons they sleep with each other. Lets have a basic stroll though the term.

First the TheFreeDictionary
1. Having no evident sex or sex organs; sexless. 2. Relating to, produced by, or involving reproduction that occurs without the union of male and female gametes, as in binary fission or budding. 3. Lacking interest in or desire for sex.

Definition three. Would still apply to Shatterstar now if a writer wanted him to be asexual, I have not seen a panel where Shatterstar has expressed sexual attraction to having sex with Rictor. (but I am behind on my reading so maybe he has) You don't trust the TheFreeDictionary? I don't blame you, the best things in life may be free, but they are often unreliable or you run the risk of STD's and so here.

Asexual: 1. Without sexual desire or interest. Someone with seemingly no sexual drive. 2. Referring to reproduction without the combination of genetic material with another individual. Yeast can reproduce asexually by budding.

Definition one in this instance. Hell, even wikipedia explains it well. "Some asexuals do have sex" and the bits about how it influences partners in relationships, oh... because they still can and do have relationships, with kissing, and hugging, and hand holding. Shatterstar may not even be Asexual any more, he wasn't Asexual the same way most conventionally are, he was bred to be Asexual, doesn't mean he will. Writer Nicieza for the record, was going to explore and touch on this. The characters Asexuality was never going to be intended to be set in stone. At least by one co creator. Asexual or not in this direct regard, everything still fits the character. Another argument must be made for why this is out of character for the character. As far as another writer? Saying that a character was created asexual so can't be anything else? Its either writers misunderstanding of asexuality or a pretty unusually strict standard that a character past 12 issues stay that way, especially by a writer who handled many other characters that changed dramatically after 12 issues. Some directly by them. Not just that but again Shatterstar might be picking up new ways of thinking, therefore possibly feeling bi, tri, hi fi curious, bisexual, homosexual, heterosexual, pansexual, omnisexual and whatever Wolverine is sexual and so on. (or written that way by a smart writer letting the character grow) 
Well admit it, your just posting all this stuff cause you feel strongly about these two being together? Your just a part of The GAAAAY (Gay Agenda Army And Associates Y-Axis) and L.E.S.B.I.A.N  (Legislate Equal Sin By International Authority Now) 
Em, contrary to what my long post might say, I actually don't mind to much either way. I liked the characters before, I still like them now. (About the same) If Rob Liefeld got a hold of Shatterstar (and without spite) had Shatterstar tell Rictor he is not physically attracted to him, as he is asexual yadda yadda and there wouldn't like to kiss and or that. If it was written well, and written for the best for the characters and made sense given the context. I would be okay. Personally. I just doubt that would happen (the well written and best for characters bit) Plus Shatterstar's hair would go bad again and Rictors thighs and legs would deform and without feet... anyway Others might be annoyed, others would be happy. So on.  
Best of all, to me, going from three Marvel writers and accepted by editors and approved and defended by the Editor-in-Chief, and as a person who has almost read of the appearances of both characters. It still fits the characters as well. Its still in character. Its still my opinion, I think its a good one thats well founded. I see many other opinions similar to mine, I like and agree with even more. I still don't understand any opinion, that claims its factually wrong what has happened with these two characters. I am very happy PAD is writing them. X-Factor is one of, if not the best book right now Marvel is putting out. The characters are respected and getting attention and good writing. I see no negatives.  
Wait, lets go back to all that Sex stuff that sounded kinky... i mean uhm... Sin, Impure! Damnation and Dalmatians. So Shatterstar is a what now? Asexual? Homosexual? Gay? Lesbian? Communist? Feminist? Mutant? Vegan? Gladiator? Dubstep? Maths is hard. 
There there Barbie, maths is hard, but so is social labeling. Much like office labels are handy so you don't end up eating blue tack or using a staple gun to shoot the gums of a fellow member of the human race species, other labels dealing with race, gender, sexual orientation, etc can be as useful as far as people go too. Ever since mankind discovered that some berries are poisonous and some berries tasty freaking awesome, we have liked putting things into groupings, sub categories, adding labels and definitions to things. Makes comprehending them way easier. Helps with self identity. Nothing really inherently wrong with that, just people also tend to naturally disagree with each other about everything, especially defining what certain labels mean categorically. Sexual orientation can be especially rife with confusion. Much like the backstory of any character created in the nineties. So Shatterstar? He kisses guys and is in a relationship with Rictor, he must be gay then right? Eh, maybe, from what I have read there is a lot of ambiguity there. Shatterstar is still trying to find his footing in this arena and has expressed interest and curiosity in woman as well as men. He still might be able to be considered asexual. He might be pansexual, he might be bisexual. It can get pretty complex depending on how accurate or thorough you want to be, he might be a very curious heterosexual, he might just be Shatterstar. Just because labels exist doesn't mean they always need be applied - or can even be applied cleanly or neatly. After all this is a guy is a inter dimensional warrior artificially created in the future of an alternate dimension. Based on his current writers (Peter David) views towards writing the character  

