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i loved it so much i read it twice in a row last night and once this morning

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I don't get why we never got Animal Man or Swamp Thing

swamp thing maybe but i doubt we'll ever get animal man ,

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@gritz217: Red Hood's a cool character, that's why people want him. The Bat-universe has a lot of great, well-developed characters, that's why they have a decent amount of them. I'm really hoping they bring in Red Hood.

i wish they made an all batman game like injustice with clayface, two-face, zyzaz, scarecrow , poison ivy, kgbeast, magpie, onyx, wraith, every incarnation of robin, crocc firefly other villians like deadshot, bronze tiger ect many batman universe characters are better for this type of fighting game than other dc characters and the story mode would be better ...not forced ...kryptonian dna slicing ,,,,dumb

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I understand marvel trying to capitalize on the movie and get new fans but why compromise the integrity of the avengers franchise at the expense of long standing fans who supported marvel all those years when they weren't putting out billion dollar movies ??? what about us ??? stop putting out these crap cartoons ultimate spider-man and now this crap ???? EMH WAS INCREDIBLE ,,,THIS IS DEPRESSING ...THIS ERODES THE GREATNESS OF THE AVENGERS FILM FRANCHISE ...THIS LOOKS LIKE CRAP!

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I think alot of us are ...this trailer looked horrible ...EMH was amazing ,if its not broke don't fix it feels like Loeb ruins everything he puts his hands on the last few years ...does anybody at marvel animation know what they're doing? you follow up a billion dollar movie with this sorry piece of crap ? .... I can't believe people at marvel animation watched this and said "wow this looks good , we did a great job" . this just makes me shake my head in disgust . how could you go from EMH to this? say it aint so!!!!