Comics that I'm Sentimental About

When I finally fell for comics, these were my first loves:

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Posted by Liberty

I clicked yes but I hope your tastes evolved : )

Posted by satanmode
@Liberty:   Well, that was back in the high school days.  Sadly, not as much time/money for comics in the last few years.  I'm currently enjoying Locke & Key that I got from the library, though.  Check it out if you haven't already.  Great stuff!  :-)
Posted by RoninTheFury
Excluding Savage Sword of Conan, all of these were some of my all-time favorites back in my teen years. especially all the Image titles. i was a total Spawn freak back when it first came out. even when Capullo took over the art, i was extremely happy with the series. when Medina came in, i still enjoyed the stories, but i sometimes found his artwork hard to make out at times, if that makes any sense. another great list.