"It is his (Shatterstar) first relationship, it’s his first major emotional relationship but my attitude and the way I’m approaching the character is that it’s his first relationship but it’s coming as a result of certain feelings being unleashed within him that he did not know were there before.

To a certain degree, finding the full measure and attraction of human relationships, to go with the cliche, it’s almost like he’s a kid in the candy store. He’s got this relationship going with Rictor and he’s fulfilled and isn’t it great and – but, boy, there’s a lot of people out there and there’s a lot of different ways that relationships can be approached. Now he’s suddenly finding himself going from zero to sixty in a very short period of time. Even though he has tremendous feelings for Rictor, because of everything that’s been stirred within him, to me it seemed natural for him by the same token to say ‘What else is out there?’ as well.

His attitude could very well be, “Rictor, there’s so much out there, explore it with me.” Which will have Rictor going “But I’ve done that, I’ve explored other relationships. I want to explore this one with you.” So you’ve got two different guys who are in two different places in their lives"  

Also his portrayal in the comics as well and various interactions the character has had with other characters throughout X-Factor would probably lead one to say he probably isn't strictly homosexual, although of course in a close homosexual relationship with a homosexual man (Rictor) if you really insisted on applying a label, pansexual, or asexual might be the best bets. 
He isn't gay enough though? Isn't straight enough? Isn't asexual enough, isn't Communist enough, isn't Duran Duran enough, isn't man enough, isn't effeminate enough, isn't hairy enough, isn't tall enough, isn't liberal enough, isn't pro sword enough, and most certainly but not least, isn't Warrior like Gladiator, Badass enough? 
Ooh your going to get letters of complaints now you realize? Well that's always the problem with labels. Definitions again, people tend to disagree and or have different understandings of what terms, titles, labels mean. Lets not forget generalizations that invariably get tagged on for both reasonable and unreasonable reasons. Like tall people? Tall people tend to be harder to jump over than short people. Men? Facial hair tends to be more prominent than female facial hair. Feminists tend to castrate men and bath in blood. Europeans tend to eat babies. Black people tend to be, robots. Gay people tend to be wimpy. I'll let you decide which examples are reasonable or not. This can work in reverse as well and applying labels to generalized actions, attitudes so on. Hence why Shatterstar kissing a guy to some automatically makes him gay. That's not so bad though really. I can see how that happens, plus he might be. Try seeing a guy kiss another and concluding he must be wimpy, soft, effeminate so on. Not that there aren't any guys who kiss others that aren't wimpy, soft, effeminate and so on. Just one would hope those qualities aren't inherent, nor mutually exclusive to guys who kiss other guys. Wimpiness, softness, effeminate are for everyone!! Woohoo.  
X-Factor # 220
Fiction adds a new context. Since how people identify with characters and enjoy reading about characters that share attributes and characteristics that reflect them. Generally, and specifically. Or they just like to recognize what they understand? Can add and detract to the story for them, subjectively. People like, expect and can appreciate accuracy as they perceive it ah but there is the crux. Perceptions with people tend to vary quiet diversely. How this is relevant to Shatterstar, is bizarrely much criticism has been aimed at his "sudden, decade long switch to kissing guys"  means they have changed this badass warrior character to a guy kissing guy... right... despite that probably being the most prominent feature of the character as written by PAD, literally how badass he is and warrior like (plenty of depth though, some humor and great interactions with any members of his team) so thankfully the GAAAAY did not force Shatterstar to hand in his warrior badass card, certificate, license and rubber wristband. 

So what are you really trying to say.... 

