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An old dog with New Tricks. 0

Welcome to this review of Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson's Astro City Volume 3 #1Before I review this issue I will state that I am an avid supporter and longtime super fan of this title. I have read every issue but I will treat these reviews as a regular reader and review them not as a fanboy, but a reviewer first and foremost."Through Open Doors" (Part One)We begin our story with narration by a mysterious and enigmatic character called the Broken Man. Busiek's narrator for this issue speaks d...

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A Powerful Woman Warrior...Or a Blood Thirsty Monster? 1

I was recommended this trade paperback by a friend at my LCS because of my love of Savage Dragon and all things wild, crazy,brutal, fun and "out there". For a ten buck price tag and Ross Campbell doing the art I decided to give it a try. I was very surprised on how much I liked it and for those thinking they want to jump on board, there isnt a better jumping on point, trust me.OVERVIEW:Glory is the story of an Alien Warrior princess who is the half breed of two warring species from a distant wor...

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Pretty Good not great 0

Overview:This issue continues 5 seconds after #300 left off with a huge gang war between Logan, Yakuza gangsters, Hand Ninjas, Sabertooth, and the new Silver Samurai. Sounds like nothing new for Wolverine. Does my last sentence sound cliche? Thats because it is and its the main problem with this issue. The action is great but a tad too predictable.The Good:Im a fan of the art. The artists like Sanders and the others really do a good job of having Sabertooth and Logan tussle. Lets face it a battl...

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Overview:So I just finished this two story issue and i was very happy with what i read and had seen. This book by Nguyen and Fridolfs is an excellent start to this series. I have been a fan of Batman Beyond from the cartoon show and was excited to see this come out and after reading it i think its very promising with only a few minor complaints.The Good:Just like everyone else is saying I love the art. The penciling is top notch and I like Terry's build slash facial expression. The Justice leagu...

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Wow 0

I got this book in hardcover on christmas day and i was Very very pleased. SO on to the the review.The Good:This book did a brilliant job of capturing Gotham City and the horrors it has hidden inside. Scott Snyder's writing is captivating and his run on detective comics really proved he can combine suspense and action to tell a dark moody batman tale no matter what the venue or villain. The Black Mirror is in my opinion the culmination of his run on detective comics and together with Jock and Fr...

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Love this book 0

So Im a little biased ill admit because this book, Snyders Batman, Swampthing and Aquaman are my favorite New 52s but i have a special attraction to the story, art and characters of Demon Knights. This issue Cornell starts to illustrate dissent on the team and reveals more about Horsewoman. I really like how hes keeping the subplot of Xanadu and Etrigan/Jason love triangle a mystery so far. This issue has a cool twist at the end, albeit a predictable one but good nonetheless, Cant wait for next ...

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