My Dream Justice League

32 Charecters I would use If I wrote the Justice League book. 
4 Teams 
Justice League of America- Government (UN) Sponsered but not controlled, Satallite Headquarters, All-Star Cast, KInda Like Classic Satallite Era and Morrisons JLA. 
Secret Six- Certain Members of the Justice League form a special undercover/black ops team. They wear different costumes, use different cdenames and they don;t use their superpowers or recognizable skills (I.E. Green Arrow and Archery) Noone knows who they are or that they are associated with the Justice League except Superman and Oracle. Kind of Like original X-Factor meets Justice League Elite.
Justice League International- Government (UN) Sponsered and controlled. Based in Paris, the team serves two purposes. 1) They act as immediate reservists in any situation that calls for more then the core league. and 2) they serve the UN as a Global Peacekeeping force. Most Like Justice League International. This title would be slightly more humerous and politically charged then the others. 
Extreme Justice- Not Officially Part of the Justice League (They actually use the name Extreme Justice this time) They work directly with the US Government, and only meet with the main league for emergencies. A Mix between the original Extreme Justice and Justice League Task Force in style and mission.

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