Eh basically that Shatterstar started off asexual which actually means strictly speaking he can still kiss and date people, Rob Liefeld co created Shatterstar with Fabian Nicieza, Liefeld wrote Shatterstar for a dozen issues, Nicieza for 40, Nicieza is okay with Shatterstar developing emotionally/sexually. Liefeld is very very against PAD's X-Factor Shatterstar developments (but he has gay friends) and Shatterstar and Rictor were going to be put into a relationship like over a decade ago and there are very strong hints in canon alluding to this. Shatterstar is probably more bisexual/pansexual than gay and and... all this is kind of silly really? You should go read X-Factor its great! Don't worry, PAD didn't suddenly decide to turn a long standing heterosexual gay gay gay gay gay because he is a liberal, cheap comic writer who wants to corrupt your grand children and disrespect the continuity or the canon.   
"ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED" - Maximus Decimus Meridius/Shatterstar.
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Posted by ReVamp

Lovin' it. I know what I'm going to be doing for the next 20 minutes. :) Bookmarked.

Posted by Shamelesslysupportinaznballers

I understood Shatterstar being bisexual since he grew up asexual and only exploring emotions and sex with both men and women but what about Rictor, was he always bi? I only read the PAD's current x-factor run so i was pretty shocked to see them shacking up after Rictor and Rahne got together.

Posted by Renchamp

I remember reading those past X-Force issues when I was younger and having no inkling about sexual undertones. As an adult I've reflected on those same scenes and see the blatant (though purposely underscored) references to male attraction. The case for a progression from asexualness is strengthened, in my mind, by the fact that he felt no connection to a betrothed wife, even if they were paired. Boobs are boobs for someone attracted to women, and Marvel boobs are usually very good. Very thorough job, sir.

Posted by TheGoldenOne
Nice blog, SC. I don't have a problem with Shatterstar's sexuality. I'm enjoying his character under PAD. He is one of my favorite characters and X-Factor is awesome.
Posted by Demonturtle

Nice job!

Posted by Vance Astro

I'm not going to front.I like Shatterstar less now that I know that he's gay.

Posted by daredevil21134

@Vance Astro said:

I'm not going to front.I like Shatterstar less now that I know that he's gay.

You never hold back

Posted by Vance Astro
@daredevil21134 said:

@Vance Astro said:

I'm not going to front.I like Shatterstar less now that I know that he's gay.

You never hold back

Sure don't.
Posted by daredevil21134

@Vance Astro said:

@daredevil21134 said:

@Vance Astro said:

I'm not going to front.I like Shatterstar less now that I know that he's gay.

You never hold back

Sure don't.


Posted by jrock85

I've never been emotionally invested in Shatterstar, so I'm indifferent towards his sexuality.

Posted by jubilee042

i'm gonna book mark it for now and read it later


It can be compared to a number of other related complaints, and often you can find the same person doing it elsewhere. In many peoples view anything that doesn't fit their personal preference is wrong, and they may lash out and the logic of their complaint isn't really even factored in from the beginning since it isn't the actual intent. In many peoples view as well, everything caters to them, particularity all sexuality. " I don't want Shatterstar to try and kiss me! " What led you to the presumption that he even would want to, nor anyone for that matter? Explaining the order of things to people who don't actually care about them, nor reality for that matter is fallacy. It will be something else from them tomorrow anyways. Speaking of which, Rob likes to complain and rant a lot. Personally I care little about what he's on about since it seems to be a bi-annual event with him and about whatever he can find, and even his closest colleges seem to refer to him as nothing more than a, and quoting both Todd McFarlane and Erik Larson here, " whiny punk ". In short, most people that say and do boisterous and seemingly incorrect things don't do so because of a lack of understanding in all reality, they do it knowingly because they enjoy doing that sort of thing, or it is at best the habit their accustomed to. You can explain the nature of your child's disability and the pain that causes for example to a jerk being a jerk, but they already know that, and in their stance your simply giving them even more reason to be abrasive and abusive. It's just what they do. Personally I love no one less for this, since it's a pretty common finding in humanity, and not everyone lumps into it either as some are justified in their manners and preferences, but it is what it is. No victimizer really ever stops because they're asked to, you know and I know you know this of rapists for example.

Posted by Hawkeye446

@lykopis said:

Brilliantly written.

