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envy is better this is my vote

Posted by Miggy4

My vote goes to Greed. I've had a soft spot for tragic, misunderstood characters since kindergarten (maybe a bit earlier), when I first saw Frankenstein. True, Envy is a bit tragic too, as are just about all of the Homunculi, but I also love antiheroes (not just villains), and Greed shows that in spite of the way he came into being, he's by far the most redeemable (especially in brotherhood)

Posted by texasdeathmatch

Greed, for sure. Though they both had some pretty emotional deaths, Greed had far more redeeming qualities about him. Whereas Envy was just kind of a d*ck the entire time.

Posted by nickthedevil


Posted by Shisho_The_Fist

I appreciated Greed for his tragic, misunderstood persona. He was more appealing with his anti-hero goofish attitude. Envy's way of playing with others emotions gave a darker hue to the character, where most like the goofy anti hero more then the cynical, hate imbued character. I prefer Greed.

Posted by Ms. Omega

Greed was always my favorite especially in Brotherhood when he rebelled against Father :)

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Posted by confirukia

greed,envy TOO ANNOYING

Posted by Rumble Man

Envy but only in the 2003 anime