Kate Spencer capability thread

Cobbling together a quick capability thread because I made a Manhunter gauntlet and no one seemed to have read any Kate Spencer stuff.

Without further ado.....

Manhunter #1: On her very first mission as Manhunter, Kate tracks down and kills Copperhead (who has more or less Killer Croc-level stats).

Manhunter #3: Fight with Shadow Thief and a display of light projection and durability.

Manhunter #6: Turns Shrapnel into scrap metal; insulation against electricity.

Manhunter #8: Defeats Cheshire, although she gets poisoned too.

Manhunter #9: Psy-shields in the costume block telepathy.

Manhunter #13: Fight with Mark Shaw (his Dumas personality); takes an energy attack from an OMAC with no significant damage.

Manhunter #14: Fights an OMAC; another display of durability where she falls off a tower to a car below and just gets up like nothing happened.

Manhunter #16: Her staff's power blasts cannot be used against her.

Manhunter #16: Portable teleportation device similar to the Authority's doors.

Manhunter #18-19: Wearing her mask causes telepathy to backfire.

Manhunter #19: Midnighter would be proud.

Manhunter #20: She can remote-electrocute anyone who steals her power staff.

Manhunter #24: Knocking back several people with an energy wall; a blade that can depower telepaths.

Manhunter #26: Sparring match with Wonder Woman. Her staff's full power blast is capable of knocking Diana back quite a distance and through a couple of trees, and she reacts to and blocks a tiara toss.

Manhunter #31: Beats the crap out of Atomic Skull.

Manhunter #34: Fights the Suicide Squad. Kills some Multiplex dupes before getting stopped in her tracks by Count Vertigo; uses a flashbang on her power staff to escape.

Manhunter #35: Kills a metahuman with some bastardization of Doomsday's DNA.

Batman: Streets of Gotham #7: Beats up Two-Face (this is after his training under Batman).

That's all I got.

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Posted by bloggerboy

Cool stuff. In addition to these are there more reasons I should be buying the TPB's?

I'm concidering in getting a few since the character and the (art/story) style seems interesting.