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The Satirist, at your service.

I discovered this website though 'Stumble Upon,' what a great tool. I have been pining for a comic book website other than that was quality and at last, I have arrived! I could even create my own super hero, amazing!

I'm a Marvel comics fan, though I do enjoy classic DC trades, I don't keep up with the DC universe. I am a Spider-Man fan ,since forever, and right now I get Ultimate Spider-Man monthly and am picking up 'Back In Black' off the shelves as it comes out not-so-monthly. I've also been buying the Gunslinger Born. I am a collector of trades and I mostly enjoy the Daredevil runs by Miller and Bendis/Maleev and Ultimate Spider-Man by Bendis/Bagley. Sadly that came to an end on Wednesday.

I now live in a city without a comic shop, help me! I need to get the last two parts of Back In Black and the Gunslinger Born. If the shipping schedule was on time for Amazing Spider-Man, I would have already had all 5 parts! Bah.

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