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@Skaddix: Not quite. Thor can create spacewarp-gates by spinning Mjolnir at a sufficient velocity and then activating the spell. It generally takes him a few seconds to enact the ability. A comic panel at the very least.

By contrast Quasar activates the Quantum-Bands and in a flash of light later he's on the other side of the universe.

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Excellent list.

I agree completely.

Quasar had technically already joined the Avengers by The Avengers #305.

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It's going to be weird hearing Weyoun's voice out of Ratchet's mouth...
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Why not give Worf his bat'leth in stead of a phaser? 
Surely that would make this a MUCH more interesting fight. 
If a win is counted as knock out or rendering an opponent defenseless, I give this to Worf at least 6 out of 10 fights. Otherwise Wolvie's healing factor is too much of an advantage.
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@erik said:
"The team wins. It is very likely that the Enterprise - Enterprise B will be taken out in just a few attacks but C and D will fair much better. D is almost as good as E and if it was one on one, E would take some nasty hits before winning. But since it also has C at its side, they will likely ultimately prevail against E. Plus D also has Picard and crew so they know they way E will fight. "

Everything the crew of the Enterprise-D can do, the crew of the Enterprise-E does it better.
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What, no Quasar? j/k 
 This is great stuff, you have some real talent!
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3 months time is not long enough to refit a starship (such as the Enterprise-B or C) with 2370's starfleet tech. When the original Enterprise was refit (prior to ST:TMP) it took 18 months and that represented a mere 20 years worth of technology upgrades.
The Enterprise-E has ablative armor, regenerative shields, and quantum torpedoes, technology that doesn't exist for any of the other ships. The Enterprise-D cannot match that. The NX-01 even with modern TNG era shields and hull plating is still going to be taken out by a single quantum torpedo, not that the NX-01 could be upgraded to that level in a mere 3 months.
The team should be able to pull out a victory, but at the end of the fight, there's maybe one of them left 'standing'. 
The crew of the Enterprise-E knows every trick that the crew of the Enterprise-D knows and more, and they know what frequency the Shields of the Enterprise-D are at. 


No, there's no way a Galaxy-class starship is going to almost solo a Sovereign-class starship.
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I think mine was Red L.A.M.P.
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I really don't like Geoff Johns cause he'd rather retcon exisiting continuity than create anything new.  
I realize that my dislike of him isn't really founded in logic, but then most dislikes aren't anyway.