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Immortal Iron Fist #15 0

Ok i am hooked this is now one of the books i pick up monthlyi love it the art is great and brubraker never writes a bad storyI was suprised to find the iron fist teaming up with another fighter like himself it was also coolto see the immortal iron fist with out his powersI reccomened picking up this book...

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I love it (kinda) 0

Overall this book was good good story good action i love this arc overall and really this entire series one thing that brought down the last star to half was the art  sware i couldnt stand itat first I thought it was cool then i felt like it was lacking depth but i did love the coloring in this overall i say pick it up...

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Tor #1 0

I LOVE THIS BOOK joe kubert is awesome tor is a great charachter and i would live to see this collected in tpb or hardcover it is very goodsuberb writing and artwok a geat comic in this issue u meet tor as hes is walking away from a fight and he is stumbling with cuts all over his bodythen he hears screams and thinks they are human but what he find is a monkey like boy tide to a loghe leaves the creature to die beleiving he is not worthy of saving because he is less than humanbut as he is walkin...

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