Dinosaurs vs Aliens Book 1

Just picked up the hardcover of Dinosaurs vs. Aliens book 1 by Barry Sonnenfeld and Grant Morrison with illustrations by Mukesh Singh. After seeing the preview of this new Dynamite book on Comic Vine I was at my LCS today and decided to pick it up because the art looked amazing and the premise seemed fun.

After reading it I will say I liked it but didn't love it. I wasnt blown away by anything but the colors were excellent and I loved the character design especially how the Dinos had jewelry and headdresses on. The story was mostly narration and setup (as to be expected) but we have only been introduced to a couple aliens and 1 main Dino. I like where this is going and I hope it picks up in the next book. I will give one more book a try when it comes out and see if this is for me. Overall I found it interesting and fun, but not great. Anybody else read it?

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Spartacus vs Ned Stark

Battle takes place in a Gladiatorial Arena.

The rules are:

Both are in character but both know the fate of their loved ones hangs in the balance.

1 v 1

Fight stops after Death or Surrender.

Spartacus the bringer of rain and slayer of Theocles


Ned Stark. The accomplished Warrior and Lord of Winterfell

Spartacus has normal equipment and his two swords.

Ned has his Great Sword and his Armor.



Y: The Last Man Thread

So recently I re read all of Brian K. Vaughan's epic series Y: The Last Man and it just reminded me and refreshed my memory of why it is one of my favorite if not my all time favorite self contained series. I realize the book is not for everyone, some people might feel it doesn't have enough action, or others feel the art is not detailed or vibrant enough for their taste. Personally I feel like the series was an achievement in comic book writing. One of the reasons why is it was able to tell a sci-fi post apcolyptic tale and yet staying very true and grounded in what we accept as "reality" and how people react. For me, what did it was the dialouge. It's just so smart. Whether it is Yorick Brown's banter and pention for saying the wrong thing at the right time for the reader's enjoyment, or how the situations the main characters become intangled in can be so emtionally charged and honestly gut wrenching (for me at least). This is just an appreciation thread because like I said, I re read my hardcover collection of the book and I really loved it even more the second time. In comics there is tendency to cycle, that nothing ends it just keeps going and gets re booted, usually there is nothing wrong with that. And yet with self contained books with an end like Y, or Sweet tooth will be, you can appreciate true story telling without the need to keep it going infinitely. I love me some super hero books but I love Y: The Last Man in a different way. The end shows us that life will find a way to push on. but not always with the happy ending we want. So any fans of the book out there on the Vine?


Prometheus Film

Just got back from the opening night showing of Ridley Scott's Prometheus movie. Set in the same universe as the classic Alien franchise, this movie served not just as a prequel of sorts, but to expand the Alien universe. So this is just an opinions page. Say whatever you'd like about what you thought of the movie. Please use the spoilers option though if your gut feeling is that it will ruin the movie for others. I really liked the movie. It wasn't perfect (no film is) but it had amazing visuals and a couple nice twists. I think it could have been more creepy like Alien was, but still a solid sci-fi movie non the less. What did you guys think?


Big Barda vs Ares

Here we go: Big Barda vs Ares (Marvel).

This is a random encounter/no prep time.

Morals are off and both are blood lusted.

Version of Ares: from Siege or Dark Avengers.

Present version of Barda having defected from Apokolips after being the Furies leader

The fight takes place on Apokolips in a huge gladiatorial arena.

Barda's equipment: Her Apokaliptian Battle armor, a Javelin, a Sword, her War Axe and her Aero-disks which allow for low level flight and hover.

Ares equipment is as follows: His normal armor forged by Hephaestus (not enchanted by Zeus). His Battle Axe, a shield and his Morning Star.

The rules: First person to be knocked unconscious, killed, surrender, or mortally wounded to the point that defeat is imminent is the loser.

Who wins and why?



Invincible vs Savage Dragon

Invincible (Mark Grayson) vs Savage Dragon.

I think this is a good match up. Mark has the advantage as far as agility because he can fly but Dragon has the nod when it comes to regenerative powers.Overall durability might go to Mark and strength goes to Mark. Mark has shown he can either be crazy strong or moderately strong. Savage Dragon has pretty much sustained his regular strength level for quite some time. Here are the rules you be the judge.

Both start out on a football field and have 3 hours to fight. Both have met for the first time and MORALS ARE OFF. No previous experience fighting each other and both start without weapons. For the sake of overall experience lets say both characters are 5 years into their respective Super Hero careers when they fight. It's a 3 hour battle to the death. No honor code and no help from teammates. Who comes out alive?



Hey whos reading Haunt by Image. I know a lot of fans of the first run (#1-18) by Kirkman, Capullo and McFarlane were turned off when they heard a new creative Team was taking over. I personally like the direction that Joe Casey and Nathan Fox are going in. Its something new and less like Ultimate Spawn/McFarlane Spiderman like the original Haunt was. Dont get me wrong I really like Kirkman's writing (huge Invincible fan) and Capullo is amazing, but this new Haunt is wild in a good way. The art is growing on me and although im still confused a bit on this story arc I like the cult villains and the new vibe to the Killgore brothers. What do you guys thing new Haunt or old Haunt?


Comic Shopping

Hey everybody I wanna talk about the Best Websites for buying comics online. I usually have my LCS place orders for trade paper backs and bigger items but i would like to find a reliable, commonly used and well reviewed comic distributor website with a large collection of comics in very good + shape. Feel free to make any suggestions on sites that your personally have used or friends have had good experience with. (I know about Mycomicsshop.com but have never used it...yet)

Have at it!



This morning i got me and my buddy a badge for saturday pass at the 2012 San diego Comic con! Woo Im really excited and i just wanted to see who else is going? Its my first comic con (not my first con). Feel free to share hopes, expectations, complaints about registration and overall comic con info!

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