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And It Ain't Reggie Hammond 5

I have to confess that I know extremely little about Klarion. He's just not a character, or the type of character, that has ever appealed to me, and I read this issue on a whim. But that limited knowledge didn't pose a problem while reading this issue. It's quite new-reader-friendly, and even though I'm still not sure what Klarion could really be after, or what he's really about, I feel like I have something to build upon now.Klarion is aimless and lacking in agenda, but he's fueled by the pures...

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Act Your Age 11

Every single element of this comic book, from start to finish, from the look to the dialogue to the themes to the tensions, all of it fits Stephanie Brown far better than it does Barbara Gordon. That's something people have been saying ever since Batgirl's costume redesign became public, but I think it was only after BleedingCool leaked those 10 pages of the first issue that it became evident how much of a complete sort of tonal dissonance existed between the kind of person Barbara Gordon is and...

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If you want to punch above your weight, wear heavier gloves 7

There was a rerun of Boston Legal on the air a few weeks ago, featuring a case where a town called Concord, Massachusetts tries to secede from the United States owing to displeasure with what they perceive as the government's flagrant and frequent violations of the Constitution. During the trial, the plaintiff is called to the stand, where he justifies his position by invoking the baseball-and-apple-pie days of his childhood, effectively claiming that the nature of America and America's governme...

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Festivals of atonement sounds about right 4

It's virtually impossible for a book with this title, this publisher, this premise, and these characters to not attract comparisons with Supergod, another story from Avatar Press about humanity mucking around with god-beings. The premise is actually astonishingly simple: all the gods of myth turn out to be real, and they come back to Earth to carve it up among themselves and squash the ants that call it home. A small group of the world's finest minds band together to figure out a way to stop the...

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And people say Ultraman's a jerk. 3

I don't know what's up with Peter Milligan. His work of late hasn't exactly been stellar; his JLD was middle-of-the-line, his Stormwatch caused me actual physical agony, and the less we talk about his Red Lanterns, the better. Still, the guy used to be somebody, which is why it's surprising to find him writing trash like this that has no redeeming quality to speak of. Stories like "The Demolisher" make you grateful that Adventures of Superman has a rotating crew of writers; if a story sucks, yo...

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Those Two What'zer Names 2

There's a bit at the end of this book where Conner and Palmiotti promise not to keep breaking the fourth wall in upcoming issues, which is a good thing in some senses: this issue was almost entirely referential humor, without a whole lot of plot to tell you where the story's headed next except for a small piece of dialogue at the closer; but on the other hand, the humor in this issue is hands down some of the most wonderfully cheerful-playful stuff from this grim, doom-besieged year the DCU's be...

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Mum's the word 0

Lots of people harbor a good deal of confusion and resentment when it comes to how they feel about their parents -- Legion more so than most. Spurrier plucks a character out of the sidelines of continuity by setting up a confrontation between Legion and his mother Gabrielle, a woman he hasn't seen in years. The last time Gabrielle had any kind of presence in her son's life was way back during the run-up to Age of Apocalypse, and that was via time-travel to a period before David was born, so I w...

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Been there, punched that 0

So Natalya Trusevich, Batman's latest fling, was offed in a rather spectacular, if gory, fashion last issue. If I had a dime for every one of Bruce's girlfriends who've met with unfortunate fates, I'd probably only have something like two dollars, but still: this has happened far too often. It's stale, predictable and done to death. Bruce meets a girl who's not Catwoman, he dates her for a while, they grow close, he thinks "Maybe she's the one!" (lol no) and then something horrible happens to th...

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You're not quite gold, but we're getting there 0

The Good: There's finally something that provokes memories of the old days of the Authority. There's some cool stuff on almost every page for the major characters, Apollo and Midnighter shine in their team-up against the rampaging antibody. Judging from the dialogue it would appear that they're still gay, or at least Midnighter is. So that hasn't changed in the reboot. It seems like they might be making Apollo a bit more powerful than his Wildstorm incarnation as well. Jenny and Jack have some n...

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Intergalactic buddy cops 0

The Good: Geoff Johns and his infamous Geoffcons are the source of much anger and spite for DC fans, but you can't deny that the man knows how to write an entertaining story. This issue is proof of that. The Sinestro Corps are tearing Korugar apart, and their former leader must bring them down before his homeworld meets its end. To do so, he recruits the one man in the universe he feels he can trust: Hal Jordan. The dialogues between Hal and Sinestro are great, with each man struggling to concea...

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It makes me wonder 0

The Good: Absolutely terrific writing and artwork from Young and Mann. The Children's Crusade has some fine writing as well, but this issue's writing gets me every time. I'll never understand why Marvel keeps stuff like this and TCC on the sidelines while giving all their attention to crap like Fail Itself. If you need only one reason to buy this issue, then the writing is reason enough. From Magneto humiliating Iron Man in his own home and verbally jousting with Emma Frost to Pixie and Surge fi...

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Higgins finally wised up. 0

The Good: I was frustrated by the last issue of this series, because it had no real story at all: just Slade carving up anyone who tried to f**k with him. I don't need a monthly reminder that Slade's a badass; I already know that. I wanted stories befitting the character. With this issue, it seems like a story is finally being built up, a concrete arc to go with all the action. The slaughterfests of the last two issues are given a reason, they are now ingredients to a larger story. With that sai...

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"That girl no longer exists." 0

The Good: This is my favorite of the three issues released so far. Unlike the previous two, it doesn't focus almost solely on Atrocitus alone. The story weaves between the past and the present, shedding light on what turned Bleez onto the path of the Red Lanterns and how she seeks to avenge what was meted out to her. The writing, particularly the part that records Bleez's intelligence boost, is eloquent in it's own right, capturing the past Bleez's arrogance and humiliation as well as the presen...

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Go away, Adam. You're ruining a good thing. 0

The Good: There's less exposition in this issue than in the last two, though there's still too much for my liking. The Scourge of Worlds launches an attack on the Earth that has an epic feel, which is appropriate considering it's a planetary phenomenon. We finally get some feats (battle forum habits acting up, sorry) for the characters. There's a cool view of how Jack Hawksmoor "talks" to cities, he seems to enter some kind of astral plane where he converses with the spirits of the cities (and w...

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Sexy, Bloody, Fun 0

The Good:  Catwoman's personality and character have been chalked out pretty effectively within these first two issues: she's got the Batman hang-up, but she's strong, confident and lives for herself above all else.  I love the art. There are panels where Selina is cute, and there are panels where she's gorgeous. There's still a fair amount of skin on show, so given your stand on last month's brouhaha that this caused, you should decide for yourself. I personally didn't have a problem with it, b...

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