Thank you for finally putting to rest this nonsensical uproar over Shatterstar sexual orientation. Every point brought up ad nauseum by various users of this site has been put to rest with this blog - generously provided by SC in the typical thorough and comprehensive manner we've come to expect from him. There is a whole lot of common sense to be found here with a good dose of our fellow ComicViner's irreverent humour to encourage us to think some and laugh even more. I know I did, a lot, on both counts

Those who enjoyed the character of Shatterstar previously have no reason to discontinue to do so. His sexual preference - as it stands now - should hold no sway over his value as a contributing and valuable member of X-Factor and frankly, those of us who have issue with his relationship with Rictor probably should engage in some internal dialogue as to why its an issue at all. The character was presented as asexual. Shatterstar decided to explore a relationship with someone he came to care a great deal for, someone who just happened to be of the same gender as himself. It's that simple. I agree with the OP - had this character chose to be with a female there wouldn't have been any outcry, and that's pathetic frankly.

Most comments I've read in threads discussing Shatterstar and Rictor's coupling have been homophobic at worst, and intolerant/ignorant at best. Shatterstar is presently in a very fulfilling and successful homosexual relationship.

Get over it already.


So... So... Sooooo SOOO soo Sooo SOOO amazing SOOOO well done SC...


Sooooo well done.

You created one of the greatest blogs I have read here, in par with your other blogs. Why? Because you manage to target something that means a lot to people, add humour, thought, consistency and context. What you have left is a masterpiece that everyone can enjoy. People who don't even know Shatterstar could read this. It is so well-crafted... GAH!!

I loved it. I want more of your blogs.

Thank you, and I hope you are proud. this is magnificent.

Posted by feebadger

I think that a lot of judgement toward Shatterstar exploring his sexuality came from people who hadn't actually read the comic. I, as with most long term comic book readers want, i think, our characters to at least have the allusion of real character in the sense that they grow and/or change. After reading characters for decades, i would hope that they are not necessarily in the same place they were ten years ago. Life is to be explored and let's not forget that these characters (shatterstar and rictor) are, i'm assuming, in their low to mid 20's, a pretty young age and at a stage of your life where you're really starting to discover who you are and what you like. I think PAD has been pretty clear about this in regards to Shatterstar and that it is him discovering new parts of himself (and Rictor). I certainly didn;t read it as pointless titilation or a blatant attempt at controversy. Anyone who has read even a fraction of PAD's monumental work load over the years (12 YEARS ON HULK!) would know that this is a writer above such petty and small minded attitudes. Amazing article SC.

Posted by xerox_kitty

Having read most of Shatterstar's appearances a & when they came out, I always seemed to miss the boy-on-boy insinuations. Having gone back & re-read things in more recent years, it struck me how writers were sneaking in little hints... but were unable to suggest anything further due to the constraints of the Comic Code Authority. But now whenever the subject is raised, I always think of this little scene...

X-Force #44
Posted by SC
@xerox_kitty:  That's a lovely moment Xerox Kitty, I wanted to use it in my blog somewhere. Very powerful.  
Oh, and I know why you missed it first time around, you were too busy paying attention to a certain Warpath and what he was up to I suspect **smile**  
Thank you for posting.  
@feebadger:  Thank you Feebadger and well said also, and I especially agree about PAD. Great writer. His Hulk run is still my favorite of that character. 
@Hawkeye446:  Thank you Hawkeye, much appreciated **tips hat**  
@jubilee042:  @Demonturtle:  @TheGoldenOne
Thank you guys, for reading - much appreciated! Oh and X-Factor is a great read.  
Posted by SC
@ReVamp said:

Lovin' it. I know what I'm going to be doing for the next 20 minutes. :) Bookmarked.

Thank you ReVamp. *smile* Cheers.  
@Shamelesslysupportinaznballers said:

I understood Shatterstar being bisexual since he grew up asexual and only exploring emotions and sex with both men and women but what about Rictor, was he always bi? I only read the PAD's current x-factor run so i was pretty shocked to see them shacking up after Rictor and Rahne got together.

Great question! I actually delved very little on Rictor, but I wanted to, his character and changes seemed to have been swept under the rug, possibly because his creator hasn't had an issue with his development, his creator being Louise Simonson. She didn't conceive him as bisexual or homosexual, PAD views and talks about the character as follows.  

""He had his involvements with females, sure, just as women who eventually decided they were lesbians had involvements with men that they ultimately considered unfulfilling." "at this point, at least the way I'm writing him, he's fully committed to the gay lifestyle. He's become honest about it both with others and himself." 

X-Men editorial decided to move Rahne from the book, so PAD needed a new character to replace her and around then he seems to have revisited earlier writers and editors notes to put Rictor in a relationship with Shatterstar. Hope this helps somewhat. PAD has done quite a few interviews on both characters so let me know if you wish to get more info with links to them.  
Thank you for reading and posting.   

