Anyone else feel nauseous about MJ getting it on with Doc Ock?

I'll be honest here, I always thought Peter was a bit of a loser, forever whining about his Parker luck and agonizing about his power and responsibility. Mary Jane was the one thing I liked the most about that comic line. I was no fan of One More Day and personally, I feel that the creators unnecessarily ripped apart an established character to 'connect' with younger readers when they already had the Ultimate and Spectacular Spiderman versions for that.

And now they are turning over not just his name, but his whole LIFE to his greatest archenemy.

I can't speak for others, but for me Spider-man will always be Peter Parker. One More Day shook my faith and Miles Morales never resonated with me.

And now Doc Ock? Not just taking Peter's identity, but his whole life, including MJ. It feels like the worst kind of violation. I can't even think about it. I have to remind myself that its just a story to get my stomach to stop churning.

If the writers even try to pair MJ with Ock, I think its time to look at other titles.

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Can you say...OCKTOE BABY..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Don't let it happen Ben reilly we need you back!

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I do know that Marvel has really lost a lot of Spider-man readers because of OMD and I believe that since they don't know what to do with Mary Jane they are using her as the worst version of Gwen Stacy, Betty Brant, and Flash Thompson old flame She Sean. Which means they won't admit that the Marriage worked at times more than they care to omit. Boy did I just blow the meaning of "One Moment In Time"story arc to shame here I believe so?

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It does feel weird, yet it just looks and sounds hilarious.  

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I was recently reading this issue and for me, it just don't feel right. Someone even throw in "rape" if that is the case because Doc Ock would deceive and lie to MJ,

BTW the redhead doesn't seems too comfortable with Peter. She must feel something's wrong. How come Daredevil not sense a change in the heartbeats? or Wolverine can't smell something different? I know it's Peter Parker's body and memory and all but something changed no matter what.

Oh and a mayor spoiler: Pete does "come back" as a jedi ghost type of thing stopping ultra violent dark anti hero Superior Spider-Man.

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I feel the same way but I feel that many are not giving MJ enough credit. I think growing up with someone like Peter she should be able to tell there is something not right about him. I mean when was the last time Peter went to dinner with her and just stared at her boobs the whole time?

Also I feel that Carlie will be the one to figure out (Remember her interaction with "Doc Ock") that Peter is not Peter and once that happens maybe her and MJ will be key in getting Peter control of his body once again.

So far I feel this is more of a tease and maybe 12 issues this arc will be going on.

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It's not gonna happen. Peter's still alive and stopping Ock from killing people. He's not gonna let Ock rape MJ.

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It's still Peter's body I don't see the big deal.

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Well, they are not no.
People understand these characters aren't real right?? Any story written short of being amazing will be forgotten in like 2 years.....