My Ideas for Justice League Movies

The Justice League of America: When White Martians Attack Earth, five heroes band together, after holding off the invasion for as long as they can (and fighting a particularly powerful white martian who takes the form of a giant starfish) They discover that the invasion is not real, but a dream illusion brought on by Dr. Destiny. They free J'onn J'onzz, a green martian who had been kidnapped by the US government for study during the invasion and together all six take out Dr. Destiny. They decide to stay together as a team, and call themselves the Justice League of America. 
Justice League International: With half the team MIA, Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern take on Despero by themselves in downtown New York. They defeat and capture him, but GL is severly injured. Martian Manhunter is approached by a mysterious buisness tycoon, Maxwell Lord. He is offered membership into Lord's corporate superteam: The Global Guardians. Martian Manhunter meets four of its members Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Fire and Ice. They recieve a prority one alert from the rest of the team in Bialya. They respond, with J'onn, and are attacked by their teamates who seem to be under some sort of mind control. Along the way they are joined by Batman and Guy Gardner, the new Green Lantern and they find evidence is coming from within Maxwell Lords Company. They suspect him, but soon find that his recently ex wife, Claire Montgomary, who is really an alien monarch, the Queen Bee who is useing mid control to help Col. Havjati of Bialya, take over the world. After stopping their plan, the Justice League and Global Guardians Merge into Justice League International. 
Justice League: Crisis on Multiple Earths: Takes place concurrantly with the seconf film. While on a mission in Hawaii, Superman, Flash and Wonder Woman mysteriously find themselves in the middle of a battle: Pearl Harbor! Slightly Disoriented they are unable to help much, then a group of superheroes appears, they fight with the JLA and the American Soilders and help win the battle. They introduce themselves as the Justice Society of America. The two team work together to find out how the JLA ended up in the 40's. They discover they are from parallel earths. Super Beings from a 3rd earth also mysteriously appear: the Crime Syndicate. Whats worse is that they align themselves with Hitler. After struggling agaist each other the JLA/JSA and the Crime Syndicate must reluctantly work together against a larger threat, the Anti-Moniter, a being who seeks to destroy all three worlds. They are sucessful and they all return to their native realities. 
Justice League: Legends of the Superhero: A Mysterious Man named Glorious Godfrey starts a campaign to put an end to superheroes. Public outcry for superheroes to stop all activity is overwhelming. After a battle with a large being named Brimstone, Wonder Woman and Fire are injured, and later dissappear. The League is teleported to a strange planet, New Genesis. They meet the New Gods, freedom fighters against the Tyrannical rule of Darkseid of Apokalips. It turns out that Darkseid had set his sight on earth, and his first plan of action was to remove the superhero population. The League and New Gods go head to head against Darksieds warriors, the female furies and find that Wonder Woman and Fire have been brainwashed into joining them. After a long battle they defeat Darkseid and reaffirm humanities hope in them.

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