Hourman One Million respect thread

Tyler is one of those really neat characters that hardly anyone knows about. I'm dumping most of his major feats here in the hope of possibly using him in some threads later on.

DC One Million #1: Transports the Justice Legion from the 853rd century to the 20th.

DC One Million #1: Transports the JLA from the 20th century to the 853rd.

Hourman #1: Narrates the immediate future before it happens.

Hourman #1: Rescues Batman from the Mad Hatter by aging a guillotine to dust and turning the villains into babies via time vision, and then absorbs all of Batman's memories of the JLA.

Hourman #1: Uses time vision to recreate Amazo from a small component of his original body.

Hourman #1: Reverts Amazo back to the component, however Amazo had already mimicked his time powers.

Hourman #1: Defeats Amazo by first BFR'ing him to another planet over a thousand years in the future and then overcoming his gang of past and future selves.

Hourman #1: Voluntarily depowers himself by splitting most of the Worlogog into tachyons and scattering it across time.

Hourman #2: Views Tomorrow Woman's past and then resurrects her for 50 minutes.

Hourman #4: Reduces Epoch to an infant and traps him in a timeless sphere.

Hourman #5: Divines Rex Tyler's entire life from a Miraclo pill.

Hourman #7: Defeats a version of Amazo that solo'd the JLA by adapting some of Steel's tech to his system, and then unmakes Amazo.

Hourman #7 & #9: Uses his timeship to travel a week into the future to meet Wendy Harris.

Hourman #9: Restores Wendy's house to the condition it was in circa 1973.

Hourman #9: Pulls Snapper from a week in the past to the present, then sends him back. Accelerates Rick Tyler's power hour to a premature conclusion, negating his Miraclo strength amp.

Hourman #9: Traps Rick in the Timepoint.

Hourman #13: With an inferior Worlogog, he banishes the Else-Men to the universe of their birth, and right after the Big Bang he freezes that entire universe for eternity.

Hourman #16: Recreates Snapper's memories.

Hourman #21: Keeps pace with Jay Garrick.

Hourman #23: Stops a bullet mid-air after it's fired.

JSA #2: Hawkgirl springs out of nowhere and snatches a baby, Tyler catches up to her in a picosecond.

JSA #6: While the JSA fights Black Adam, Hourman, Dr. Fate and Hawkgirl travel back in time to the moment Adam first received his powers. Tyler opens a tunnel to the present and Fate diverts some of the magic lightning from the past Adam's transformation to revert the present Adam to his human form.

JSA #9: Possessed by Obsidian until Stargirl's cosmic energy frees him. He then uses his time vision to slow a bloodlusted Jay Garrick down to one-billionth of his usual speed.

JSA #13: Moves to block an attack from Extant faster than Jay Garrick could get there, and then morphs portions of his timeship to attack him.

JSA #15: Imbues the JSA with portions of his power, sending them all to different points of time to fight Extant.

JSA #65: Accelerates Rick Tyler's healing.

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Niceee (y) , he seems very powerful.

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@citizenbane: nice respect thread. Would you consider Matthew Tyler around herald level?