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Excited to pick this up. I never read X-Factor before but people praise Peter David and his run so I'm definitely going to follow this series.

Never read X-Factor in my life. But this looks pick up worthy

The last volume of X factor was pretty damned awesome. This new series has some big shoes to fill to be honest. Even if this new volume turns out sucky I would still recommend reading the last volume. It's just a great series on its own and, it was mostly unaffected by wolverine and cylops' petty disputes. Which was a huge plus for me. You don't even need to be a fan of any of the characters beforehand.

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Uh.... this Book is about the "Unity Squad" which has nothing to do with the X-Men. On paper, it's an Avengers Squad dispatched to deal with Mutant issues and mutant-human relations.

But due to poor teamwork, Wanda being gullible and just general bad timing of the team's formation things aren't going too well. In fact, if the real X-men or Avengers teams were dealing with this it probably wouldn't be going so badly for the good guys.

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I'd bet money on this Goblin not being Norman, so I'm not really sure how this event is gonna turn out.

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Bruce was clearly desperate. But seeing him wear a Sinestro Corps ring still made my week. Then seeing Sinestro come back, pretty much made my year.

So I'm happy with that scene, and this issue. It's full of characters that I like, plus the Doom Patrol shout-out.

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This was actually my favorite art week period. I loved everything.

Riku! ♥ Fa sec oui! ♥

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Missing the art for sure, but after powering through Batwoman recently (as an early christmas gift :D) the character too much to at least not give the new creative team a shot.

This, the new team has big shoes to fill.

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Ultimate Reed's a pretty good one. Except for the whole financial wealth thing. He's accomplished pretty much everything the other villains on this list have. And he's technically a newer character than all the other villains too.

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I support this. Seems almost too good to be true though.

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I see a lot that I like this week. Yidray Cinrar's drawing of Barbara is definitely my favorite. Followed by The Punisher as Captain America -- kind of a horrifying thought, but creative. McKone and Samee and Takara were Great. Harley vs Laura is a fight I'd like to see. Loved Todd Nuack's X - Men. Raney's sketch was excellent. I'd love to read something drawn by Gomez. And Minion Christmas Tree, nuff said.

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He’s been called many things – hero, villain, teacher, revolutionary, redeemer, destroyer. Now he walks a different path. One of the hunter – seeking out and eliminating threats to the Mutant race with extreme prejudice. And the Master of Magnetism is more than ready to get his hands dirty in the service of his people.

...That's pretty much just the old Magneto.