Dinosaurs vs Aliens Book 1

Just picked up the hardcover of Dinosaurs vs. Aliens book 1 by Barry Sonnenfeld and Grant Morrison with illustrations by Mukesh Singh. After seeing the preview of this new Dynamite book on Comic Vine I was at my LCS today and decided to pick it up because the art looked amazing and the premise seemed fun.

After reading it I will say I liked it but didn't love it. I wasnt blown away by anything but the colors were excellent and I loved the character design especially how the Dinos had jewelry and headdresses on. The story was mostly narration and setup (as to be expected) but we have only been introduced to a couple aliens and 1 main Dino. I like where this is going and I hope it picks up in the next book. I will give one more book a try when it comes out and see if this is for me. Overall I found it interesting and fun, but not great. Anybody else read it?

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