@CATPANEXE:  Thank you CATPANEXE, some really great points as per usual. I agree strongly with your point about people taking the egocentric route when it comes to characters and other people. What and how do other peoples actions and attitudes impact me, even in unlikely hypothetical situations. (then again Shatterstar can and has crossed dimensions and has new teleportations powers... 0_0) Thank you for your input, its always appreciated! 
Posted by xerox_kitty

@SC said:

@xerox_kitty: That's a lovely moment Xerox Kitty, I wanted to use it in my blog somewhere. Very powerful.

Oh, and I know why you missed it first time around, you were too busy paying attention to a certain Warpath and what he was up to I suspect **smile**

Back in those days I was mooning over Cannonball ;)

The Shatterstar I read now is a more interesting & rounded character, but he's also nothing like the handsome young man I had a thing for. I think it's sad that Mr Leifeld can't accept change in characters he designed. While I understand the idea of characters being his babies... he did nothing worth while with them. I'd be more impressed if Marvel never let him anywhere near Shatterstar, Cable or X-Force to prevent more atrocities like the Shatterstar & X-Force mini series. We are 20 years beyond that kind of story-telling, and don't need the kind of retcon that would undo all the improvements that PAD has made :(

Posted by Hawkeye446

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@xerox_kitty: That's a lovely moment Xerox Kitty, I wanted to use it in my blog somewhere. Very powerful.

Oh, and I know why you missed it first time around, you were too busy paying attention to a certain Warpath and what he was up to I suspect **smile**

Back in those days I was mooning over Cannonball ;)

The Shatterstar I read now is a more interesting & rounded character, but he's also nothing like the handsome young man I had a thing for. I think it's sad that Mr Leifeld can't accept change in characters he designed. While I understand the idea of characters being his babies... he did nothing worth while with them. I'd be more impressed if Marvel never let him anywhere near Shatterstar, Cable or X-Force to prevent more atrocities like the Shatterstar & X-Force mini series. We are 20 years beyond that kind of story-telling, and don't need the kind of retcon that would undo all the improvements that PAD has made :(

When I read Liefeld's quote about wanting to change it back, I was so shocked. I mean, PAD developed a character correctly, taking on what could have happened to a person in real life. The idea of Liefeld deciding to destroy everything that has happened to Star simply because he doesn't like it is utterly pathetic. I hope that never happens, but then, I doubt Marvel would let him? Or does Liefeld have some kind of pull? It doesn't seem like something that would happen, but still a worrying prospect :s

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Fantastic blog, SC. You did an awesome job getting your point across in a funny way. :)

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I think Shatterstar and Rictor should now adopt a baby like those two gay dudes on Modern Family. That'll really get Liefeld going!

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How else are they gonna get people to read X-factor over the other X titles, it seems just like dusting off an old stand by device.

"Hey did you hear ?"

I personally don't have a problem, just seems cheap.

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I'm not going to front.I like Shatterstar less now that I know that he's gay.

Out of interest, why does him being gay (even though strictly speaking it's bisexual, pansexual even) make you like him less? Not trying to pick a fight here by the way, just curious as it makes no difference to me.

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'Shatty', lol! Sorry - being puerile. Interesting post!

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Incredibly well written piece.

Like the others mentioned. It had every single element I would have needed to not only keep me engaged but also informed as well as entertained. Ultimately if approached with a sincerity it justifies ones initial reasoning or at the very least makes one question it.

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- I really do not have a problem with Rob "Ripoff Artist" Liefeld coming out and saying that Shatterstar was never intended to be gay or bisexual when he created him, but considering he provided almost zero development of the character, he really has no right to complain when someone comes along and fleshes out someone he never bothered to do anything with.

- Nobody outside of a few niche fans could have cared less about either Shatterstar or Rictor before PAD used them for X-Factor, if Liefeld is mad that someone took his character and made them better than his talentless a$$ ever could, too bad

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Amazing blog. Well done, indeed.


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I never found an issue with Shatterstar and Rictor's relationship. Writers wanted to learn down into a homosexual well written relationship, I say more power to them. As for Liefeld, he can say what he wants as he had a part the character's creation, but that's all he can do: Talk. He was a worker for hire, and has no rights to the character. So let the bromance continue for all I care. Most fans really don't have an issue with the relationship.

