Characters I like for sometimes inscrutable reasons

Most people have clear-cut reasons for why they like a certain character. I do too, but there are a few of them that I like for whom I have no logical reason to do so. Here's my first list on CV, to be updated as and when I feel like it:

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Posted by RainEffect

Love that Steph Brown is on the list, she was pretty cool when she got the Batgirl persona. It's like she went from hella annoying as the Spoiler to pretty rad as Batgirl.
Who the HECK is Spider Jerusalem?

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

No. Everybody doesn`t like Spidey. But I sure do!

Too bad that Delirium has done not so nice things (much like Dream). Do you remember that policeman...?

I haven`t read Transmetropolitan, but I`m starting to hope that my cities libraries have the series.

Posted by The_Tree

Spider Jerusalem!!!! :{D

Posted by ApatheticAvenger

This list is full of win.

Posted by Billy Batson

What, no Catwoman?

Posted by Saren

@Billy Batson said:

What, no Catwoman?

Completely forgot about this list.....will add more tomorrow!

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Posted by Aiden Cross

Interesting list, you already win for having stephanie brown on the list! I miss her...

Edited by hyperman

interesting bunch of characters