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Favorite comic book character is the Hulk.

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Damien (Robin)

John Stewart (Green Lantern)

No real opinion on John Stewart, but I definitely second Damian.

Now I kinda feel bad... :(

Guess it's true what they say "be careful what you wish for."

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I dont know much about the spider family. I do know that X-23 did beat Spiderman once though, so I'm betting that Team Wolverine would beat Team Spider.

It gets harder at the Team Batman v Team Wolverine level. As JonSmith pointed out prep time is very important for the batfamily.

Focusing on the first part Wolverine v. Batman, in a fair fight Wolverine would win. It's extremely difficult to put him down so I'm just going to list all the ways Batman could win and say in any other situation Wolverine would win. If Batman was far enough away with strong enough tranqs then Batman could knock him out. If Batman had a giant magnet (this would be what would happen in th 60's Batman show). If Batman managed to lure him into a trap (like a puddle of water with extreme electricity going through it) he might be able to knock him out.

Daken v. Nightwing. I actually haven't read much Daken, but I feel like he would win, especially with his pheromones.

X-23 v. Batgirl. This would be close. Batgirl is the best fighter of the entire Batclan. She's beaten Batman and Lady Shiva, but X-23 is also a great fighter who beat Wolverine (tricking does count) and Lady Deathstrike. They were both raised to be the perfect assasins. Cass has the advantage of being able to perdict what Laura's moves, but Laura has the healing factor. I have to give it to Laura since she only needs one good hit, but Cass would need tons.

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@GWHH: It's from Huntress #1, but it's been edited slightly (Huntress's hair was shortened and breasts flatened) to make Huntress look more like Tim. Tim Drake isn't actually in it. What the people in the thread are actually talking about is what if Huntress (in the middle) was actually Tim who was crossdressing. Then they come up with the scenario that Tim and Tam are hanging out painting each other's nails and Dick interupts which upsets crossdressing!Tim who then kicks dick.

In reality (or comic book reality), what's happening is Huntress is trying to take down a sex ring. The girl is a prostitute and the guy is one of the underlings for the ring.

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I don't think that Tim should be the father. They had just started dating when Spoiler became pregnant and I like the idea of Tim being the awkward around girls perpetual virgin (at least for a little while). Also the fact that he stuck with her even though the baby wasn't his showed how much she meant to him even though they hadn't been together long.

Things would have gone differently though if he had been and that could have been really interesting. I don't think that Bruce would have really said anything other than pretty much ordering that they would give it up for adoption. I don't know if Tim would have told his father, but if he did I bet Tim would have been sent to boarding school (since that's what his dad did when he heard about him and Ariana). If Tim had been the father they might have kept the baby. Though Bruce would object, I'm sure Alfred and Dick would back them up.

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@Duke_Nasty: X-23 isn't really annoying and doesn't have Damian's feelings of entitlement, but she does occasionally kill people to try to please other people and creep people out by what she has done at her age.

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Joker -29

Batman - 14

Mr. Freeze - 8

Poison Ivy - 10

Harley Quinn -12

Two Face -11

Barbara Gordon -14

The Riddler - 29

Cassandra Cain -11

Catwoman -14 (+1)

Tim Drake - 13 (+1)

Nightwing- 17

Damian Wayne - 4 (-1)

Jason Todd - 13

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Okay so now healing factors are in play so Team 2 wins.

Ty Lee and Mai together could have beaten X-23 if she didn't have a healing factor, but now at most it would be a long fight before she wins. Wolverine has been shown being burned alive and still fighting and killing, so I'm sure that Sabertooth could do the same so they would just have to get close enough to gut Azula and Zuko.

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@Jayfournines: I'm sorry if I offended you. It's just that in pretty much every battle on comicvine everyone is bloodlusted even though they usually aren't in the comics. I was just curious as to why you made them bloodlusted when they normally wouldn't be.

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Team 1 would win. Tim has been shown to beat Damian in less than a minute. Pre-boot Nightwing was in his mid to late twenties and had over 15 years of being a vigilante. New 52 Nightwing has had less than 4 years.