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There's a simple way to fix this to make everyone happy. One is really Ben Russell and one isn't. Done!

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Kinda bumping this, because its awesome. But I want to add my own thoughts as well:

Current Shatterstar is a goddamned boss and I love him, couldn't care less whether he's Homo, Bi, Hetero or whatever else they want to make him.

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Shatterstar has had more people talking about him now than he has ever had in his entire creation. I would say that this was a good move.

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Shatterstar is so gay

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This is further proof..

I adore you. :D

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Another reason to dislike Rob Liefeld. Why do people I've never met keep giving me reasons to not like them? Meh. :P If Shattershot is a "Spartan" as he says, that actually makes the whole gay thing make more sense, not less. Ancient Greece and Rome were actually very open about this sort of thing back then.

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Thank you everyone who posted thoughts and opinions, much appreciated!   
@B'Town:  **red with embarrassment** Thank you, you are too kind.  
@ReVamp said:

Current Shatterstar is a goddamned boss and I love him, couldn't care less whether he's Homo, Bi, Hetero or whatever else they want to make him.

Thank you for your kind words, and I agree totally with yours. 
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What intrests me is the awkwardness between him and Layla when they returned during Second Coming

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@Starleafgirl: Also Spartans were well known for encouraging pederasty (that's sex with young boys) so I they are an absolutely terrible choice of an example of straightness. In fact it was a Spartan tradition for when a woman would get married she'd shave her head and let her husband in the back door to ease him into hetero sex because homosexuality was so common.

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@SC: i do not have a issue with a gay character , its when they do not transition from that to what the story is about, an example would be the upcoming marriage of northstar and his bf . okay cool gay couple getting married. why make a large event? northstar isnt that big a character i do not think he makes top ten lists of favorite x-men lol .

people also had a issue with alan scott aka the original green lantern now being gay . but instead of focusing in on that , they just made it fact, " this is alan , he's gay, now with the story" . my point would be new 52 stormwatch the characters midnighter and apollo are a gay couple .

in wildstorm's the authority where the characters are featured , they start off as a couple then progress to marry . their marriage was one or two panels at the end of a issue . occasionally they would hold hands or you see them embrace . most times some witty banter and they are kicking some @$$. the new 52 incarnation midnighter doesn't seem to give apollo personal space , after a enemy knocked apollo down , midnighter is shown caressing apollo asking him if he is okay . to be honest i do not think there has been a issue where they haven't pointed out the fact they are either gay or a item. in the authority its mentioned but during a fight they have more important things to worry about than themselves like stopping an alien invasion .

to me if feels like mainstream companies like marvel and DC treat gay as a way to sell comics instead of as a trait . if a predominately white team brings on a black character to join , i doubt they are gonna mention he is black every issue in as much panels as they can . that is how i feel about gays portrayed , not just with midnighter and apollo , but northstar and his bf/fiancee, where kyle (the bf) is seen as a little bit too feminine sometimes , or bunker(new 52 teen titans) where his sexuality is seen as a joke , him being flamboyant is the punchline . wiccan and hulking (young avengers)seem to be the exception i do not remember if this was also a problem im pretty sure it was a couple bickering and a little kiss here and there but it was never made a big deal.

with your post i thought making shatterstar gay was new . had no idea it was "there" the whole time, ill be honest i do not read a lot of x-factor . but as long as they put this as his character trait and not make it into a side show thing its cool. for the record im straight , and either gay or straight i dont like seeing pda's anywhere lol, im reading a comic i wanna see a bunch of people in impractical clothing punch the crap out of each other. not tell each other how much the love them . shatterstar and rictor , or emma and cyclops , it doesn't matter. apologies for writing waaay too much lol.

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Shatterstar never had any real mention of his sexuality until recently, if he had been shown with girl friends in the past or had ever displayed any kind of sexual interest in women prior to this I might be opposed to turning him gay but the only real emotional attachments he's ever shown beyond simple camaraderie tended to be with other men any way so this honestly makes more sense than him being straight.

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Oh man, that is hilarious! (Not the ancient Spartan practices themselves, just the fact that Leifeld used them as an example for an "THIS GUY MUST BE STRAIGHT!" endorsement). I hope someone's disseminated all these points to Leifeld at some point, 'cos I am totally shaking my head here that he made that statement -- nay, made an entire character -- without knowing.